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    I can't claim to be sure myself how the ancient monuments were constructed. The giant blocks at Baalbek are especially impressive, and difficult to explain. But, not everyone is convinced that such constructions required exotic or magical technology. See, for example:

    How to Build a Pyramid - Giza Style
    by David F. Leigh
    "Architect! Build me a monument! It must be 280 cubits high and outlast the ages!"So the Pharoah has appointed you to build his next pyramid. Whe're to start? You live in the Bronze Age, in the year 2580 B.C. Is it even possible to carry out the order with great precision given the tools that you have available to you? Let's find out.


    Postscript (2011)
    On Hulu now is a miniseries entitled "The Pyramid Code". Although there is mixed in here some facts and a few valid conjectures, In my opinion this is, in aggregate, a huge [expletive deleted]. In it is postulated all sorts of magical thinking under the very thinnest veneer of scientific language. This does a grave disservice to the ancients by taking their very real accomplishments, dismissing them as impossible, and replacing them with rainbow unicorn fantasies of resonant crystals and 'subtle energies'. Yes, it was written by a Ph.D, Carmen Boulter, and that's a very sad thing for her university.
    A more specific review of "The Pyramid Code" is here:

    My major beef lies with totally false claims that advanced technology is required to build the things and that advanced mathematics (beyond algebra) are required to arrive at the dimensions... that their construction necessitated the use of exotic 'power sources' that we don't understand today. It's not remotely true. You can construct a pyramid of those exact dimensions (pi and all) using integer math and bronze age tools. And it appears that "elbow grease" and "puttin' your back into it" have suddenly become exotic power sources (I can't say I'm surprised on that one).

    The "it's not possible" claims are maddening. All this does is allow the author to advertise two things: 1. "Even though I have a Ph.D, I'm too ... stupid to think of simple solutions to practical math problems", and 2. "I'm so bloody spoiled that I cannot conceive of an age where people were willing to labor."​
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    I am very sad to see jerry use the above language, "little Logic" in his name calling!

    I am sorry jerry doesn't know but yet he knows. It was math?

    Those you don't look will not find.

    I have put up many post on this subject but jerry doesn't look at them. Like this vidio; were greatest construction hi Tec builders of today say they cannot build the largest pyramid, today.

    I have never suggested the the high tec of the past was magical.

    Jerry is like some one who would say airplanes are exotic?

    Well he and I disagree on this one . Jerry can't say how they were built. But he would say they did it with math. Sorry jerry math doesn't cut and move very large very hard stones, humans with tec. Does .

    Bronze Horseman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Wikipedia › wiki › Bronze_Horseman
    The statue's pedestal is the enormous Thunder Stone, the largest stone ever moved by humans. No magic here.

    i do know that people in the past did. Moved very large stones and cut them
    And they must have used Technology . That we don't have today but may some day.

    That is my point. That high tec comes and goes. And see why and how.

    One must look past any sujustions of magical thinking.

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    Hi Loren,

    I think it's OK according to the forum rules, to post links and quotes from blogs that express things in ways I wouldn't myself. This is not one forum member insulting another, it's one external source insulting another external source.

    But, you're right that Leigh's language was more colorful than I really like to see. So, I've edited it.

    David Leigh suggests some bronze-age methods for pyramid construction. I'm not sure whether the methods he proposed would have worked, or not. But in general, I agree that there's no reason to be sure that the pyramids required "advanced" technology to build. I don't consider myself a specialist in this area.

    Based on the remarks from David Leigh, I decided not to watch the "Pyramid Code" video. So I have to ask, is it correct that the film states that the pyramids were built using "resonant crystals", "subtle energies" and other technologies not currently known today?

    The Wiki article on the "Thunder Stone" says it was moved in 1770 by the Russians, using a sled rolling on brass spheres, powered entirely by human labor. Sounds like something right out of the Bronze Age.
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    The big boys hide this stuff
    Lost history no low tec here

    100 ton stones cut and moved
    Stone cut to high tec. Percision .

    Maybe richard will look at this. And the pyramid secrets video above
    It goes into stars and other stuff you have talk about, ( gotepee) would like to here your thoughts and any one else, if you like to look at hidden history. I think it's the best video ever made on the great pyramid you may not agree with a few things but there is so much new stuff that you will agree with but you will not know if you don't look. Don't let detractors detrack you. Be open when learning new things then use logic.
    Thanks LH

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    The only detractors "detraking" me are the several billion unwanted biofilm aliens, the oldest life-form on earth, in my head that I have had to literally wage deadly war with for the last 6 years. Remember the movie The Blob? Its kin is tenaciously living in my head, and today's medical scientists have only just now started to think about how to deal with it. Most MD's haven't even heard of it and call it chronic 'whatever-itis'. This ongoing war makes it rather difficult to focus on one issue - much less all that I and others, like you, on this site are interested in.

    Having said that, I agree that there is incredible evidence that earlier 'somebodies' have managed some rather stupendous accomplishments in the past. The reigning star in my view is still the Baalbek 'temple' platform monoliths, weighing in at 800+ tons, with one left in the quarry at ~1,100 tons.
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    In this "Al Naslaa" monolith, the kerf between the stones is reasonably thick. I don't see why this couldn't have been done with a big saw.
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    you are right

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