Bannon our NeoGoebbels?

The following excerpted article, by Rothkopf, is mis-framed in my opinion. It mis-characterizes Bannon under his more famous alter-ego and not properly characterizing his extensive grooming as a Lifetime Actor, as it appears is also the case for Trump.

Bannon attended Jesuit Georgetown University studying national security, and his latter years in the US Navy were spent playing footsies with the admirals and generals at the Pentagon, no longer being shipboard. Then off to Hollywood and Zionist Breitbart.

All of this is occurring, as I've stated elsewhere, when the original religio-political WASP power base has been entirely replaced with Jesuit foot soldiers (Bannon, Flynn, Conway, Pence, Ryan, Pelosi, 5 Supremes minus Scalia, ..) and apocalyptic evangelicals (Pompeo, DeVos, etc.). None of this blitzkrieg is happenstance, it is carefully orchestrated. Not even the inauguration prayers had a single mainline Protestant prayer among the many given.

This is where the bad news comes in. In Trump’s memo about the NSC, he tipped his hand about how he views the process. He established that two vital members of his national security team — the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of national intelligence — would be “as needed” members of the Principals Committee of the NSC, joining discussions only when their expertise was requested. This is a departure from past practice, as the last two administrations made them permanent members. Given the sometimes fluid nature of NSC meetings, where discussions and topics can change in real time, not having them in the room will mean that their expertise and views will not be taken into consideration. Given that one of these individuals is the senior member of the U.S. military and the other is mandated to be the head of the U.S. intelligence community, it is difficult to imagine any national security discussions that would not benefit from their perspectives and involvement.

Worse — much worse, in my view — the president decided to give a permanent seat at the National Security Council table to his chief strategist and senior counselor, Stephen Bannon. Bannon, formerly the publisher of an extreme right-wing, often racist and sexist website called Breitbart, not only has very limited U.S. government experience, he has almost no relevant experience with any aspect of high-level national security decisionmaking (beyond an undergraduate degree and then a seven-year stint in the Navy, some three decades ago). Combine that with the egregious lack of character his exploits at Breitbart illustrate and his past radical statements — like the instance in which he characterized himself as a “Leninist” seeking to bring down the entire system of the U.S. government — and you have precisely the sort of person who has no business at all being at an NSC meeting. But even if you were to set aside such profound character flaws and gaps in experience, the idea that a purely political advisor should be at the table while the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of national intelligence are not shows a profound lack of understanding of what the NSC has been — or what it should be. ...
The following excerpted article neglects to mention that the last years of Bannon's Navy years was spent at the Pentagon rubbing elbows with the admirals and generals. His study time at Jesuit Georgetown University was National Security. Just whose 'national security' we don't really know, but maybe that great little nation that sits on the Tiber?

Breitbart News is Zionist, and oddly pandered to Trump's base of populist nationalists. Odd, unless you consider Bannon's being an adept of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. A book ironically brought to the West from China by the Jesuits. This is exactly the kind of person that one would want to have in place for another false flag operation, on a massive scale, that will make the Grop'n Fuhrer look omniscient in front of all his critics. Bannon is a military, Wall Street (Goldman Sachs), and Hollywood insider.

“Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too,” Bannon said at a book party in Washington, D.C., in November 2013. “I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

Lenin isn’t the only communist military or political victor who Bannon seemed to admire, for tactics and ruthlessness, if not leftist ideology. Bannon did not write very many articles at Breitbart, but one of the pieces that bears his byline is an October 2013 obituary for the “‘Red’ Napoleon” of the Vietnam War: Gen. Võ Nguyên Giáp, a famous commander of the Vietnam People’s Army who (like Bannon) once worked in journalism before defeating entrenched establishment powers.

“Giap’s tenacity and ruthlessness became his trademarks as he fought two of the world’s most technologically advanced militaries,” Bannon wrote.

You can also find Bannon’s affection for military and strategic ruthlessness in what he reads. According to two of Bannon’s former friends from his West Coast days, two of his favorite books are Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, the hugely influential ancient Chinese text on military strategy, and the Hindu Bhagavad Gita. The latter tells the story of a holy war to establish dharma.

Julia Jones, Bannon’s longtime Hollywood writing partner and former close friend, recalls seeing him excitedly flipping through both books, and talking about them lovingly and often. She would frequently see various “books all over [Steve’s place] about battles and things,” among his clutter of possessions and interests. (Late last year, Jones—who identifies as a “Bernie Sanders liberal”—had a falling out with Bannon due to his work on the Trump presidential campaign, a role that she said absolutely “disgusted” her.)

“Steve is a strong militarist, he’s in love with war—it’s almost poetry to him,” Jones told The Daily Beast in an interview last year, well before Trump won the election and Bannon landed his new job. “He’s studied it down through the ages, from Greece, through Rome... every battle, every war… Never back down, never apologize, never show weakness… He lives in a world where it’s always high noon at the O.K. Corral.”

Jones said that Bannon “used to talk a lot about dharma—he felt very strongly about dharma... one of the strongest principles throughout the Bhagavad Gita.”

She also noted his “obsession” with the military victories and epic battles of the Roman Empire’s Marcus Aurelius and Julius Caesar. But a personal favorite of Bannon’s was the subject of the Peloponnesian War fought between Athens and Sparta.

“He talked a lot about Sparta—how Sparta defeated Athens, he loved the story,” Jones said. “The password on his [desktop] computer at his office at American Vantage Media in Santa Monica was ‘Sparta,’ in fact.”

This is the mindset of Trump’s top White House aide who just earned himself a seat at the table on the National Security Council. Regarding foreign policy and national security, Bannon has a few top priorities: He favors “aggressive military action” to defeat Islamist terror networks (action he thought was lacking during the Obama administration), and wants to build strong ties with far-right, nationalist political parties across Europe. ...
The Papist who wants to destroy the American state, hiding behind the rubric of populism. The liberal founding principles of America have always been an anathema to Catholic Traditionalists, where absolutist monarchy was always the ideal. And their Christ is the king of human kings after all.

It appears, from actions so far, that Steve Bannon's 'Zionism' is really as a cryptoZionist. He is steering his orange charge away from overt support for Zionism, despite Agent Orange's and his own (Brietbart era) rhetoric. It must be remembered that Andrew Breitbart was an avowed, overt Zionist and that Bannon cuckholded his way into Breitbart, apparently by feigning to be an overt Zionist. Of course, on the surface this is a very confusing aspect, because his messaging while at Breitbart was also to appeal to race nationalism (who are frequently Jew haters). But fortunately for Bannon and his poorly hidden agenda, his audience is not too bright, their superficial anti-intellectual bias betraying their interests, as always.

In addition to coming when Kushner was out of reach by telephone, policies like the Muslim ban also depart from the cautions that Kushner had given the business community and others after the election, promising that his father-in-law would govern as a moderate and that he did not necessarily believe all the things he had said on the campaign trail. And the woes don’t only come on Saturday, as last week, when Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto canceled a Kushner-brokered visit to the White House, after a war of words that Trump initiated.

A source told Vanity Fair that the situation had left Kushner “fucking furious,” and had also taken a personal toll on him, with the young man losing weight and appearing ill in photos.

Meanwhile, Bannon has been on the make, receiving a permanent seat on the president’s National Security Council, centralizing power through an internal White House think tank and putting his fingers on policies like the ‘Muslim ban.’ If theirs is a war between the better angels and base devils of their boss’ spirit, it seems the devils are winning at the moment.
The following non sequitur explains the association of Steve Bannon's explicitly stated desire for bloody holy war against both Islam (not just radical Islam) and secular humanism. Instead, one should be arguing that people, like Bannon and Trump, who openly desire such a war are serving to radicalize the Islamic world. The travel ban, serves the point, because it is known that most of the Islamic radicalism in the US is home grown and not from immigrants. The ban is already serving as strong radical Islamic propaganda. What do we expect from a man, Bannon, who has admitted that he is a traitor to this country, his real allegiance being to the Vatican?

Host Bill Maher and author Sam Harris agreed on HBO's "Real Time" that the liberal establishment needs to stand up to Islamic extremism more, with Harris declaring "the left has allied itself with Islamists."

“You don't have to be a fascist or a racist or even a Trumpian to not want to import people into your society who think cartoonists should be killed for drawing the prophet," Harris told Maher on Friday. ...
The following excerpted article discusses matters around the need to provide detention facilities for the massive number of deportations that President Bannon wants. And so the excerpt mentions the stock price increase of the private prison industry, that is expecting to do well. They should negotiate branding Trump's name for these resorts, BTW. Even better, why not just make these illegals pick our food crops ... for their room and board? I'm sure they wont poop on our food and give us E Coli infections. Because, unlike the situation now, our plentiful brown shirted prison guards will have trained automatic weapons to prevent this from happening. Our food costs will be cheaper rather than more expensive under the very weak Trump and Bannon plan. So sad.

The former Goldman Sachs investment banker has amassed immense sway in the White House, not just over Trump, but over the machinery of foreign and domestic policy, including the deportations plan. The president gave him a seat on the elite “principals committee” of the White House National Security Council, effectively bestowing him parity with cabinet chiefs, including the secretary of homeland security. Democrats are complaining that the appointment should require Senate confirmation.

Trump will ignore them. The personalities of the grandiose president and the self-described Leninist perfectly mesh, especially on matters involving immigrants and the Department of Homeland Security, where they are replacing Obama holdovers with officials who have with impressive track records for rounding up and deporting aliens.

Pincus noted that Mark Sandy, the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, rushed out a statement saying the White House “anticipated…increased costs,” not only in the current budget but in those beyond, for “steps related to immigration enforcement” as well as for “a wall along the southern border.” All that will require vast amounts of money from the only governmental body that has it: Congress.

“To fully implement [the detention] part of the executive order would require Congress to appropriate funds to the specific project,” says Kate Brannen, deputy managing editor of Just Security, which covers the intersection of law, national security and human rights.

“Until then, [DHS] Secretary [John] Kelly will be limited in how much money he can move around in his budget for it, which is why it says ‘legally available resources.’”

Expect DHS to start advertising for bids from private prison operators, a much-maligned industry that was collapsing in the latter years of the Obama administration. Two of the largest, GEO Group Inc. and CoreCivic Inc., are already seeing windfalls from their second chance at life: Their stock prices have nearly doubled since the election.

All of which recalls another Leninist idea that Bannon may have forgotten: Prisons are universities for revolution.
The article does not mention that the private prison industry provided many American corporations the ability to produce products in America, with what is essentially slave wages paid to the prisoners. Many of these prisoners are blacks who were targeted by unequal drug laws and prosecution, where, for instance, powered cocaine for whites was punished mildly versus crack cocaine which was targeted to blacks.

Portugal, has decriminalized all drug use, and as a result their crime rate has gone down. Idiots, ... how dare they prevent decent capitalists from profiting on everything possible?
Is Bannon Trump's Rasputin?

The following excerpted article compares Bannon to the infamous Grigori Rasputin. I would be remiss if I did not note that Rasputin's history is perhaps the most contentious in all of history, and therefore hard to know if he was a real agent or a scapegoat for others.

And perhaps even more importantly, IMHO brings up Thomas Cromwell, who helped engineer the fake schism between the Catholic Church and Henry VIII's Church of England. This is the whole point of being a Machiavellian manipulator, doing massively significant things that the majority of folks are not to recognize properly for what they seem to be on the surface. Cromwell, even happened to be in Italy at the time that Machiavelli had first produced his famous work, The Prince, though maybe this was coincidence.

It has become painfully obvious who is running the show at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And it ain't the guy with the orange skin.

The moniker “President Bannon” has become common when describing the white nationalist serving as Donald Trump’s alt-right-hand man: former Breitbart honcho Steve Bannon. But that description, while capturing the ultimate power grab, doesn’t accurately encompass the totality of the influence.

Past U.S. presidents have given others a majority stake during their terms in office. When Woodrow Wilson was incapacitated with a stroke, his second wife, Edith, made decisions on which matters to bring to the bedridden president’s attention. Certainly George W. Bush seemed second-in-command to Vice President Dick Cheney and adviser Karl Rove. All presidents have had strong advisers who influenced their decision-making.

But Bannon is in a class by himself. He was pulling Donald Trump’s strings before the election, even long before he became the campaign’s CEO. As President Trump’s chief strategist, Bannon first sucks up to Trump then bends his ear with his theories and beliefs of white nationalism, his anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic bigotry, his desire for a global populist movement for “Judeo-Christian” values, his paranoia. Bannon writes (or at least dictates) the ill-thought-out executive orders; Trump just signs them. Bannon overrode other agencies to say that yes, green card holders also would be affected by the Muslim ban. Bannon now is ensconced at the National Security Council and is (by some reports) running the show there, too.

There is ample evidence of Bannon’s ties to, or at least sympathy with, Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin, in whom many in the alt-right movement believe they have found an ally. Some of that evidence is in recent Daily Kos diaries, like this one or this one. Bannon has described himself as a “Leninist.” Of course, many others in Trumpland, including past campaign officials, current White House staff, and Trump family members, have ties to Russia as well, especially financial ones.

A Washington Post story quotes from a November Bannon interview in the Hollywood Reporter. This is how Bannon described himself:

“Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power,” he told the Hollywood Reporter in November, embracing the comparisons of him to those figures.

In the same interview, Bannon compared himself to a powerful aide to England’s Henry VIII — an aide who helped engineer a world-shaking move of his era, the split of the Church of England from the Catholic Church.

“I am Thomas Cromwell in the court of the Tudors,” Bannon told the Hollywood Reporter.
For anyone who has read Hilary Mantel’s excellent trilogy on Cromwell, Wolf Hall, Bring Up the Bodies, and the upcoming The Mirror and the Light, you know it doesn't end well for Cromwell, who lost both the king’s favor and his own head. ...
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The following excerpted article was on yesterday's front page of the NYT. It discusses President Bannon's close ties to the Catholic Rad Trads, which is where his real allegiance lies. This view, by necessity, demonstrates yet another false dialectic, this time within the Church itself. This stemming from back to the time of Cardinal Bellarmine's so-called Liberation Theology, whose function allowed the Church to cynically play both sides of the socio-economic fence in the war between Traditionalists and Liberals (both inside and outside the church).

Similar to today's close ties between Bannon and the extreme racist right, this is what allowed the ties between the Rad Trads of yesterday to align themselves with the Nazis, while there were many Catholics who were at various positions all along the political spectrum to their left.

Note the mention of President Bannon's documentary, Torchbearer, which discusses matters in apocalyptic terms. Note the remarks about Francis in view of the Last Pope Prophecy.

As such, if I am correct in my wider analyses about such as the globalist intent of the Old and New Testaments, then this false dialectic, another divide and conquer stratagem is intended to come out in the favor of the globalists, after a ton of apocalyptic blood is spilled.

For many of the pope’s ideological opponents in and around the Vatican, who are fearful of a pontiff they consider outwardly avuncular but internally a ruthless wielder of absolute political power, this angry moment in history is an opportunity to derail what they see as a disastrous papal agenda. And in Mr. Trump, and more directly in Mr. Bannon, some self-described “Rad Trads” — or radical traditionalists — see an alternate leader who will stand up for traditional Christian values and against Muslim interlopers.

“There are huge areas where we and the pope do overlap, and as a loyal Catholic, I don’t want to spend my life fighting against the pope on issues where I won’t change his mind,” Mr. Harnwell said over a lunch of cannelloni. “Far more valuable for me would be spend time working constructively with Steve Bannon.”

He made it clear he was speaking for himself, not for the Institute for Human Dignity, a conservative Catholic group that he founded, and insisted that he shared the pope’s goals of ensuring peace and ending poverty, just not his ideas on how to achieve it.

Mr. Bannon publicly articulated his worldview in remarks a few months after his meeting with Cardinal Burke, at a Vatican conference organized by Mr. Harnwell’s institute.

Speaking via video feed from Los Angeles, Mr. Bannon, a Catholic, held forth against rampant secularization, the existential threat of Islam, and a capitalism that had drifted from the moral foundations of Christianity.

That talk has garnered much attention, and approval by conservatives, for its explicit expression of Mr. Bannon’s vision. Less widely known are his efforts to cultivate strategic alliances with those in Rome who share his interpretation of a right-wing “church militant” theology.

Mr. Bannon’s visage, speeches and endorsement of Mr. Harnwell as “the smartest guy in Rome” are featured heavily on the website of Mr. Harnwell’s foundation. Mr. Trump’s senior adviser has maintained email contact with Cardinal Burke, according to Mr. Harnwell, who dropped by the cardinal’s residence after lunch. And another person with knowledge of Mr. Bannon’s current outreach said the White House official is personally calling his contacts in Rome for thoughts on who should be the Trump administration’s ambassador to the Holy See.

During Mr. Bannon’s April 2014 trip he courted Edward Pentin, a leading conservative Vatican reporter, as a potential correspondent in Rome for Breitbart, the website that is popular with the alt-right, a far-right movement that has attracted white supremacists.

“He really seemed to get the battles the church needs to fight,” said Mr. Pentin, the author of “The Rigging of a Vatican Synod?” a book asserting that Pope Francis and his supporters railroaded opponents. Chief among those battles, Mr. Pentin said, was Mr. Bannon’s focus on countering a “cultural Marxism” that had seeped into the church.

Since that visit and the meeting with Cardinal Burke — an experience that Daniel Fluette, the head of production for Breitbart, described as “incredibly powerful” for Mr. Bannon — Mr. Trump’s ideological strategist has maintained a focus on Rome.

Mr. Bannon returned to direct the documentary “Torchbearer,” in which the “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson contemplates the apocalyptic consequences of an eroding Christendom. Mr. Bannon also reunited with old friends, including Breitbart’s eventual Rome correspondent, Thomas Williams.

A former priest, Mr. Williams said that he used to have arguments with Mr. Bannon about whether the pope subscribed to a hard-left brand of liberation theology, with Mr. Bannon calling the pope a “socialist/communist.” Mr. Williams said he usually defended the pope, but that recent statements by Francis convinced him “Steve turned out to be right. That happens more often than not.”

Conservatives and traditionalists in the Vatican secretly pass around phony mock-ups of the Vatican’s official paper, L’Osservatore Romano, making fun of the pope. Or they spread a YouTube video critiquing the pope and his exhortation on love in the family, “Amoris Laetitia,” which many traditionalists consider Francis’ opening salvo against the doctrine of the church. Set to the music of “That’s Amore,” an aggrieved crooner sings, “When will we all be freed from this cruel tyranny, that’s Amoris” and “It’s the climate of fear engineered for four years, that’s Amoris.”

Cardinal Burke — who has said that the pope’s exhortation, which opened the door for divorced Catholics remarried outside the church to receive communion, might require “a formal act of correction” — has been unusually outspoken in his criticism of Francis. Cardinal Burke and Mr. Bannon declined to comment for this article.

Just weeks ago, the pope stripped Cardinal Burke of his remaining institutional influence after a scandal exploded at the Knights of Malta, a nearly 1,000-year-old chivalrous order where he had been exiled as a liaison to the Vatican. The pope had removed the order’s grand master after he showed disobedience to the pope. There was a sense in the order that the grand master followed the lead of Cardinal Burke because he projected authority, a power that stemmed in part from his support by the Trump administration, one influential knight said.

Cardinal Burke has become a champion to conservatives in the United States. Under Mr. Bannon, Breitbart News urged its Rome correspondent to write sympathetically about him. And at a meeting before last month’s anti-abortion March for Life rally in Washington, Cardinal Burke received the Law of Life Achievement, or Nail award, a framed replica of the nail used to hold the feet of Christ to the cross. According to John-Henry Westen, the editor of Life Site News, who announced the award, the prize is awarded to Christians “who have received a stab in the back.” ...
The following excerpted article draws the links between President Bannon and his seeming fascist / NRx roots (likely a cover for his real Jesuit interests), namely Julius Evola. Evola espoused a so-called 'Traditional' racial caste system rejecting Modernist / Rationalist / Materialism (aka Cause and Effect).

President Bannon is really a radical Monarcho-Catholic Traditionalist, where there is significant overlap in the ideologies. The difference being that Populism is only a ruse to fool the descendants of the white serfers (aka slaves). Ironic because of Bannon's low caste, blue collar origins. As noted before, this alliance forces such as Bannon to simultaneously pander to Semites and anti-Semites, witnessed by his deployment of the term Judeo-Christian and the Zionist origins of Breitbart News.

Mr. Bannon's use of the term 'Traditionalist' allows him to be duplicitous, because it can convey to his Vatican audience that he is a Catholic Traditionalist, as well as being an Evola type Traditionalist. As I have explained before Christianisty's Platonic roots and its feudal history demonstrates that it is basically a caste system as well. And as I have explained before, the Nazis used their supposed interest in the Volkisch nature movement, the occult, and Tibeten Aryanism as a cover to launder the 'Judeo-Christian' global agenda ... to set the stage for today's drama.

Mr. Bannon suggested in his Vatican remarks that the Fascist movement had come out of Evola’s ideas.

As Mr. Bannon expounded on the intellectual motivations of the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, he mentioned “Julius Evola and different writers of the early 20th century who are really the supporters of what’s called the Traditionalist movement, which really eventually metastasized into Italian Fascism.”

The reality, historians say, is that Evola sought to “infiltrate and influence” the Fascists, as Mr. Sedgwick put it, as a powerful vehicle to spread his ideas.

In his Vatican talk, Mr. Bannon suggested that although Mr. Putin represented a “kleptocracy,” the Russian president understood the existential danger posed by “a potential new caliphate” and the importance of using nationalism to stand up for traditional institutions.

We, the Judeo-Christian West,” Mr. Bannon added, “really have to look at what he’s talking about as far as Traditionalism goes — particularly the sense of where it supports the underpinnings of nationalism.”

As Mr. Bannon suggested in his speech, Mr. Putin’s most influential thinker is Aleksandr Dugin, the ultranationalist Russian Traditionalist and anti-liberal writer sometimes called “Putin’s Rasputin.”

An intellectual descendant of Evola, Mr. Dugin has called for a “genuine, true, radically revolutionary, and consistent fascist fascism” and advocated a geography-based theory of “Eurasianism” — which has provided a philosophical framework for Mr. Putin’s expansionism and meddling in Western European politics.

Mr. Dugin sees European Traditionalists as needing Russia, and Mr. Putin, to defend them from the onslaught of Western liberal democracy, individual liberty, and materialism — all Evolian bêtes noires.

This appeal of traditional values on populist voters and against out-of-touch elites, the “Pan-European Union” and “centralized government in the United States,” as Mr. Bannon put it, was not lost on Mr. Trump’s ideological guru.

“A lot of people that are Traditionalists,” he said in his Vatican remarks, “are attracted to that.”
From earlier in the article:
Mr. Bannon, who did not return a request for comment for this article, is an avid and wide-ranging reader. He has spoken enthusiastically about everything from Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” to “The Fourth Turning” by William Strauss and Neil Howe, which sees history in cycles of cataclysmic and order-obliterating change. His awareness of and reference to Evola in itself only reflects that reading. But some on the alt-right consider Mr. Bannon a door through which Evola’s ideas of a hierarchical society run by a spiritually superior caste can enter in a period of crisis.

“Evolists view his ship as coming in,” said Prof. Richard Drake at the University of Montana, who wrote about Evola in his book “The Revolutionary Mystique and Terrorism in Contemporary Italy.”

For some of them, it has been a long time coming. ...
Stephen Miller, President Bannon's apparent lover, made the rounds of the Sunday Morning talk shows and announced the new dictatorship. The President "WILL NOT BE QUESTIONED", "YOU WILL NOT DENY".

Miller, is a liberal Jew from Santa Monica, CA BTW. Just to show that duplicity reigns supreme in Wonderland.

Laufer was invited by the Duke Conservative Union to debate Peter Brimelow, an anti-immigrant activist who runs a website that frequently publishes work by white supremacists and anti-Semites.

Spencer’s email was addressed to Laufer and Brimelow and contained logistical details about their campus visit for the debate.

“Dear Peters,” Spencer began, “Your day will be free tomorrow until 5:00 pm. At that time, I’ll pick up both of you at the entrance to the Washington Duke Inn.”

The email specified plans for Laufer and Brimelow and their wives to be taken to dinner at Vin Rouge, a restaurant in Durham, North Carolina.

Then, Spencer wrote: “At 6:45 Stephen Miller and I will leave early to do more set-up.”

Clearly, the two ultra-conservative Duke students worked closely together to make the immigration debate happen.

“Aryan homeland”

Spencer told Mother Jones in October: “It’s funny no one’s picked up on the Stephen Miller connection.”

He added, “I knew him very well when I was at Duke. But I am kind of glad no one’s talked about this because I don’t want to harm Trump.”

Though he denies being a neo-Nazi, Spencer’s ideas bear a clear resemblance to Nazi ideology. Spencer advocates for “an Aryan homeland for the supposedly dispossessed white race and calls for ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’ to halt the ‘deconstruction’ of European culture,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks right-wing hate groups. ...

Look at the ghouls smile as their stooge signs their executive orders:
I carefully qualified the statement, as you know Jerry. Besides there are different types of love.

Miller might love Bannon, because Bannon is his Spartan-esque mentor, now in his second, rear guard employment with Bannon (the tip of the spear so to speak), the first being at uber-Zionist Breitbart News. Where they both jerked off on the race nationalists. Of course, they both brought along Julia Hahn from Breitbart into the White House. She is most likely their Geli Rabaul, their faux winglady, and she is Jewish like Miller. Geli > Julia?

These speculations CANNOT BE DENIED!!!
Another of President Bannon's lovers from Breitbart appeared on Bill Maher's Real Time. This homosexual, professional provocateur is in full comportment with the otherwise curious phenomenon of President Bannon to be all things to all people. Much like the Apostle Paul, that other Jewish Christian imperial 'intel' hybrid at the foundation of Christianity.

BTW, Milo is a proud Catholic. At about 11 minutes in also note the comments about Wikileaks. Importantly going to how Wikileaks had been able to apply enough manpower to provide timely leaks for Agent Orange Leaks during the campaign.

More on the Bannon cabal, here with his shadow National Security Council, known as the Strategic Initiatives Group. Sebastian Gorka is a British raised Roman Catholic of Hungarian extraction, a hereditary member of the Nazi related Hungarian Order of Vitéz. Gorka was an adjunct professor at Georgetown University for several years.

How many more Georgetown associations do we need to establish a significant pattern?

Gorka did not testify, but offered expert opinion to prosecutors in the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Boston Marathon bombing trial.[24]

With his wife, Katharine Gorka, he ran the private Virginia-based company Threat Knowledge Group. Although that institution is defunct and no longer has an online presence, Gorka claimed that TKG provided training and strategic support to the armed services, the FBI, elements of the US Intelligence Community, and state and local law enforcement.[citation needed]

Between 2011 and 2013 Gorka was an adjunct at Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy.[7]

From 2014 to 2016, Gorka was an editor for National Security Affairs for the Breitbart News Network.[8][9]

Presidency of Donald Trump
From 2017, Gorka was a deputy assistant in the presidency of Donald Trump.[3][25] Gorka is a member of a White House team called the Strategic Initiatives Group, set up by Gorka's friend Steve Bannon, and the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner.[25]

Gorka is a member of the Order of Vitéz (Hungarian: Vitézi Rend), a hereditary order of merit founded by Miklós Horthy in 1920 that is listed in the U. S. State Department Foreign Affairs Manual and Handbook under "Organizations Under the Direction of the Nazi Government of Germany." Membership in this group is grounds for U.S. visa ineligibility. [26] [27][28][29] Although required to list and renounce his membership in the Order of Vitéz on his N-400 Application for Naturalization in 2012 when he sought U.S. citizenship, Gorka appeared on FOX News on the evening of the 2017 U.S. presidential inauguration dressed in the uniform and wearing the badge, tunic, and ring of the Order of Vitéz.[30][31]
The Pope versus Bannon et al.? That Liberal Jesuit pope is globalist trash talking Populist Nationalism? Shocking !!! How dare those Jesuit infiltrators go against the ... Bible narrative. Oops, 'for' the Bible's globalist narrative.

The pope's comments below should be read in contrast to Bannon's Skype speech last year to a Vatican audience where, the poseur prince of nationalism also advanced his notion for a Judeo-Christian holy war against both Islam (not just 'radical' Islam) and secularism. In that speech he called for a nicer form of Capitalism, while he merrily prances about on oligarch Robert Mercer's 200 plus foot yacht -- with a fake carved tree 'growing' up through 5 or so decks. Mercer making his billions sucking capital out of the markets through high speed computer hedge fund trading (not long term investing - ala a Warren Buffet).

Prime ministers and presidents from 27 EU member states have descended on Italy to mark the 1957 founding Treaty of Rome, receiving a papal blessing on the eve of the anniversary.

Celebrations at the event have been muted by uneasiness in the Union due to prolonged economic crises, the unresolved migrant situation in many countries and Britain’s referendum vote to leave the bloc.

British Prime Minister Theresa May did not attend the meeting in the Vatican.

The Pope warned that the boom in anti-EU parties across Europe could herald a growing split between citizens and their representative institutions.

He also said greater international solidarity was the “most effective antidote to modern forms of populism”.

Mentioning the terror attack in London this week, Francis said leaders needed to work together to promote Europe’s “patrimony of ideals and spiritual values” with greater passion.

“For it is the best antidote against the vacuum of values of our time, which provides a fertile terrain for every form of extremism,” he said.

The pontiff also criticised leaders’ response to the refugee crisis.

He said: "It is not enough to handle the grave crisis of immigration of recent years as if it were a mere numerical or economic problem, or a question of security.”

He spoke of a worrying “lapse of memory” from Europeans, despite mass migrations in the 20th century’s world wars being an integral part of the formation of the Union. ...
The following excerpted article is an in depth account of former President Bannon's past. It tells more nuanced details and seems to reveal that some of Bannon's highlights are exagerrations, such as the amount of money accrued from his Seinfeld participation. In total it also reveals him to be a similar opportunist and dubious businessman as is Trump. His story is littered with ironies, regarding family values, anti-Semitism, the environment, etc.. In any case, he ends up being Johnny-on-the-Spot to save Breitbart News and then Trump's then flailing campaign.


Stephen K. Bannon, who maintains a precarious hold over the nativist wing of the Trump White House, honed his skills in the art of conservative persuasion in the most liberal precinct of the American imagination, Hollywood. He became himself in the byways of the movie business. These days, Bannon is a dishevelled presence in the Oval Office, but he cut a different figure in Beverly Hills, where he looked the part of a Hollywood executive—fast-talking, smartly dressed, aggressively fit, carrying himself with what one former colleague described as an “alpha swagger.” He worked out of an impressive office on Canon Drive. He was passionate and knowledgeable about film, and boasted about his connections, his production credits, and his background in mergers and acquisitions at Goldman Sachs. He was a Republican, but not dogmatic, and he tried not to let his political beliefs get in the way of his work.

Bannon moved from New York to Los Angeles in 1987, to help Goldman expand its presence in the entertainment business. Two years later, Bannon and a senior colleague struck out on their own, opening a small investment company in Beverly Hills. According to Bannon, the firm’s clients over the next half-dozen or so years included Crédit Lyonnais, M-G-M, and PolyGram. In 1998, the company was acquired by an offshoot of the French bank Société Générale, and he remained there for a couple of years. He had brief stints at Jefferies, an investment bank, and at a talent-management company, the Firm, as a strategic adviser. By the early aughts, the former Hollywood colleague recalled, “he was sitting on Canon Drive, in his fabulous office, his bookshelves lined with military and history books, and he would take meetings all day with people, some of whom came to him for money for their movies.”

Tim Watkins, the president of a small advertising company in Maryland, was one of those people. A conservative and a devout Catholic, Watkins had an idea for a film, based on the book “Reagan’s War: The Epic Story of His Forty-Year Struggle and Final Triumph Over Communism,” by the political consultant Peter Schweizer. As Watkins began looking for someone to help make the movie, he was introduced to Bannon. He was impressed by Bannon’s enthusiasm about Ronald Reagan, and by his Hollywood connections. Watkins showed him a trailer he had made, and Bannon “jumped in full-bore,” Watkins told me. He understood that Bannon would raise the money to produce it and would also distribute it. To Watkins, he seemed an ideal partner. “Steve was very good at whipping people up into a passion,” he said.

Before 9/11, Watkins had planned to make a traditional documentary, but by the time he started working with Bannon, he said, “something ticked in us—that life is about good versus evil, and history repeats itself.” The film, called “In the Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed,” opens with archival footage from early-twentieth-century cataclysms—the First and Second World Wars, the Soviet labor camps and famine—and proceeds to Hollywood, where Reagan rose to prominence. Throughout the film, a female narrator invokes “the Beast,” an authoritarian force that threatens “anything that elevated or empowered the individual.”

The triumphal final scene shows the destruction of the Berlin Wall, in 1989, but it is followed by an ominous coda that warns of the dangers of Islamic radicalism, with militants hoisting rifles, and people falling to their deaths from the Twin Towers. “War had not been wished away,” the narrator says. “Reaching out: first to convert, then turning in to destroy. That was the nature of the beast.”

Another colleague recalled that Bannon seemed out of place in Hollywood: “The business runs on talent relationships. He had this real will-to-power vibe that was so off-putting. He came on so strong, and in a way that I couldn’t imagine he would be successful with creative people.”

Bannon left Mount in 1991, but still wanted to make movies. He had long been drawn to Shakespeare’s play “Titus Andronicus,” in which Titus, a Roman general, sacrifices the eldest son of Tamora, the Queen of the Goths, and her younger sons rape and cut off the hands and tongue of Titus’ daughter. In 1991, Bannon hired Jones as a screenwriting partner, and their first project was an adaptation of “Titus,” which featured galactic travel and an episode of “ectoplasmic sex” between a “lower human” (a Moor in the original play) and a space queen. Bannon could not sell it. But in 1994 he reportedly optioned Julie Taymor’s Off Broadway adaptation of “Titus.” (Taymor denies this account.) Three years later, Taymor, who by then had directed Disney’s “The Lion King” on Broadway, wrote and directed the “Titus” film, and Bannon was an executive producer.

Bannon hoped to have an active role in the creative process. A former colleague who knew Taymor said, “Steve tried to be involved—I think he really cared about it. But Julie wouldn’t let him near it.” Taymor says that she did not even know he had any connection to the film until she saw his name on the poster. The film, which came out in 1999, did poorly at the box office. Bannon told Jones that if Taymor had used his ideas it would have succeeded.

Ulmer met with Bannon at his Santa Monica office, where Bannon had written the names of some recent movie releases on a whiteboard. Ulmer reported that Bannon had said, “On Ash Wednesday, ‘The Passion of the Christ’ is released theatrically, and on Sunday, ‘Lord of the Rings’—a great Christian allegory—wins 11 Academy Awards. So here you have Sodom and Gomorrah bowing to the great Christian God.” Ulmer recalled, “I was watching him draw all these configurations and connecting lines about the Beast and Satan, and half of my brain was saying, ‘This guy’s a comic stitch,’ and the other, ‘He’s really off the deep end.’ ” ...

The above Morning Joe clip is interesting, focusing on the apparent internal WH 'victory' of Steve Bannon over that of Jared Kushner, due to the latter's real estate driven (e.g. 666 Fifth Avenue) financing scandals with a Russian government bank.

The clip opens with Trump's latest speech explaining the rationale for pulling out of the Paris Accord, which is clearly Bannon authored.

The ironies, for me, is that I agree with the rhetoric about the abandoned workers. And here, Joe's joke about the US having been ranked 43rd, 44th, 45th, in economic prowess (Not) over the last decades completely ignores the plight of those workers being displaced, with little attention to providing for a livable transition. Hence the drug problems and high suicide rates, etc..

Immediately pointed out was that President Bannon ironically invoked Pittsburgh, as it is a shining example of a Rust Belt city that has managed a transitional course for itself, albeit I'm not sure how all the former displaced workers there fared any different than others.

The problem, for me, in the analysis is that President Bannon, and his sock puppet, Trump, are cynically exploiting their base demographic. The Paris Accord is an easy target for them, as participation in it is strictly voluntary and has no mandates or legal penalties. That said, American corporations and other American investment interests (in American green energy space) are likely to fall behind such as the Chinese and others who are racing ahead in this area. This is cutting off one's nose to spite their face.

In addition to pandering to coal workers (where coal is becoming uneconomic for other reasons), such as the petro Saudis and Russians will benefit from this action. Hmmm