Alt-Right Women Finally Realizing They Are Only Meant to be Baby Factories

Richard Stanley

The following clip of The Young Turks show is sadly funny, with two alt-Right women coming to terms with how their subculture really views them.

The hosts mock one of the women as being OK with being a racist, but not with the sexism.

One of the women calls her alt-right trolls: "low status" individuals. Duh!!!

These guys can't even figure out that Tiki torches are from Polynesian culture and not White. Their torches are probably made in China to boot.

Many of them have been ironically shown, through their own voluntary, self-paid for, DNA testing, to have African DNA, coming from back when their ancestors had black slaves. Maybe some of their current "low status" has to do with systemic sociological roots in that phenomenon, and not directly from the DNA.

6 minutes