April 7: Getting organized

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Imagine if David Duke was a Freemason. Would that be surprising given the historical context of the KKK and such as Confederate General Albert Pike, then head of American Freemasonry? But then we continually have the problem of such as George Washington, and as Joe brought up, Ben Franklin. This gets to the problem with Joe's framework not acknowledging the contiguous historical presence of the "secret society" within Western Civilization. Asking whether someone, a known Skull and Bonesman, Freemason or whatever, can be a good Christian or not thus makes absolutely no coherent sense, unless one insists upon the romantic rubric that the son of a tekton, Jesus, intended to 'save' us from such nonsense. But Jesus is recorded in the gospels as running his own secret society.

Yes, the "secret society" rebrands itself, but whatever they do, they are sponsored and directed from the highest echelon of society. The infamous Hellfire Club attended by Franklin was founded by Sir Francis Dashwood. The excerpt on Dashwood touches tangentially on the fact that Freemasonry (Blue Lodge in England and such as Grand Orient in France for instance) were the purview of the royal houses. And the royal houses of Europe were all one big family, not genetically descended from their 'white' sheep. This is the core of the problem that goes back to the origins of Western Civilization and beyond. This is demonstrated in the 'synthetic' lineage of Jacob (note the first excerpted line below) found in Genesis and as I discussed in the OT series.

Dashwood was re-elected for New Romney on 26 June 1747, and in January 1751 made a rather ostentatious disavowal of Jacobitism, of which Andrew Stone and others of George, Prince of Wales household were suspected. At Leicester House Dashwood abetted the influence of George Bubb Dodington (Lord Melcombe), and opposed the Regency Bill of 15 May 1751.[14] On 13 April 1749 he was created D.C.L. of Oxford University, and on 19 June 1746 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society[15]

The Hellfire Club

He was too young to have been a member of the very first Hellfire Club founded by the Duke of Wharton in 1719 and disbanded in 1721, but he and the Earl of Sandwich are alleged to have been members of a Hellfire Club that met at the George and Vulture Inn throughout the 1730s.[18]

According to the 1779 book Nocturnal Revels, on the Grand Tour he had visited various religious seminaries, "founded, as it were, in direct contradiction to Nature and Reason; on his return to England, [he] thought that a burlesque Institution in the name of St Francis, would mark the absurdity of such Societies; and in lieu of the austerities and abstemiousness there practised, substitute convivial gaiety, unrestrained hilarity, and social felicity".[citation needed]

The first meeting of the group known facetiously as Brotherhood of St. Francis of Wycombe,[19] Order of Knights of West Wycombe was held at Sir Francis' family home in West Wycombe on Walpurgis Night in 1752. The initial meeting was something of a failure and the club subsequently moved their meetings to Medmenham Abbey (about 6 miles from West Wycombe) where they called themselves the Monks of Medmenham.[20]

About 1755 Dashwood founded the famous "Hell-fire Club", or "monks of Medmenham Abbey". Medmenham Abbey, formerly belonging to the Cistercian order, was beautifully situated on the banks of the Thames near Marlow, Buckinghamshire.[12] It was rented, from Francis Duffield,[21] by Dashwood, his half-brother Sir John Dashwood-King, his cousin Sir Thomas Stapleton, Paul Whitehead, John Wilkes, and others to the number of twelve, who frequently resorted thither during the summer.[22] They had the it rebuilt by the architect Nicholas Revett in the style of the 18th century Gothic revival.[21] It is thought that Hogarth may have executed murals for this building; none, however, survive.
[21] ...

So it seems that there were more than one Hellfire Clubs, acting like lodges of a sort, mocking the absurdities of exoteric beliefs, at least. Also note the interesting names above: Romney, Stone, Wharton, Wilkes. The Cistercian Order was the Catholic order closely associated with the Templars, its founder, Bernard, wrote its charter and got papal approval for the Templars. The Templars were folded into the Knights Hospitaler and are today the Catholic Knights of Malta (SMOM).

End of part 1

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Part 2:

As I have stated before, the situation today is near identical to 2,000 years ago, where the elite globalists had (and now have) inherently pitted themselves against the nationalists. The latter of whom bought into their propagandic national narratives, as Jonestown koolaide. But it was the ancestors of the elites that prior prepared the narrative koolaide. This is the way the system works, over and over again. Under this system, all underclasses are intended to suffer and be degraded at the appropriate time, white included. The better to divide and conquer you with.

And so we witnessed in the conversation the conflation of different 'whites', who otherwise should not be considered the same for the context here. The same follows for Zealot Jews back in the day, of which we must distinguish the elites who were globalist and those Zealots who had been sold the nationalist koolaide du jour. According to the Biblical canonic script the Zealots' ancestors had been brought to their Promised Land much like Jim Jones brought his flock to Guyana. And this is how America's 'patriots' came here.

But we all get psychologically fooled by the relatively slow advance of the real life play that unfolds before us, and thus we fall in love with our cultural narratives and especially our 'land'. The 'Jewish' canon even tells us who the real players are, and ironically identifies themselves as the 'scarecrows' or the 'sheepdogs' to the real Shepherds. As the drama has played out the Shepherds were forced to recruit even more 'Jews' from the ranks of the goyim, the Ashkenazi descendants of Gomer. Because the whole matter is one big Identity Scam. Moses and Aaron have their skin tone ingeniously and hilariously explained by their exposure to God's glory in the tabernacle. The tabernacle description matching exactly with a typical pharaoh's portable military campaign shrine. Moses and Aaron's 'Levites' are eventually placed in administrative charge of the 48 largest cities of Canaan, irrespective of the other tribal territories.

But the name in the excerpt above is 'Jacobite', not Judahite. This is important, and not mere Shemantic semantics. Judah was made subservient to his nephew Ephraim, whom the Bible asserts descends from Egyptian royalty. And importantly the latter's story doesn't just end there. And in the Bible, Ephraim's descendants just vanish into thin air as part of the Lost Tribes, but is this really so? The 'Jews' carry on as visible 'scarecrows' or 'sheepdogs' but seemingly without a master.

The result is that, over several centuries, such as the 'White' Race has been rendered unable to distinguish between those of themselves who descend from serfs and those who claim descent from nobility and the 'gentility', being left to grouse about 'Jews'. Just like the script called for. Sun Tzu could not have done better.

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Former Brit ambassador to Syria questions whether Assad committed CW attack and asserts that this gives anti-Assad jihadis motive to launch 'fake flag' operations:


Rep. Gabbard: “Yes, I’m skeptical” of claim Assad regime is behind chemical weapons attack https://t.co/fETssThsLF https://t.co/fpYdUNR2t4

— CNN (@CNN) April 7, 2017
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) said Friday she was "skeptical" that Syrian leader Bashar Assad's regime was behind this week's chemical weapons attack in northern Syria.

"There are a number of theories that are out there," Gabbard said during an interview on CNN's "The Situation" when addressing who was behind the attack.

Gabbard pointed to false intelligence reports about weapons of mass destruction used to justify the Iraq War under President George W. Bush as an example of how the intelligence assessments can produce inaccurate information. ...