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Richard Stanley

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Also known as Lord Brooke.

Most Shakespeare scholars believe there is no mystery at all: the Bard of Avon was indeed William Shakespeare.

However, the sceptics say the plays and sonnets could have been penned by Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe or even Francis Neville.

But, now, another contender has had his Elizabethan hat thrown into the ring: Fulke Greville. To which most people will say: Who?

Richard Stanley

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Author Graham Philips has a book, The Secret Life of Shakespeare, in which he asserts that Shakespeare took Marlowe's place as a counter-Catholic spy for Sir Walsingham, and thus had a "license to quill". But, doing so in the 'cover' literary capacity as part of the necessary team of writers as suggested by others.

As such, Phillips discusses the relationship of Shakespeare to the then Earl of Derbyshire, aka Lord Straunge, Ferdinando Stanley. I was aware that Stanley / Strange was the first theatrical employer of Shakespeare, but not to the extent of these details.

Ferdinando Stanley

Note the auburn hair, the ubiquitous trait throughout elite Western history, as also asserted by Nicholas DeVere. (As I have stated before I am an adopted blonde, blue-eyed one in a now extinct [sic] low branch).

Phillips did not recount that the first Lord Strange had been held hostage by Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. This while his father, the current Earl of Derby, Thomas, and his uncle Sir William Stanley of Cheshire, were planning their complementary attack with their allies. Later Sir William lost his head to Henry VII because he came to believe that at least one of Richard's nephews was still alive. Thomas and subsequent Stanley's would go on to become members of the kings' Privy Council and such as the Stewards of the Prince of 'Whales', as Trump would say.

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