Ben says millions will die as earth changes

Jerry Russell

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At about 28:00, Davidson says he thinks we could be on the brink of a "mini ice age" caused by a combination of low solar activity, a reduction or reversal of Earth's magnetic field, and increased cloud cover. He says this could cause tens or hundreds of millions of deaths. He also says that the drop in the magnetosphere is making it easier for solar flares to penetrate, which could cause EMP effects that could damage the electric power grid.

He's suspicious that geo-engineering is being used to mitigate these problems, but on the other hand he also believes that spraying programs are not nearly as prevalent as many people say. He thinks that in many cases, "chemtrails" are simply caused by condensation of water vapor from aircraft engines.

At 41:56 he expresses his thoughts about elite factionalism:

You know, a lot of people don't realize that there's not one "powers-that-be". There's the "powers-that-be": the small group that wants depopulation. Georgia Guidestones, agenda21, things like that. The other one is, you know, the ones that want there to be a hundred billion people on the planet, and then to be on top of them all. And they're diametrically opposed, and they do battle up in a league that most of us don't know plays games. Because they don't sell tickets, and they don't care; they don't put the results in the newspaper.


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I have been follow Ben every day now for years
Love his stuff etc.

I wish he was right about
Some of top ones wanting more people
But with
Gmo food
Loss of bees.
1 out 2 males get cancer on USA
Autism growing
United Nations
I am afraid the big boys who want 500 million now in the world seem to have the blue print of 1984 brave new world top down totally controlling everything!well on its way. Can we slow it down? stop the train? Be wild not tame fight for life to the last breath!!X. dear friends family
We all are in the same boat..
The big boys would know about ice age and are prepared
Better to hav fewer people when the north gets cold for some time, yes well in there mind !