Andy Thomas's A Conspiracy History of the World

Richard Stanley

Given the scope of historical time covered, this is a remarkably coherent and concise presentation given at a 2013 Denmark Open Mind Conference. I apologize if it has been posted on the site before, but I don't remember seeing it.

In any case, with only a few minor quibbles, this is in line with my views. It is an 1 hour and 40 minute survey of two millennia of numerous conspiracy claims, starting with Nero's (false flag) burning (of) Rome. He doesn't overtly suggest that there is one thread that links these together as I do, but it seems like he might agree. He likes to focus on event highlights that allow for common agreement, as opposed to arguing about relatively minor details.

In any case, throughout is a nice presentation of the false flag tactic, and implies just how well it was understood by those who practice it.

He only toyed with who might be at the top, and as a Brit he mentioned possibly the Queen. But I believe this issue is more distributed, including those who control the Mother Church. He discussed the false flag nature of the Guy Fawkes Rebellion, and here I believe that the Mother Church perfectly understood this was all part of the deception.

There is also a brief discussion of Zbigniew Brzezinski's role, including a pic of him with Osama bin Ladin. The title of Zbig's book, The Grand Chessboard, begins to evoke a common thread, but one yet has to be able to imagine the players not being concerned with national boundaries. Yet that is exactly what a chessgame is in comparison to reality.

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Jerry Russell

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Andy Thomas's conspiracy history of the world is also covered in this book:

The Truth Agenda (2009, revised 2013)

And this blurb:

Something too often missed in all the conspiracy speculation is the realisation that if we are being governed by a powerful cabal trying to twist the world to its own ends, then we are still essentially dealing with fellow human beings (putting ET/reptilian bloodline theories aside for a moment).

Like every other person on the planet, they must have physical, social and emotional needs, even if the latter faculty may be too easily set aside in the kind of mind that would plan 9/11-type scenarios (an event widely suspected to have been deliberately staged by Western sources as part of a march towards the ‘New World Order’). The personalities involved must have loved ones of their own, and experience thoughts, feelings and cares in at least some directions. They also, like most of us in our lives, probably think they are doing the right thing, however much we may see their schemes as misguided.

This is an important point. We all have reasons for doing what we do, and can often justify actions to ourselves in the face of serious challenges from the outside. Hard though it may be to comprehend, the motivation of those who might think that wiping out their own people would be a positive move, or who believe that planning wars and economic breakdowns to effect the creation of a unifying world government is an acceptable strategy, the fact is that many seemingly well-intentioned visionaries throughout history have voiced the need for such approaches. This does not make them right, of course, but there is plainly a significant, if small, seam of humanity that believes a bigger picture should be put before the needs of the masses. Those who have expressed support for eugenics and depopulation strategies, for instance, often have deep-seated environmental concerns or feel strongly that we have lost our balance with nature and must put the planet’s future ahead of the requirements of the common people.


The problem with global cover-ups is that they arrive and build up – as deception does so often for all of us – through a lack of honesty largely sparked by the fear of what people might think or do if they were to perceive the true vulnerability within. The elite appears to fear us and our reactions as much as we may fear it – otherwise it would not need to manipulate and control. Many disingenuous actions are borne of inner psychosis; a lack of trust that other people will understand. Our leaders appear to have got so used to playing deceptive games that they cannot now operate any other strategy. Everything from the banking system to Parliamentary administration appears to be based on subterfuge. Right now we are clearly not trusted by those affecting our lives so strongly and as a result we do not trust them.


The presumption is often made that the very existence of a ruling elite means that those involved must be all-powerful and of one mind, accurately manipulating domino events that hit the required spot every time, all to a predetermined agenda. But this may apportion them an unwarranted infallibility.

There is evidence to show that there are factions and disputes within the echelons of those with great influence over our lives. After all, the world is a big and complex place. Even with a general agreement on how it should move forward, the pressures of regional needs and personal biases are almost certain to blur the clarity of purpose from time to time. Going on the word that does sneak out from Bilderberg meetings and the suchlike, it seems that as many disagreements, compromises and negotiations arise there as within any supposedly democratic Parliament. If this weren’t the case, the meetings would not presumably need to take place, so pre-orchestrated would the scheming be.