9-11 2001 here is the who! not just the how.

Discussion in 'Nuclear fusion at the WTC?' started by lorenhough, Nov 8, 2017.

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    I'm not necessarily saying my theory of the 'how' of 9-11 is a proven fact. But if it is correct, it shows that Israel can't be the prime suspect. They didn't invent or control the technology.
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    have heard of any of Chris before I had not ...????
    Jerry he says they are a part of. It just a part of it that we know of
    Dancing, pic on truck and no Jews in world trade building on that day (2000 0f them) who had the lease a Jew mmmmm ?
    Who where art students with what looks like bomb stuff etc. Jews
    Was 9-11 good for Israel? Is that not all true and much more ..
    I tabled with carol the mother of 9-11 my good friend before it happened for 10 years in Palo Alto ca.
    She is the one that gave me enough info to see it was not how government said after 2002
    She gave all her books to me read and I could read the ones she had for sale

    I was to fly on 9-11 and had to rent car to go home

    When you can watch this and not just jump to conclusions please
    Know I my not agree with everything I post
    Its good to hear all sides that how we learn ..

    so ask me if you like what I think ..
    But. He has good info and insightful stuff to add

    I think the secret Mafia like very old rich families rule the world not court Jews ...and we know the players bankers etc. but not who ones runs the show ...Joe thinks the Masons jews are big players in world control also .. Yes

    Who do you think the who are !?
    Wishing you well
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    Hi Loren,

    Yes, we've been following Bollyn for a long time. There's a recent thread about him here:


    And, we do agree that the Mossad had a significant role in 9-11. Bollyn is a good researcher and we believe his facts are accurate.

    "Carol the mother of 9-11", you mean Carol Brouillet? I had the pleasure of meeting her also in Palo Alto.

    "Who do you think the who are !?" I don't think the Mossad could have done it without cooperation from the US military intelligence agencies.
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    It's generally well accepted by students of spookcraft, that the powerful sponsors of such things as 9/11 typically use 'fronts' to hide behind. As such, the central focus at Postflaviania has been examining the nature of "who do you think the who are !?"

    Our reading of the Old Testament regarding the tribe of Judah, from its prostituted (a fabrication in and of itself) foundation, to its submissive association with the Egyptian descendants of Joseph (Ephraim) reads as if the tribe of Judah is indeed a synthetic front, or cover. As the French rabbi brothers, the Sabbahs, suggest, the name Judah seems to originate with the Yahud priests of Amenhotep III, the father of Akhenaton. The original Jesuits and Freemasons. The Eye of Horus is Egyptian, not Jewish.

    Of course, one is still left with the possibility that the Jews are just so devious that they would denigrate themselves in their own holy book, by being submissive to others. And, Ephraim is at least half Hebrew right? Hebrew, not Jewish.

    Show me a Hebrew person. They don't exist. Show me a Christian person (and their genes proving so). They don't exist. As such I say there is no such thing as a Jew either, their identity is yet another vanity conceit, as further demonstrated by the adoption of the same identity by the Ashkenazim, whom the Hebrew Book of Genesis explicitly states are not even Shemites (Semites). This is because their Khazar leaders, over 1,000 years ago agreed to this Faustian bargain.

    If the Jews are such schmart 9/11 perpstigators, then I think they would have used some front groups to protect themselves. But no, they left all kinds of crumbs, such as Dancing Israelis and Art Students for the really 'alert' to find. But, once again, maybe they are so freaking devious, that they left all these self-incriminating bread crumbs so that a few others (the really, really alert - so they think) might decide the very opposite, that they were being framed.

    Why would those crazy Egyptians do such a thing, you ask? Hmmm, maybe Global Warming, driven by the famine causing Sun (god > Ra, Amun, Horus, Aton, Christ)? Maybe they and their intermarriage to the Arya (the real Hyksos aka Mittani) unleashed a Global ambition? This seems to be what the late Nicholas DeVere claimed for his clan, as leaders of the Normans, the only Arya.
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    . Yes carol Brouillet my good friend I talk to her now and then from Fiji on Skype
    She is something else very hard working very smart and a very happy person that's why I meat her as a friend said she was one of the happiest person he knows..
    I would go to her house often to a walk to get out of her house and computer..
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    I the 90s iron man predicted 9-11

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