Richard Stanley

I once mentioned Alfred McCoy's detailed book, The Politics of Heroin, CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade in regards to Allen Ginsberg, who was involved with helping McCoy's research. I had had the book on my shelves for some time before getting around to reading it. I was shocked to realize that McCoy was discussing the last legal global traders of opium, of whose next generation became my next door neighbors growing up. The relevant drug agency at the time convinced them to retire and buy a ton of land around where I live. Who knew?

Of course, the backstory is that the opium and marijuana (and similar) trade was made illegal, so that cynical dark money could be made to advance the agendas of such as the CIA. As such, foreign military generals around the world became facilitators of the drug trafficking, and in the case of Vietnam, their supply networks hooked up about 15% of the US GI's. This in contrast to the various Communists that always shut down all aspects of the industry.

From heroin the trade moved to cocaine and Central and South America, where it was central to the Nicaraguan Contra matter and Iran-Contra. This with the like of the infamous pilot and smuggler, Barry Seal, who connects to the Clintons and the Bushes. Barry would fly cocaine into Arkansas and land at its 'spooky' airport in Governor Clinton's Mena, AR. He would fly arms to such as Nicaragua for the Contras. He had a special smuggling plane with electronics that could help defeat radar detection.

Daniel Hopsicker connected him to the JFK assassination, as well as Bush 41, in his Barry and the Boys. Hopsicker included a photo of a young Barry Seal with a young Lee Harvey Oswald, standing astride their mentor, then Civil Air Patrol pilot David Ferrie. Barry ended up with a few too many bullets for his short term survival.

Anyways, I watched the following documentary on the federal government connection to the drug trade, which includes significant discussion of the Italian and Sicilian and Corsican mafias., Taiwan, and Vietnam, and more.

This is the trailer: