911 Pentagon

I had forgotten about this graphic I made years ago, which delineates the fields of view of 4 different video cameras.

The amateur footage from north of the Heliport
The amateur foitage from the bridge
The FOX5NEWS live TV report
The Residence Inn CCTV.

I don't remember if I linked this inside the "JWD Comments" PDF compilation. But this is one piece of evidence JWD cites for his "right-to-left" bank maneuver:



Mike Chappell, 31
Deputy chief of staff
Rep. Charles 'Chip' Pickering, R-Miss.

We live in Springfield, Virginia, and I was cruising into town and listening to a radio station, and they were getting reports a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.

About 9:30, I was in the left-hand lane of the HOV, kind of looking down on the Pentagon. I was looking at the roof, wondering if I would see guys on the roof with binoculars, just looking. I didn't see anybody up there, so I just kept cruising along.

The Pentagon was on my left, and I saw this plane. I heard it, and it scared the piss out of me. It was so loud and throttled-up.

I saw it come over the road, and it was like parallel. I could see the windows go by. Some of the shades were down, others were open. And it was close enough that it felt like if there were people in there, I would have seen faces, but I couldn't see anything.

You could tell how the pilot, he really kind of maneuvered the plane.
The plane kind of banked side to side. He got over the parking lot and he just dipped it down. and you could visibly see the plane dive. It went below the highway and I couldn't see the actual impact, but the explosion was just massive and the fireball just towered over the Pentagon another 100 feet. You could feel the heat from the blast. The smell and the heat just came all over you.

In image:


Thoughts? Chappell mentions the Pentagon was on his left, so he must've been north of CITGO like Lloyde? I underlined some parts which were interesting, like how he couldn't see the actual plane impact, and his location.
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I don't remember if I linked this inside the "JWD Comments" PDF compilation. But this is one piece of evidence JWD cites for his "right-to-left" bank maneuver:

In image:

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Thoughts? Chappell mentions the Pentagon was on his left, so he must've been north of CITGO like Lloyde? I underlined some parts which were interesting, like how he couldn't see the actual plane impact, and his location.
Just a quick note before I head out.

I think he must have been travelling west to east on I-395, which explains his "looking down on the Pentagon roof" and "plane flying parallel" remarks.

CIT made some very helpful videos showing them driving the various highways around the Pentagon, so we can see what all those motorists could see. There are 3 in the series.

I think this is the one showing where Chappell would have been driving.

I remember reading about Penny Elgas seeing a Capital Cab with a large lightpole "laying across the hood" when she was up on the bridge. As we know, Lloyde's pole was inside the car, not laying across the hood. What PENNY ELGAS saw was probably the DECOY CAB. But she also said she "saw things that didn't make sense." I'm thinking, did she possibly see the decoy cab speed off the bridge, only to be replaced by a tow-truck unloading the real damaged taxi-cab, rather than towing it away? I'm sure that would have confused her. I wonder if she also saw the light poles being laid down beside the damaged taxi-cab for that staged photo shoot.
I remember reading about Penny Elgas seeing a Capital Cab with a large lightpole "laying across the hood" when she was up on the bridge.
Can you find a reference for that?
Over the years I've seen many similar comments about Elgas and the taxi.
But I have never found any direct testimony from her about having seen it.

The only person from whom I've ever seen a first person testimony about seeing the cab and pole laying on top of the cab, is Yvette Buzard, in the downloadable book Then Came The Fire.
She features in the video taken from the bridge. Comparing the lady on that with her FB profile, I'm fairly certain it was her.
I thought I read it in your AboveTopSecret posts or Unexplained Mysteries posts. I will try to find it later, but it was interesting. BTW, I made compilations of both. There are still more ATS pages to archive (long thread), but there's lots of information. pp. 34, 67, 132, 139-41, 168 of "Unexplained_Mysteries" are interesting to me because you reconstruct the timeline with the tow-truck delivering the cab to the bridge, etc.


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This is I think, Yvette Buzard, walking about talking to people, on top of the bridge.
So she was in an ideal situation to have seen the taxi with the pole, diagonally across the highway.
She went to the Jeep in front and spoke with the driver, who was Eugenio Hernandez.
He is the journalist who later borrowed this video camera, twice, and ran down to take footage close to the Pentagon. It was on international TV news that afternoon.
The FBI came to his house that evening to confiscate the footage.
I contacted him, and he said he is happy to talk with me about his experience, but I haven't called him yet.


Yvette's FB picture. A good match.

... BTW, I made compilations of both. There are still more ATS pages to archive (long thread), but there's lots of information. pp. 34, 67, 132, 139-41, 168 of "Unexplained_Mysteries" are interesting to me because you reconstruct the timeline with the tow-truck delivering the cab to the bridge, etc.
Youre amazing! Thanks for doing this.
I've never seen a "cement truck" in the imagery of 9/11.
There was however, a large septic tank pumping truck at that location near the bridge.

She, like so many others, confused the names of the highways around the Pentagon.
I found this comment posted on one of lyletrip's videos:


4 years ago
This view from the Fox 5 camera @ 4:30 to 5:00 min post alleged crash of flight 77 into the Pentagon seems to be from a fixed pre placed elevated position. (Permanent mount) Like many 24/7 operational fixed cameras used by news outlets to showcase nice views daily / nightly on their channels. Why didn't this live camera capture the event in it's entirety as flight 77 struck the Pentagon? The view is at a perfect angle to view it from left to right. By the way the bulk of the black smoke is coming from a dumpster outside of the building. It appears to be a fuel fire, probably diesel.

I think this is a good question. I believe you've shown that the FOX5 camera captured the cab being moved from its initial location beside the cemetery wall. Could the 24/7 running camera have captured the northside approach of the fly-over jet? Hmm...

I also came across an older comment you posted on CIT's forums:

Hi there,
I wonder whether you recognise the vehicle in one of these FBI photos?
That is, "9-11 Pentagon Exterior 09".
There are several other photos and some video footage which also show it on 9/11.

In fact, this is the same vehicle as depicted on the 2 photos given to Craig & Aldo by Lloyde England's acquaintance, "Mike", which so unimpressed you guys.

This vehicle, or its clone, was facing the wrong way on the Southbound lanes behind Lloyde's cab.
2 guys dressed in civvies were manning this vehicle with its official logo on the sides. Perhaps you know which department this was from?
One of them was standing on the tow-bar at the back, with its double doors open wide, waiting for the other guy who was hopping over the median divider, carrying something which looked large and heavy and brown, e.g. a big tarp?? which may have been hiding some object on the top or the other side of this wall.
The timing of these photos can be ascertained by the shape of the billowing smoke clouds in Mike's photos, and matching them against Jason Ingersoll's time-stamped photos.
Therefore, Mike's 2 photos were taken while Ingersoll was walking down from the Navy Annex.

Notice that Lloyde is nowhere to be seen as yet. He had not yet been transported to the Bridge site.

In Jason Ingersoll's long-distance photos, Lloyde can actually be seen, standing in the Northbound lanes on the North side of the bridge, before he appears next to the Jeep, several minutes later.

In Mike's photo # 2, the second guy drops a black thing behind him. This can be seen in later photos of this scene, but not previously. That is another chronological clue to the staging of this scene.

What a shame Mike was not interviewed! He said he had taken "about half a dozen or so" photos, but only gave you 2 of them.
What did the other "4 or so" photos reveal?

This can only be the pictorial evidence of the stage being set up for the cab-on-bridge photos which "proved" the OCT and the fake AA77 flight path.

It's making me wonder about some things – namely, who "Mike" was. Lloyde just called him Mike. I don't know if Lloyde knew his full name, maybe they were just acquaintances. But like, didn't Mike move into Lloyde's neighborhood shortly before 9/11? And he took several photos of the pole-cab-bridge scene being staged as it happened? Who is this guy, y'know? lol. I marked the parts in bold you wrote, which were very intriguing to me. Why did "Mike" only give CIT 2 photos, when he claimed to have several more? Why didn't CIT follow up on this? Is it because they didn't consider him "credible" due to his slight association with Lloyde?

JWD responded a few months later to your post. He wrote:

https://www.infowars.com/wp-content/upl ... ior-09.jpg

-is a fire department vehicle. could be a utility truck with tools, or a battalion chief's vehicle. i dont recall seeing it near the cab at any point. please post a pic to show the vehicle you are refering to.

Mike's photos for reference, are:


The "9-11-Pentagon-Exterior-09.jpg" image you were asking about in the above post I quoted, is here:

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So tdc8795 is Taylor? I don't know whether that camera was always trained on the Pentagon, but it certainly was after the explosion, like so many others. It sure wouod be interesting to know!

The Residence Inn CCTV was normally focused on their front entrance, but within seconds, someone had aimed it at the Pentagon. So that is the first video we have of it. Unfortunately it jumps from one view to another constantly, so it can be hard to follow any particular event through, but it does show us lots of things, like the arrival and departure of that White Van that CIT denied the existence of.

Since the very early days, as I progressively found much more evidence, I've rescinded my thoughts about those photos of Mike's.
The amateur bridge video does show a fleeting view of Lloyde's taxi, after the traffic had been cleared, after Ingersoll's photos had been taken.

The Fire Dept vehicle is not there at that time, but it does seem that Lloyde is standing near the cab, with a guy who I presume must be Mike, taking photos. It's a long shot and blurry, but I enlarged the frames and that was what it seemed like.
So i think that vehicle must have been sent out to collect debris from the highway, which may be a better explanation for the brown sack or whatever.

The same vehicle is seen at some point on the lawn. Most other vehicles of that type have a rear door that opens upwards, but this has doors that swing to the sides.

So whatever shape the constantly changing smoke plume looked like, I now think Mike's photos were taken after Ingersoll had finished his, not during the setup.

I'm pretty sure this guy is Mike, at 9:55 a.m. according to Ingersoll's time stamped series. He also appears on the amateur video, down on the lawn.


Mike on The Eye of the Storm :


Mike on the lawn?? At 09:14 in the bridge video, just before the E Ring collapsed.

Two frames in the bottom left side corner with tentative I.D. of Mike, Lloyde, and two of the 3 officials who were supervising the taxi scene.

This is 05:03 on the bridge video.


I can't tell whether the white Fire Dept car and the brown Jeep are here, and I can't see the silver sedan. They were the vehicles driven by the 3 supervisors.

But the video pans round to the left, and catches a view of a red Suzuki parked south of the bridge.


This is the same vehicle seen on an Ingersoll photo time stamped 9:54 a.m.
It is out of shot on his later photos, so I cannot tell how long it remained there.

Lloyde did not know Mike prior to 9/11.
Mike took photos of the cab then offered them to Lloyde.
Lloyde said, "He lives over here on 17th St."

Remember Shirley mentioned that the plane nearly hit her house that morning? Flew right over it.
I don't know why CIT didn't ask her for more details on that.
I don't know whether she and Lloyde were living in the same house then. They weren't married at that time.

But here is Lloyde's house, close by 17th St where Mike lived.
They were just west of the Army Navy Country Club.

If you recall, Sean Lansdowne called in to a TV station, one of the first to give his testimony after the explosion. He said he was inside at home, and the house started to shake. So he went outside, and saw a plane fly low over his house.

He (and his mother who also witnessed it) lived at 17th St and South Edgewood, right on the edge of the Country Club.
This is where Jamal el Kournayti points to, as where he saw the plane come from, in a CIT video.

So Mike lived on the same street as Lansdowne.

Turns out Lansdowne and JWD went to school and grew up together. They were great friends. But Lansdowne died a few years later. JWD wrote a lengthy post on the CIT forum about that.

There was another witness who lived on the next street south from Lansdowne. Dave, I think. CIT had interviewed him as he witnessed the plane fly just north of his house. They were going to put his testimony in their next video "Researchers Edition" which was never made.

Perhaps Mike was at home, witnessed the plane, and raced off to the Pentagon to see what had happened.
It sure would be good to know more of his story !

Perhaps you could do a reverse address lookup and see whether Mike still lives there? It's a short street. I used to be able to search for this information, but my country is now blocked from doing this.
You could search Google maps street view for the house on the opposite side of the road from Mike, in The Eye of the Storm.

tdc8795 is not JWD/Christopher Taylor, it was just an interesting comment I found.

Thank you for the Google Maps. I'll try looking up the address. :)
I'm trying to search CIT forums for that witness who testified the plane flying low over her building – shattering windows – and flying on towards Congress. But I can't find it anymore. I've tried searching "Sheffield", her name, etc. no results come up. But I found it so easily last time. And I found the name of the website too, tho it was offline. Bizarre.

EDIT: I found the thread, search feature on their forum sucks:

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Yes, it is hard to find what you're looking for on that outdated forum.
Is Tapatalk still a thing? I had an account there, and posted a couple of times, but then they closed posting for some reason.
However there is a wonderful collection of info and evidence that almost nobody knows about these days.