911 Pentagon

I've started a Word document re-creating the transcript. It won't be exactly like yours, but I'll try to get similar color-coding to what you have in the "Eye of the Storm" transcript, just so it looks nice :)
Page 15.

I think that's it.
Let me know if something is missing.
Thankyou for caring enough to do this!

Jeff Hill was a serial witness botherer and truth obfuscator, but his interview with Lloyde was perhaps his finest hour, and it deserves to be as well known as CIT's videos.

Lloyde also did a preliminary interview with Russell Pickering, before he met Aldo and Craig. That was when he sketched the pole in the cab.
Also when he stated that the mystery van was WHITE (which Ranke claimed he had never disclosed), which lane of the highway he was in (which is relevant to the skid marks on Steve Riskus's second photo), and that he swerved to avoid the other pIece of pole on the road.
But this was just written down by Pickering, I think, not recorded.
I remember reading some of that discussion. Good stuff. I need to revisit it. That's where I first learned that LLoyde's taxi company sent him on those two fares, probably part of the whole plot.

I found archived version of Riskus' website and downloaded the original photos. Can you tell me which one is the second photo in his series? You say that one shows the skid marks from Lloyde's cab as it screeched to a halt. I also found the photo with Riskus' arm resting on his car.

The files are numbered P10100XX.

Here's the download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/dxd9pm
I think this may be the tell-tale photo you're talking about? I can see skid-marks at the bottom of the image, and specks of shattered glass which illuminate somewhat. The photo resolution is very impressive for 2001.


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