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Midway through my 9/11 blog post, I excerpted an account of Barry Jennings from, and so the following is a partial confirmation of that account contained in the AE911Truth webinar on Building 7. I have not seen the BBC documentary that is the source.

Jennings and another official had gone up to a meeting room in Building 7 and discovered it abandoned, yet there were smoldering cigarettes and warm covfefe on the tables. The view from the meeting room was where the Twin Towers had stood.

Building 7 was where NYC had its emergency management center, so this is why they had gone there.

You can see the time where it appears below.

Screengrab from AE911Truth webinar:



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Damn. Barry Jennings video has been pulled. Seems from the text account "they" would've gotten to see the planes strike the towers but not watch the towers collapse. Probably safer that way but if I were a Masonic elite who had set up such an elaborate ceremony I'd feel ripped off...
Seems from the text account "they" would've gotten to see the planes strike the towers but not watch the towers collapse.
Are you referring to the caption above Jenning's head? If so, this is referring to the fact that Jennings and his friend arrived into Building 7 later than the Twin Tower collapses, but just before Building 7 itself was to come down. So the people sitting around in the conference room would have seen the building strikes and the collapses.

Damn. Barry Jennings video has been pulled.
The whitewash(es) continue.
This is what it says at the link. Of course, I suppose, any viewing party could have just moved up to the 24th floor...

"On September 11, 2001, Barry Jennings, Deputy Director of the Emergency Services Department of the New York City Housing Authority and Michael Hess, New York City’s corporation counsel, headed to the Office of Emergency Management’s Emergency Operating Center (FEMA), which was on the 23rd floor of WTC 7. Hess was expected to meet with New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani at the office.Hess is an elite Yale and Harvard graduate, a lawyer who has represented the United States in numerous major cases.[15] Michael Hess-any relationship to the House of Rudolph Hess? I can’t say.

Jennings recalled finding a large number of police officers in the lobby of WTC 7 when they arrived before the collapse of the New York World Trade Center Towers. The two men went up to the 23rd floor, but could not get in, so they went back to the lobby. The police and security took them back up in a freight elevator. When they arrived on level 23, they found the 23rd floor had been recently deserted and absolutely abandoned, “coffee that was on the desk, smoke was still coming off the coffee, I saw half eaten sandwiches”.[16]

At that point, Jennings made some phone calls, and an un-named individual told them to “leave, and leave right away”. Jennings and Hess then proceeded to the stairs, and made it down to level 6, when there was an explosion, and the stairwell suddenly blew out and collapsed from under their feet. Jennings was left hanging for his life from the stairwell, but was able to climb back up to safety.[17]

They made it back up to level 8 where Jennings had a clear view of the twin towers, both buildings were still standing. Jennings and Hess were trapped on level 8 north side of the building away from south side facing the twin towers. On the 8th level, they began to break out windows for fresh air. From outside, firefighters advised Jennings not to attempt to climb down to safety on a suspended fire hose. It wouldn’t hold him.[18]

Subsequently and after the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers, Jennings and Hess was rescued by firefighters that led them back down into the lobby. When they made it to the lobby, Mr. Jennings found it destroyed and littered with dead bodies. He said it looked like, “King Kong had came through it and stepped on it, (it was) so destroyed, I didn’t know where I was. So destroyed that they had to take me out through a hole in the wall, that I believe the fire department made to get me out.”[19]

Jennings boldly refuted and did not stand down and accept the official reason that the noises he heard were from a fuel oil tank, “I know what I heard, I heard explosions”. The explosions that Jennings experienced in World Trade Center Building 7 was most notably before the collapses of the twin towers.[20]"
Thank you for creating this small haven on the internet where members actually try to understand and follow evidence before forming opinions on it. Increasingly rare these days. Not to get too sappy but I've been on Facebook a lot lately where people don't even bother reading what you've said before regurgitating propaganda at you...
Thanks CplCam. I think most of the problem stems from that when most people first realize that the 'mainstream' establishment isn't their friend, they think that the mainstream has left them (and the seemingly idyllic 'culture' that our parents raised us in). Then they latch onto the first alternative ideas or two that seems plausible, and consider that this or that must be the path back to Eden, so to speak. But the problem with that is that a more thorough analysis leads one to that the 'mainstream' establishment has always been running on a separate agenda than most will allow for.

Now, with so many more people in different phases of awakening, it becomes increasingly difficult to find common ground, and we spend more and more time talking past each other and/or arguing.

One has to develop some kind of programmatic and patient approach to talking to people about what are really bedrock principles, before they'll consider getting on a new chapter, much less one's same page.
In researching my threads From Chrest to Christ and From Cleopatra to Christ I was led to the Wikipedia page of the so-called Mithras Liturgy, part of the Greek Magical Papyri. Its actual relationship to the Roman cult of Mithra is debated. In any case and FWIW, what I have highlighted below in red is apropos to my 9/11 blog post which asserts that the events of 9/11/2001 were performed as a ritual act, timed to the specific astronomical circumstances of the day, even down to the minute (thanks to the relative motion of the Moon):

The Mithras Liturgy shares several elements found widely in magic as practiced in the Greco-Roman world, which drew on or claimed the authority of Egyptian religion and magic. These include the preparation of amulets and ointments, the timing of rituals based on astronomical phenomena or horoscopes, and the manipulation of breath and speech. ...

In my Chrest to Christ research I developed that Christ, as a singular savior, supplanted the prior Homeric twin saviors, Castor and Pollux. And that these 'Gemini' twins were introduced (along with divine sister Helen) as part of the then New Age construct in the wake of the end of the Bronze Age, demarcated by the legendary Trojan War, and its denoumant with the ... Trojan Horse.

I also speculated that the two crucified criminals straddling Jesus on depictions of the Gospel Cruci-fiction are meant to cryptically represent Castor and Pollox, known in some accounts as cattle thieves in their post Argonaut phase. In some depictions the thieves are facing rearward, which evokes an Alpha and Omega sensibility, like the two-faced god Janus. Janus simultaneously looks forward and rearward, but is he just symbolically reflecting on his (transitional) place in time?


Similarly, in the blog post I used the imagery of the 3 columns of the Temple of Castor and Pollux in Rome. As such, I've wondered why there are three columns for two individuals. With other typological divine twins, they are indeed symbolized by two pillars, not three.

Duh!!! From my own thesis, we have to consider in this specific case that their father, Jupiter (the actual planet) aka Zeus, was dead set in between the twins (the actual constellation) on 9/11. In the 'myth' account of the twins killing [sic] by their twin cousins, it is said that Zeus was watching overhead in the heavens.

And in this regard, it was said that that kooky Nero liked to pose as a statue of Zeus-Jupiter standing between two columns or statues(?) that represented Castor and Pollux.

Nothing to see here folks, just more coincidences.