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Part 1:
What's it all about, Alfie?
Is it just for the moment we live?
What's it all about when you sort it out, Alfie?
Are we meant to take more than we give
Or are we meant to be kind?
And if only fools are kind, Alfie
Then I guess it is wise to be cruel
And if life belongs only to the strong, Alfie
What will you lend on an old golden rule?
As sure as I believe there's a heaven above, Alfie
I know there's something much more
, ...

My (our) recent efforts here to harmonize the various Xian Origins theories have been fairly gratifying, to me at least. Some of the efforts ironically driven by the awareness of my now hopeful mortality, or PO (personal omega). Lately, with my various decrepitudes, I have been watching the various MythVision shows and various shows of Randall Carlson's, the latter reviving my decades prior interest in Catastrophism. And here Carlson's and others' efforts have made huge leaps forward in overcoming the ignorant and arrogant hubris of such as Uniformitarian Geological Science. Or ... is this all ignorant hubris?

The following link is perhaps the most concise presentation of Carlson's:

As Carlson notes, the early geologists were all Catastrophists, with the later Uniformitarians desperate to distance themselves from associations with religious notions that reek of superstition and fundamentalist supernaturalism. Their desperation, at least, to appear 'modern' caused these scientists to turn blind eyes to all the evidence to the contrary right in front of their faces every day. But, could there be other reasons for such 'blindness'?

On MythVision Derek Lambert and Dr. Price have recently pondered upon the extent of malfeasance in assembling the canons, versus what level of good intentions may have been involved. If they are mostly or all mythic allegory and metaphor, then much of any perceived mal-intent may merely be in the eye of such as an atheist fundamentalist [sic]. That is, an atheist whose criticism of the canons are framed as if they are to be taken literally, as believing fundamentalists do. Here, the big problem for arriving at the Truth(s) being hidden, the real mystery, is discerning between real history, encrypted history, then onto pure wisdom, spiritual, or abstract myth, and finally uber myth that points to some particular reality, possibly stupendous and/or terrifying. Even existential in nature.

Along parts of my vision quest I have also wondered about the seeming paradox of whether or not there was any benevolent intention(s) in the various religions, especially the Abrahamic ones. Especially beyond any benevolence garnered for their stated Elects. After all, Jerry and I have taken a fairly hard line at Postflaviana on these 'crooked' shepherds throughout history.

So let's imagine if Randall Carlson is correct for the most part (he is). Suddenly we have a reason to allow that there was indeed something more to that once cutting edge precessional science back in the days of the Classical Greeks, and also encrypted into the Judaic canon as well. That science was couched in mythical garb with the zodiacal characters and stories of the gods and goddesses. While the common Egyptian or common Greek may have seen their gods as superstitious, Christian fundamentalists do yet today, the authors of those 'myths' appear to know what was really up. And if so, they saw such esoteric framing as a necessity. As such, were they worried they would unnecessarily stampede the 'cattle'? We have talked here about times when the 'cattle' get purposely stampeded (e.g. the Nazis), and its happening yet today.

And, now there is debate about the eschatological meaning of the Christian End Times. Did it ever happen, did it happen in 70 CE, did it happen with Constantine, will it happen today or tomorrow?

If it happened in 70 CE, then was it all a real human contrivance with the Romans grafting Vespasian and Titus onto the divine Root of Jesse? Bastard Wasps!!! And those bastard Locust dudes!!! WASPs you say?

Hmmm. But, what if there are multiple true ways of looking at this, and that the Roman (Hasmonean/Herodian/Edessan) Origin is true, and at the same time, the embedded mythos, amalgamated from both pagan and Judaic sources, actually reflected the stupendous and terrifying Natural Mystery we are really seeking?

And, what if today we are coddling an Elect who may be only hanging onto the threads of what was being referred to, and seeking to live down to their Elect status, whether they are aware or not of the danger the Earth, and life on it is really in. As the prior Omega and Alpha rung in the Augustan Age of the Romans, expansionary even today (through their American proxy spear), the coming Omega and Alpha seems to be born on a recurring motif of wild and immoral humans destroying their nest, hence they must be cleansed to achieve a new and fresh beginning.

But the Cosmos surrounding and including the Earth does not give a damn about mere humans, the variations in Cosmic energy upon the Earth dwarfing the by-products of these distracted beings, addicted to their various banalities, instead of pondering that they might indeed have the ability and temerity to save themselves ... this time around and on.

For with comets and asteroids, what goes around comes around.
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Along parts of my vision quest I have also wondered about the seeming paradox of whether or not there was any benevolent intention(s) in the various religions, especially the Abrahamic ones. Especially beyond any benevolence garnered for their stated Elects. After all, Jerry and I have taken a fairly hard line at Postflaviana on these 'crooked' shepherds throughout history.

My bias is towards outrage at the blatant falsehoods and deceptions that were perpetrated. But perhaps I should also consider the transparency of these manipulations as well.

I mean, look at the miracle stories in the New Testament. Walking on water, healing the blind with spittle, and resurrection on the third day. It's as bad as Santa Claus and his flying reindeer. Who older than the age of six could take this seriously? Yet people want to have faith, so they turn a blind eye to the "man behind the curtain".

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The counter to our outrage is that such is done for the greater good. Superstitious people respond to such things. But ignorant and/or superstitious people today also respond to such lies for clearly the greater bad and the benefit of the few.

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And, what if today we are coddling an Elect who may be only hanging onto the threads of what was being referred to, and seeking to live down to their Elect status, whether they are aware or not of the danger the Earth, and life on it is really in.

For all the money, status, power and education, these elites are born into this world just like the rest of us: "small, slippery and completely clueless, surrounded by enormous gibbering lunatics." Many of whom know far less about cosmic catastrophes than you or I do. And to the extent that the elites of 2,000 or 4,000 or 6,000 years ago understood these matters through legends and symbols, much of that knowledge has passed into the obscurity of minor YouTube channels, not to mention sites such as this.

And I don't think it's wise to trivialize the dangers caused by mere humans, either; but we've debated that issue many times.

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In response to a couple of questions about the Antikythera Mechanism and its availability to assist in the making of the prophecy of Revelation 12, I am answering those here.

So it is a heavenly sign or configuration or whatever, and not an actual "being" who eventually comes down from "heaven" to battle and defeat the earthly Antichrist at the time of the Apocalypse, is that correct?
Definitely at least a heavenly sign and configuration. As to whether there's any actual being involved, we're waiting to see what happens, right Richard?
The key issue revolves around what is at the core of religious apocalyptic, and likely the big mystery of the ancient mystery cults, eventually amalgamated into Christianity and Islam's End Times narratives. Such are the lingering remnants of physical events of unimaginably horrific power, compared to anything experienced for thousands of years. Such is why there is so much emphasis on things like the Pleiades, Perseus stabbing the shoulder of the bull, relating to the Taurides and the Leonides. Such is why people had such fear of comets, or conversely that a new 'star' announced a new and important king, a savior.

And so, from a cosmic standpoint, there is likely only an increased probability of being struck by larger objects than is typical each year. However, Carlson has demonstrated such semi-periodicity in massive climate changes indicative that there is need to be concerned.

This, of course, begs the question of why certain human agency would be interested in mimicking or replaying the Biblical script-ure as to its 'apocalyptic' aspects that I have partially developed? Perhaps if we succeed (or fail) to get struck cosmically, they perceive a need to follow the Biblical script, to justify their historical reliance upon it, and justify their position going forward -- into the new age. In other words, there must be a sufficient Alpha and Omega tableau, otherwise all relevance is lost.

Perhaps they understand that we may not get cosmically struck this time through the time window of danger, but that they must maintain the importance of the mythos for the future.

Instead, as Carlson asserts, we need to come to grips with the reality underlying the mythos, especially since now we have technological options to begin addressing the avoidance of such as cometary or asteroid impacts.


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Thank You, I think my feeble old brain is starting to get it. Sort of like Halley's Comet, which may have been the "Xiphias" of 66 AD, described by Josephus in "The Jewish War", that supposedly heralded the destruction of the Temple, and which definitely was seen in England as an omen during the "apocalyptic" year of 1066.


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"With 9/11 most of the Twin Tower executives were away at a conference in Omaha, Nebraska, where the airport there is the closest one to Pella, Iowa. Even the then President put in a stop there that day, after reading a story about a goat to school kids in Jupiter, FL, just down the road from Mar-a-Lago." Richard Stanley, Post #19 from "Mirage Men".

"you would be able to see the little baby Jupiter (as Space Jesus) sloshing around in the belly of the Virgin for 9 months *** (on 9/23/2017) " Richard Stanley, Post #1 from "The Revelation of the Antikythera Mechanism".

Both of these apocalyptic (?) events (in the heavens and the earth, as above so below) happened in September, and Jupiter (Space Jesus?) and Virgin Mother "Mary" could be involved in both of these September occurrences, with Jupiter just down the road from Mar(y)-a-Lago, and Jupiter (as Space Jesus) in the belly of the Virgin (Mary) for 9 months (September is the 9th month, what was started on September 11, 2001 came to fruition on September 23, 2017). Of course the Emperor Augustus, "son" of the Divine Julius, was born on Sept. 23, 63 BC, around the first day of the autumnal equinox, the beginning (Alpha) of the "fall", and the ending (Omega) of summer (.had to get the thread title into this somehow!).

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I happened across this 4 part series by John Romer mainly covering on the lives of the royal tomb builders of the Valley of the Kings.

Part 2 below is very interesting for this thread and several others because, near the end, it discusses what led to the decline of Egypt, just after it had reached its amazing heights during the 18th Dynasty. First, and least important perhaps, they had exhausted their domestic gold mines, which to me might indicate other such matters. Then, it is mentioned that rainfall had gradually reduced to the point that Egypt could no longer sustain itself in the manner it was previously accustomed to. This, last is interesting in that over 1,000 years later, Egypt was yet considered the granary for Rome, albeit this was of secondary importance to Rome (versus Egypt being made the Roman hub of 'global' sea trade).

A rather stunning account is given of the once happy tomb builders having a sit-down strike, protesting that their compensations, with such as foodstuffs, are no longer measuring up.

What was quietly being referred to is the matter of precession driven Climate Change (PDCC), where the oldest Egyptian wall depictions show a wetter climate, reflected in the depicted flora and fauna. Today's Sahara Desert was previously a savannah, with rivers and lakes.

As I have discussed on other threads, the end of the 18th and related 19th Dynasties were in the time frame leading up to the collapse (the Omega du jour) of the Late Bronze Age. While Egypt did survive this collapse, it did so in a weakened state, and before long the Nubians, the Persians, and others would take over.

While most people consider that the elites of that time just faded away, I do not. Instead, with their Alphas du jour, they move to greener pastures and change their names, their esoteric knowledge encrypted variously in such as Judaism, Christianity, and Freemasonry, etc..