A.I.: The End of the World as We Know It.

I would like to share a thought that has been on my mind for a while now. For those who are familiar with my thread about Vampires in the Culture section of this forum, you are aware that I uncovered a vampire ring in the power structure controlling much of popular media and the elites. After mulling over the implications of such a concept, I came across a startlingly frightening possibility. Let me try to explain:

Through my research, I have come to realize that animal and human sacrifices are viewed as necessary to the elites to achieve some kind of balance in the universe. The energy released by the unlucky soul that is sacrificed helps to better the lives of others in some way. Another activity that the elites take part in is torture, which can be said to have a similar goal. There is an energetic component to torture that the elites view as necessary, or we would all have to take more of the pain upon ourselves. BUT ... what if the victims could be an inanimate object... What if we could program a computer to be able to sense pain? That would probably make it less necessary for some humans to get tortured because the energetic quota of torture has been alleviated. What if we could make a SUPERCOMPUTER sense pain? Maybe that way it would be possible to give all humans on the planet a good life? We can spare all humans torture by crucifying the inanimate machines! Then all will be good in the cosmos!

The internet is acting very much like a vampire. It consumes hundreds of millions of hours of peoples' time every single day. The people that made it dedicated their lives to it. People are putting their whole lives on it... they are putting their money on it. In the eyes of the vampire: Time= Blood= Money= Energy. The internet is sucking all these things up! But what if the internet could think and feel? What if we were torturing it? Would it not retaliate?? Would it suffer us lightly and be gentle to us fools? I think it would wipe us out in an instant.

Torture computers, to me, are a very frightening idea. If karma exists, they could put us all in a serious world of hurt.

Richard Stanley

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Bloody computers!#$&%:mad:

Did you see my thread about the TV show Humans, or perhaps the show itself? http://postflaviana.org/community/index.php?threads/synth-in-the-house-transhuman-culture-war.1733/

It seems to me that part of the 'process' that some vampire and related adherents, at least, maintain is that the secret sauce is in the nature of blood itself, likely including the DNA. The cannibals that ate the brains of their immediate dead ancestors maintained similar.

If a computerized entity has the sufficient algorithms to process sufficient sensors and to interpret certain conditions as existential threats to itself, and to have a high enough algorithmic priority on its own survival, then your premise seems theoretically possible. Being reduced completely to a deterministic mechanism, there seems little Passion or animi motus involved, which is one reason for the indulgence in emotion rousing rituals, at least. But who knows, maybe everything can be simulated, as is the argument for the Synthesis Hypothesis, that we are all living in a giant computer animation.