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I just read the news on Facebook's Pilots for 9/11 Truth page.
Rob Balsamo has died.
Apparently he was in hospital attended by some family and a friend when he died from hepatic and renal failure due to alcoholism.

There are many tributes there for him, the man who did such great work on the alleged hijacked 9/11 planes.

I was a big admirer of all Rob Balsamo did, but he was less admiring of me, indeed he treated me with great suspicion, hostility and rudeness. What a shame. It's not as though he ever solved anything with his open-ended, non-committal research, in fact he shied away from making solid statements. I tried to show him a few clues he and CIT had missed, which would have advanced the investigation, but he didn't want to know. I was sent to the naughty corner for my insolence, and never got the opportunity to personally discuss any of this evidence with him, which I would have liked to do.

Rob Balsamo. A loss, an enigma.
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Ruby Gray

If this was the case there would have been zero passengers or cargo, and a minimal fuel load, making decellerating even easier. Also, in normal situations, 'approved' runways are provided a wide cushion of safety margin in regards to length, which can be discounted in such a scenario.
Yes, interesting.
But is the report not anachronous?

Is this the passage to which you refer?

Arlington County After Action Report
page 28
"Meanwhile, at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Fire Department at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Captain Michael Defina was investigating an incident at Terminal B when he heard the impact and saw the smoke rising in the distance. He called Fire Communications and was advised of a report of a Boeing 757 crash off the end of Runway 1-19. That was quickly amended, identifying the Pentagon as the crash site.

Seems that the incident at Terminal B was being investigated prior to the explosion occuring at the Pentagon.
In that case, the plane landing at Reagan National is not ruled out, but it would have been the subject of a different comment.

Something that has puzzled me for years, is the fact that another aircraft entirely played such an integral part in the proceedings at the Pentagon on 9/11, yet it has never previously been identified.

Several eyewitnesses referred to it, and it was even the subject of an official interview, but the information was corrupted and suppressed.

DARYL DONLEY, who captured the opportune photograph of the secondary explosion about 4 - 5 minutes post impact, stated that this aircraft was the first thing he saw.

"SKARLET", the enigmatic anonymous blogger who could not convince herself that the plane did not swoop up at the last second to fly over the building, also stated that she saw this aircraft first - in fact, she saw more than one of them.

Various others made references to this aircraft having been what in fact exploded on the helipad, or crashed into the flying plane, or some curious permutation which implies that many people did see something real, which they could only describe in terms that seemed so unreal as to discredit their testimony.

Inexplicably, the reports of this aircraft were never followed through to a satisfactory conclusion (although several questioned it, such as Shoestring), when in fact it is the unsolved mystery of that day. Knowing what this aircraft was, and what it is capable of, and untangling the many references to it, makes sense of many cryptic eyewitness testimonies and events.

Numerous videos taken that morning show this aircraft. It was hidden in plain sight, something that every regular commuter would expect to see as he was driving along Washington Boulevard beside the Pentagon Helipad. Because it was decked out in military livery, it was deemed to be not merely harmless, but protective.

That was not the case.

ERICA LUSK was a photography student east of the Potomac that morning, whose class was interrupted by the news of the explosion at the Pentagon. The students were encouraged to head out and start recording their own historical images.

Within a few minutes, Lusk had taken this photograph.

Some time later, BOB PUGH took this photograph which may or may not be the identical craft, but it is at least the same model.


The Sikorsky Superstallion CH-53 helicopter is the second-most expensive helicopter in the world. The US Marines has long maintained a fleet of hundreds of them, their predecessors and descendants. It is the largest and heaviest helicopter in the US military, with current models boasting a payload of over 15 tons within and without its cavernous cabin.

An eyewitness quote which sticks in my memory but cannot now be found, was

"The helicopter looked important enough".

Although eyewitness reports of this helicopter were sanitised and conflated with the dinky little blue and white Park Police Huey rescue helicopters which appeared to ferry victims to hospiptals within about 15 minutes of impact, there is no similarity between them. The Sikorsky Superstallion is a supremely powerful, highly technologically advanced, heavily armed helicopter, capable of facilitating whatever was done in many of the anomalous eyewitness testimonies. Lateral thinking here suggests many possibilities that have never been proposed in the 19 years of research and investigation. Riddles can be solved by factoring in the characteristics of this mighty vehicle.

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Yes, interesting.
But is the report not anachronous?

Is this the passage to which you refer?

Arlington County After Action Report
page 28
"Meanwhile, at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Fire Department at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Captain Michael Defina was investigating an incident at Terminal B when he heard the impact and saw the smoke rising in the distance. He called Fire Communications and was advised of a report of a Boeing 757 crash off the end of Runway 1-19. That was quickly amended, identifying the Pentagon as the crash site.
It is not anachronous in my opinion. In fact, the timing of the report of the 757 crash is tied closely to the Pentagon explosion. How can it be an anachronism then?

Who in the world would hear a big kaboom and think that a plane, a 757 specifically, crashed on a runway when the real event, supposedly, was on the far side of a big building? More likely the plane had a problem with the difficult landing and some 'innocent' person called it in to the MWAA. The MWAA had to log a report of the call. This report got redacted, as happened to the Bible a lot of times (for the same general reasons), and now it says that the person couldn't tell where the incident he or she saw really happened. This is generally what police do everyday with their reports.

If one presumes that FAA personnel were intimately involved with various aspects of 9/11 then all traces of a mystery plane landing could be made by them. They would have no control over the Arlington County personnel, and how this 'report' of a runway crash survived into the report is passing strange, unless it is just one of those frequent aspects that one finds in these matters. Frustrating clues to the awake that the perps are saying they have impunity.

Ruby Gray

Further to the information on the little-known Myrlin Wimbish published in 2011, I found an article in the Washington Times dated 13 September 2001, which mentions him, though it contains very little detail. His name is misspelled, which may explain why this did not show up previously.

Heroism finds its way through rubble

By - The Washington Times - Thursday, September 13, 2001

Virginia State Trooper Merlin Wimbish was driving by the Pentagon on patrol when he heard the explosion.
He was among the first to see an image now etched in the national consciousness: A commercial airplane in the control of terrorists had crashed into the west side of the Pentagon.

At the scene, he met Trooper Mike Middleton. Trooper Middleton had been in his car doing paperwork at the department's Arlington office on Columbia Pike, less than a half-mile from the Pentagon.

Rescue vehicles had not arrived, and people were trapped inside. The troopers went into the burning building.
Trooper Wimbish said the interior was pitch dark, and they were in water up to their knees. The troopers held on to each other to keep from becoming separated. Every door they tried was locked.

Suddenly, Trooper Wimbish was alone. He continued his search for survivors in vain.
The next time he saw Trooper Middleton, his comrade was unconscious outside on a triage table. He had succumbed to the smoke.

"He's really affected by it," said Virginia State Police spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell, who spoke with Trooper Wimbish yesterday. "He said it's very hard to get it off your mind. Just like everyone else out there, you keep thinking about it."

Trooper Middleton was transported to Inova Alexandria Hospital, where he remained in critical condition last night. Mrs. Caldwell said he is expected to recover.
Trooper Wimbish stayed on the scene, delivering water to rescue workers, checking identification — anything he could do to help.
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Ruby Gray

Some years ago, Aldo Marquis and Craig Ranke as the Citizen Investigation Team, went to Arlington, Virginia several times, looking for eyewitnesses to the Pentagon 9/11 plane. Their missions were extremely successful. They interviewed many witnesses, both those already well known, and others who had never been quoted previously.
The testimony of these eyewitnesses was unanimous : NONE of them saw the plane flying on the official trajectory, diagonally across Route 27 over the Columbia Pike overpass bridge on a direct line with the entry hole in E Ring and the alleged exit hole in C Ring.
CIT just could not find anyone who would corroborate that official flightpath which has now been literally cast in stone since the southwestern Pentagon lawn was paved over with rows of memorial seats marking the alleged flightpath for posterity.
When it is pointed out that there are NO WITNESSES for the government story, there is much vituperative invective cast upon the messenger, but never has a single credible eyewitness been produced who will swear that the plane flew across that overpass bridge.
Unfortunately, CIT missed out on including many eyewitness testimonies in their impressive list. I have found many more witnesses who support the North-of-Citgo flightpath.
The best place to begin looking is on top of the overpass.
If people were there when the plane crossed Route 27, then they must have had the very best view of a plane passing about 20 feet AGL, almost over their heads, IF the government version is true.
Here is a screenshot from an amateur video shot by a tourist whom I know only as "Camera Guy", who happened to be stopped in traffic on that section of the highway with his wife and small son. He began filming within about 2 minutes of the explosion, and his video shows his 360 degree view from there.
Very soon, he was approached by APTN reporter EUGENIO HERNANDEZ, trying to borrow the camera.
They are both heard discussing what they witnessed, in real time.
Nobody can complain that this eyewitness testimony is clouded by poor memory, embellishment, misquoting by overzealous reporters, or the passage of time.
The fact is that neither of these men saw the plane flying across the bridge.
Camera Guy Was not even sure that he saw a plane, which means it must have been far away to the north of the bridge.


Ruby Gray

Here is the official trajectory of the Pentagon Plane.
Camera Guy's car was in the left northbound lane, about where the "S" is.

Had the plane's right wing tip passed so close to him, he could have been in no doubt about what he saw.

But he only THOUGHT he may have seen a plane.


Ruby Gray

This image shows the relative positions of many eyewitnesses to the Pentagon event.
Their accounts are all at odds with the Official Story.
None of them saw the plane on the Official Flightpath.
Most of them saw the plane flying on the North-of-Citgo Flightpath.
Some of them, it can be logically deduced, saw the plane after it flew over the Pentagon.

Click on the image to view it in larger format.


Ruby Gray

Citizen Investigation Team made a video deriding the idea that many employees of the USA TODAY based in a building in Rosslyn, 2 miles north of the Pentagon, could have been driving along Route 27 on their way to work after 9:30 on the morning of 9/11/2001. This video is called "The USA TODAY Parade".

One of the USA TODAY editors who had claimed to be on the overpass bridge was JOEL SUCHERMAN.
CIT disbelieved him, largely because he had once mistakenly said he was on "Route 110" which is the highway on the east side of the Pentagon, and because his colleague VIN NARAYANAN had said that he was "on the other side of the Pentagon" from Sucherman.

But the amateur video taken from on top of the bridge, shows several minutes of Joel Sucherman there, in and out of his car, from about 3 minutes post explosion.

Joel Sucherman imagined that he had witnessed the plane hitting the Pentagon, but all he really saw was the approaching plane on the North-of-Citgo Flightpath, and the subsequent fireball and smoke plume rising from the Pentagon wall obscured from his field of vision behind the trees to his right. Sucherman could indeed see the Pentagon wall on his right side as he claimed - but this was only the southern wall, not the western wall facing Route 27.