Abby Martin and "911 Truth"

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Abby Martin is most famous for having criticized the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014, live on the air on the Russian state-owned television network, RT. She subsequently resigned from RT rather than accept their invitation to send her to report on location from Crimea.

In the media hubbub about this event, Martin was called on the carpet as a 911 Truther. Her critics focused on this brief interview of Martin at a protest event in Santa Monica in Oct. 2008. Her comments are mostly about demolition of the towers, especially building 7.

I found another relevant video posted August 2013. Abby Martin attacks Rachel Maddow for saying that the Boston Marathon bombing was inspired by 911 conspiracy theories. Maddow praises the 911 commission report as well as a comic book version of the same, and argues that conspiracy theories always lead to violence.

Martin accuses Maddow of character assassination against “the counless millions of people around the world who are unsatisfied with what the government told us happened and why.” She raises the issue of the many intelligence warnings that were issued in the months leading up to 911, and concludes by saying “letting 911 happen is making it happen.”

But, Martin released this statement in answer to criticism she received at the time of her Crimea adventure on RT:

"I stand by the fact that we were lied to about 9/11, which even the commission members themselves agree with. However I don't believe it was an inside job and it's embarrassing to see people call themselves journalists using a six year old video to smear me and conflate statements I made at a rally with my risking my job to speak out about Crimea.”

At about the same time she posted another statement at 911 blogger, with a different slant:

I just wanted to write a note considering the recent hack smear campaign against me for my radical roots in this movement. I stand by my grassroots activism and will never apologize for my past, which has gotten me to where I am today.

Unfortunately, publications like the NYT, Raw Story and Mediate turned the story into the fact that I was a "lunatic" because I dared to question 9/11, the event used to get us into the never ending War on Terror. They embedded an angst ridden video of me at a rally during college making comments that I do not stand by today.

I also gave a statement in response that I do not think the attacks were an "inside job." The language here is used as a discrediting factor, and it's irresponsible to assert such an unknowable claim. I distanced myself from that language years ago.

However I maintain the fact we were lied to, as do many victims' family members, government officials, commission members and world citizens. And as all of you know, I have never strayed from calling out the many inconsistencies in the official story as well as the cover up, and I will continue to do so on my platform, wherever that may be.

A "truther" on this issue is nothing to be ashamed of.

Keep Fighting,

A more recent statement on 911 is found here —

In this Jon Gold interview, Abby says that the “inside job” term is damaging and marginalizing, but also that “I think multiple governments might have been involved, so how could you say it was an inside job?”

This is really close to our position: not just the Bush administration, but also the Israelis and the Saudis and the Vatican, at a minimum.

In the Gold interview, Abby talks about harm to her reputation by having affiliated with unsavory characters like some salesman who was taking money for T-shirts and claiming he would send it to first responders, but then keeping the funds for himself. She also complains about Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley. Of course we have our own complaints about Jones and Tarpley. But she is most vitriolic with her attacks on other 911 activists, those who still say (for example) that Israelis were involved, or that Building 7 was demolished, as "idiot assholes."

Overall, it’s hard to believe that her new views are much more likely to get her hired at MSNBC.

Her current slogan is "we were lied to about 911". That's pretty non-specific, but doesn't it imply (1) that false statements were made intentionally and by design; (2) that we know what the truth is, otherwise how would we know which statements were false?
Maybe she is merely implying 9/11 was an "Inside/Out Job"?

After our brief discussion with her, I sent her the following excerpt from my post on how the Russian oligarch owners of her former employer, RT, think about women in the workplace (presumably in the news studios as well). I got no reply. Well, she's a busy woman.

The following excerpts are from a long article on Putin's Russia and its relationship to The Russian Orthodox Church and its emphasis on apocalyptic End Times. With Putin giving the launch orders for a nuclear war exercise recently.

The article opens focusing on their perceived Satanic cultural degradation of the West, and that ironically Russia's long struggle against Soviet Communism fortunately distracted them from such, and now the Orthodox Church has filled the vacuum once more.

It also remarks on the Russians' disdain for such as the recent American "politically correct" concern over the abusive treatment of women in the workplace, as: "In Moscow, this looks like madness, punishing powerful men for doing what powerful men have always done. Their [Russian -rs] late-night TV uses our
[American - rs] sex panic as a punchline, proof that Americans are weak and feminized, held hostage to radical ideology." ...

I wonder if Abby went to the same Bay area schools as our old Truther friend, Rasputina, aka "Vic", Victoria Ashley? Abby also summarily dismisses "Globalism" as an agitant (apparently as a means of marginalizing the concerns of nationalists, both legitimate and not so), while interestingly admitting that she is a globalist herself. I can be OK with being a (fair trading) globalist myself, just not in favor of those 'always' driving the bus. But this doesn't mean that I would also deny that the forces of Globalism are indeed greedily creating the tensions in the first place, and then the backlash.

This modus operandi (as with many others) appears much like the recent books describing the Apostle Paul's behaviors as a typical Roman military counter-intelligence officer, a double-agent. General Flynn appeared on RT several times as well, and he was even the head spook of the DIA. There is a claim (I have not confirmed yet) that the real reason that he got fired by Obama was that he spilled the beans on that the USA was running the Sunni terrorists. Pretty curious, considering that there is no way that he could have been placed in that office not having known that going in.

But maybe, in this case, Abby Martin is just another "better than though" 'blind' being led by ...
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In regards to my just prior post above, I forgot to mention that there is a Wikipedia comment / claim that Abby appeared to be reading her final statement on RT, criticizing Russia for Crimea, as if she was using a teleprompter. If true, meaning that the statement was scripted and approved by the network. And if true, then this can only imply that the statement was intended to establish fake trust within her target audience, and/or allowing RT to claim that they have significant independence from the oligarchs. The ones that believe that 'powerful men should do what powerful men have always done'.

Even before I developed the notion that we are currently witnessing the unfolding 'revelation' of a repeated script for a respective 'new order', I had considered it likely that the USA 'empire' would sooner or later need to be 'terminated' in one fashion or another. In my "repeating script" schema, this indeed is mandatory as the analogue to imperial Rome. Nothing of real significance really changed then, rather just superficial appearances. This, as the 'corporate' emperor-ship merely transferred to the papacy, both having the office of Pontifex Maximus (chief bridge builder). Building bridges through the front door or the back door, but always for a tidy profit.

I'm guessing that hundreds of years from now, Abby will become a canonized saint in the new religion of the New Order, the new layer of religion delivered to us by such as Space Jesus, or perhaps Space Jesusa. As I stated in our last words to her, "Welcome to Rome 5.0".

Furthermore, in support of Abby's too-nuanced position, Jon Gold made the incredible claim that 9/11 should be contextualized as just another 'crime' (I forget his exact adjectives), meaning that we should ignore the possible implications of an 'inside' job (or even an Inside/Out Job), especially any possible associated geopolitical significance. Apparently Machiavellian / Sun Tsu-esque geopolitics doesn't ever exist, at least for the considerations of the hoi polloi. As in: powerful men should do what powerful men have always done ... and we should ignore or look the other way.
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Abby Martin's Empire Files is forced to shut down due to US sanctions against Venezuela:

Recent sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the Trump administration have forced the Empire Files program, hosted by American investigative journalist Abby Martin, to shut down. The decision to officially announce the show’s end came after blocks on wire transfers originating in Venezuela and sent to the U.S. were recently imposed, thereby cutting off the show’s primary source of funding. Issues with funding caused by the U.S.’ Venezuela policy had, however, been a problem for some time, leading Martin and her staff to halt production in late May. While Martin and her team had hoped conditions would improve, the recent sanctions make that such a distant possibility that the decision to shut down the show was made on Wednesday.

Empire Files, which produces investigative journalism “from inside history’s biggest empire,” is funded by a contract with the teleSUR network, which receives the majority of its funding from Venezuela but is also funded by the states of Bolivia, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Cuba.

According to a statement posted on Media Roots, wire transfers to the U.S. — not just from Venezuela, but from all other countries that fund teleSUR — have been severed. This suggests that the U.S. government is not only seeking to punish the Venezuelan government with its increasingly draconian sanctions, but is seeking as well to cripple the teleSUR media network, despite the fact that it is funded by several other countries. Indeed, other U.S.-located journalists contracted by teleSUR, along with the Empire Files team, have also come under financial attack. ...
Abby Martin's Empire Files is forced to shut down due to US sanctions against Venezuela:

Since that article was posted on Aug. 23, The Empire Files has raised $50,000 on GoFundMe and signed up 544 supporters on Patreon, and Abby says they're moving forward. With Abby getting her funding from private individuals rather than foreign governments, maybe now we'll get a straight answer about her views on 9/11? Or maybe the US will need to intensify its efforts to get her and other voices of relative sanity, off the Internet.

As to Abby's prior association with RT, at least, (and which I consider a white-washed propaganda front for the fascist/feudal Putin mob) the following excerpt is the conclusion of an interview with author Douglas Valentine (The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World (Clarity Press, January 15, 2017) where they discuss the Vietnam era Phoenix program and how it became the basis for the post-9/11 DHS, and that Operation Jade Helm is related to all this, as in implementing a domestic counterintelligence program (apparently since they missed the days of Cointelpro).

As such, the excerpt discusses the potential corrupting influence of funding sources for the media. And, I am NOT using this to insinuate anything about Abby with this, only that the topic of funding and the aparrent shading of 9/11 was at issue before. I should probable make a separate post on this topic.

TRACY: There is almost a complete blackout of Jade Helm in the mainstream media. It is only getting coverage and discussion and analysis in the alternative media.

DOUG: Yes. Jade Helm was a military training exercise in Texas, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Utah. Military and local officials set up Phoenix-style coordination centers, as a way of giving Special Operations and “Civil Affairs” personnel experience working with para-militarized police forces in what was called a realistic “war experience” in domestic counter-insurgency operations. The media blackout was an essential part of the plan. The censorship was symbolic of how, as a function of the concentration of capital, the communications/media industry has been centralized and is now part of the political warfare apparatus. The media industry has been reduced to a few huge corporations that control most of the outlets. Control of information has become the key to the oligarchy’s success. Very few independent news organizations are able to compete with the giants, or get information out across the country, so people really have to search for facts on the Internet.

TRACY: Even some of the alternative progressive left media that were good twenty or so years ago are increasingly dependent upon foundation money that comes with strings attached, and they’re not as inclined to push the envelope as I think they once were.

DOUG: Sure. As a person who is interested in how the CIA uses language and mythology to control political and social movements, I see this development as ominous. People like Glenn Greenwald who take money from billionaires insist it has no editorial influence on them. But media people who are taking money from billionaires and CIA-connected foundations must realize that their sugar daddies can sink their operations in a moment because of something they write, and that knowledge surely impacts what they are willing to do and say.

Taking money from a billionaire also has tremendous symbolic meaning. It means the person taking the money approves of one person having eight billion dollars when three billion people barely survive. Through their example, celebrity media figures like Greenwald are telling their followers that they support the exploitation and imperialism their benefactors engage in.

As all advertising people know, symbolic messages don’t have to be articulated, they’re understood subliminally. Greenwald’s followers like it that way. It means they don’t have to consciously confront their tacit support for an unjust system. That self-censorship allows celebrity journalists like Greenwald and his sidekick Jeremy Scahill to promote themselves as heroic adversaries of the system. And they’ll continue to get away with the double game until their followers start challenging their own basic assumptions. The system will never change until people climb out of their comfortable darkness and start rejecting the system’s inequalities, instead of just feeding off of them.