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Hi Loren

Thanks for the link. Yes, what are the odds of an accidental Pacific die off right after F U Shima? We need to monitor the scope of the destruction to determine if it different from previous natural die offs.

Listened to Watt. Very clearminded individual. How does he stand on the most critical issue - the ethnicity of the oligarchs?

--{ Elitists Moan for a World All Their Own:

"The History of Eugenics Interesting to Peruse,

Beginning with Theories of Thomas Malthus,

He Suggested Methods of Culling the Herd,

This Snobbish Economist, Mathematical Nerd,

His Flow-Chart Predictions Were All Proven Wrong,

Yet This Doomsday Prophet is the Hero to Throng

Of Darwin's Elitists at United Nations,

"Sustainability" the Mantra of Parasitical Occupations,

They Believe the World's for Most Highly Evolved,

Same Old Class War of Malthus Unsolved,

Or is It -- The People, Once Strong, Hardy, Virile,

In Forty Years Have Gone Soft and Sterile,

Well-Funded Groups Lobbied for Abortion,

The Married, Vilified by Cultural Distortion,

Pharma and Surgery, "Heroes of Liberation",

Bloodily Purging "Excess" Human Constipation,

Elitists Know Their Goal will Be Achieved Soon,

A Pristine Planet with Lots of Room" © Alan Watt }--

Socialism - United Nations, Every Country Standardized into One Global System - International Property Maintenance Code -

Organic (Normal) Food - Pesticide-Laden Genetically-Modified "Food" - Bowel Cancer Skyrockets--What Has Changed? -

Frankfurt Bankers - Hierarchical System, Top-Down Implementation - The Olympians - Lineages of Elite Families -

Scotland - Campbell Family - Knights Templars and Issuance of Cheques, Bank of England - Scottish Rite of Freemasonry -

Secret Societies, Secrets Kept from the Public - Masonic Front of Charity - Royals' Private Non-GM Farms -

UN Set up to Bring in World Government, Redistribution of Wealth - Standing Up - What Gandhi Actually Said -

Destruction of the Soul - Eleanor Roosevelt - HAARP and ELF Pulsations.

(See for article links.)

*Title/Poem and Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 3, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

This is my teacher Allen and you joe & Jan, and tragedy and hope podcasts. Thank joe for all you do! I am here because of you.
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