Aug 24 podcast, Elon Musk & SpaceX; Donald Trump

Jerry Russell

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Hello Taylor,

I will go this far: it sure looks to me like SpaceX is doing things the hard way. If the goal is to save the boost stage, it would be so much easier and more reliable to do it with inflatable rafts popped out from the shell of the booster. Also, I consider that the biggest part of the technical challenge would be to get the thin-walled, light construction of the booster tanks to survive the ordeal without going out of tolerance.

Beyond that, lies the great challenge of crossing interplanetary space without getting irradiated, and the even bigger challenge of establishing remote self-sustaining colonies. It might not be impossible, but currently floated proposals are not serious.

I'm inclined to agree, Space X is a massive scam.

Teslas, on the other hand, are very cool cars. But not just everybody can afford them.
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