666 ~ Hidden Zodiac


The axial tilt of the Earth is for some unknown reason 23°4’ and curiously 90° - 23°4’ = 66°6’, our old friend. Has the celestial mechanics ever been worked out through which constellations the ecliptic would transit corrected back to 0°. The ancient zodiac, the original storyline.

Richard Stanley

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That's an interesting factoid I've never considered before, re: 666.

On the current ~41,000 obliquity cycle, the Earth's obliquity would cycle back and forth through the precise 23°4’ twice. Currently we are supposedly at 23°26′13.4″.

It is easy to see what would occur via the zodiac at zero degrees obliquity. Just look at the path of the other planets traveling along the average planetary orbital plane. Get a free program like Stellarium.

There are some indications that the Earth's axis, and/or crust, gets significantly disturbed from time to time, and one might tend to think that the original planetary accretion would have formed at zero degrees.