Access to Americans' Dollars is Funding Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

Richard Stanley

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Shocking?!!! Not so much, considering the past history of Western funding of the USSR and Nazi Germany.

In any case, as this interview discusses, the Trump administration will have to decide whether it wants to let the $558 billion federal TSP system allow sanctioned Chinese and Russian companies to access their member's retirement funds or not. As the interview discusses, the Chinese have taken advantage of the lax Neoliberal oversight of the last 20 years or so gain access to trillions of American investment dollars (which are otherwise not invested in the USA).

The point is raised that trade is no so much the important issue, but rather easy access to these investment funds. So, why is trade agreement renegotiation being given so much attention over this issue?

Roger Robinson was apparently the chief architect of the economic plan that collapsed the USSR under Reagan. As such, Robinson extols the virtues of Reagan, but ironically it was Reagan that opened the floodgates to international free trade, under the guise of his new found (l)ibertarian bona fides. And thus the whoosh of jobs was begun ... long before H. Ross Perot complained about Clinton's NAFTA.

Will Trump decide to clamp down of this TSP business? Well, he (and the Dems to be fair) hasn't done anything to control Chinese and Russian access to yet another $3 trillion in USA investment dollars. As Robinson states, sanctions only apply to trade, not to access to investment dollars. As such, I predict Trump will find a way to punt on this. As Robinson also said, under Reagan, at least, such consideration about the TSP controversy would be a summary nonstarter for approval.