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Try this Jerry: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=antifa+portland+oregon+trump+rally&t=ffsb&ia=web

Maybe your post shamed them all? :)

In any case, Trumpublican laws are now being pushed, cleverly directed against the anti-fascists, using a legal tack that had once been used against hooded KKK members (like Trump's father).

How ironic, that Trump and his 'Republican' poodles will have shortly shovelled the so-called Greatest Generation of fighters against global fascism into the trash bin of history. Credit to uber-fascist, Vladimir Putin, for his support as well.
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The world will not completely end, but there is limited time before the population is reduced drastically and entirely new forms of control implemented for the remaining few. For the next 5 years, the message from the ruling class to us is this:

Since we will soon be struggling for food and electricity, the idea is to chill out and listen to some good music and watch some good movies, like Donald Trump's favourite:

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Maybe your post shamed them all? :)
Well, this is embarrassing. I don't know how I missed all that.

The world will not completely end, but there is limited time before the population is reduced drastically and entirely new forms of control implemented for the remaining few.
The Club of Rome prophecy said that population will keep growing until ~2040, then begin a long slow decline. But, they expected we should be past the peak of industrial production & food per capita by now, and the death rate should be headed up. Sounds like 'game over' for growth driven capitalism. Time for a New Age?



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2012 (2009) starts out in India with a ship in a storm (mocked up as a model in a puddle with rain), 2 references to "45" (no doubt the date when countries will disappear under water), and a view of the mountains, Tibet, and people being rounded up and transported. This is all rather similar to the Mount Everest strategic relocation destination discussed under Waterworld (1995), where the water is said to be caused by the breaking of the flat earth dome - perhaps disguised as a geographical pole shift (shown in the 2012 movie). Only yesterday they revealed this trailer for my favourite video game:

Next a father and his kids visit a dried up lake with a "mist" coming from it surrounded by fencing that "wasn't there before". The US army then arrive at the scene in tanks, i.e. martial law. The movie then switches to a concentration camp with a very exaggerated watch tower, and there is talk of mosquitoes to the kids, who are separated from their dad in a tent, and texting on their phone "camp life sucks". The girl then develops a rash/itching. More to come...

BTW, when the world is described as coming to an end in 2012, there are 2 references to "23": on a double metre stick; as well as in a cartoon about the end of the world and a geographical pole shift with the number "2" and a scribbled "3" at the end. In a government meeting they say "How much time do we have?" Answer: "2 maybe 3 days"!

There is panic in California. The dad describes the news media as "actor reading a script. When they tell you not to panic you run". Some twins warn a man that he will die and they will live because they are going to take a big boat. The ground then begins to open up with complete devastation to cities around the country/world (not just California) - more reminiscent of tsunami damage. Twin towers and other buildings are shown to turn to dust before cities are shown to sink under water - the scene then switches to a cruise ship.
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There is a lot of stuff in the 2nd half of 2012, but I need to watch it again. General "Geostorms" around the world are emphasised besides the main flooding. Certain antiques and artefacts are shipped from the west to the east with the help of Chinese workers who I guess are given employment in the northwest - Silk Road re-opening soon? :) The Washington DC nuclear attack is again confirmed for July 4th - but here it's looking like 2025 instead of 2023 based on the "745" - cannot be sure. That's all I can remember from watching it whilst I was being distracted.


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I am Legend (2007): The whole world has been practically wiped out by "KV", i.e. the killer virus. New York is an overgrown abandoned city with old rusty gridlocked cars and buildings in a state of decay. Some wildlife roams the city - some connection between deer, lions and Shrek. Will Smith is the only survivor because he's one of the 1% who is immune to the virus - and had been trying to stop it since ground zero/911 as he states on 2 occasions - because the problem isn't "God" but the people. He has lot's of canned food stocked up in his apartment with a lab in the basement. "If we listen to God then we can know God's plan" - if only everybody listened to each other (and watched these movies where the oligarchs leave details of their projects!). Prior to this the whole of New York was already under Martial Law and being quarantined come Christmas time, having got wind of the virus. People were having their eyes scanned (probably for blood) and being directed to fenced areas (representing camps). One woman was directed there even though her scan was negative. Many try to escape by ship whilst bridges are deliberately being bombed by what can only be the government. The virus appears to kill very quickly (a dog's eyes have blood around them the same day he's infected) with many photos of plague victims reminiscent of the holocaust. The plague-stricken survivors (becoming increasingly aggressive) mainly come out at night and have resorted to cannibalism.

The movie has a theme based around light and dark that I haven't been able to decode. When Will Smith sleeps he seals off all lights in his apartment so that it's pitch black, hiding from the cannibal monsters. Sunrise begins at 6:23 followed by sunset at 7:27:

We know that the plague will begin around June 23, and I guess everyone will be vacating the city come Christmas time. July 27 could be when the blackout occurs. However, the end of the movie seemed to have allusions to a nuclear attack with fire and bright white light. Transit = transported to camps. A colony of survivors unaffected by the plague are said to live "in the mountains"/Bethel, Vermont. And it's the generation of Bob Marley's children - but the people are not guaranteed to know of Bob Marley himself. Eventually, a vaccine/cure does begin to work and save people's lives, but by then the population has been reduced drastically. Two scenes in the movie are set at an Egyptian temple with fish being fed food whilst a child is swimming in the same pool. There are a few triangles here and there throughout the movie. Other scenes have Roman arches.


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Children of Men (2006): The year is 2027 (same year that was flagged up previously in I Am Legend following the 2023 onset), and London's streets have lot's of tuk-tuks, i.e. a third world country, as well as trains and buses transporting many people to refugee camps with barbed wire, etc. This is emphasised further by 1980s style trains and buses, i.e. a backwards country. There are cages located at council estates. One guy is involved in making fake news wearing a balaclava. There is a message saying "eat fine", and another guy is growing plants in his house. Bombs are going off and it's blamed on the government, but people are too focused on petty news feeds that play on the emotions.

Fertility is a major problem across the world, and avoiding tests is a crime.

Black Death is hinted

As flagged up previously in Doomsday (2008), Whitechapel is a designated burial ground; here it's a military checkpoint (note that plumbing and heating has become a problem):

Here it says that Russia has detonated a bomb on Kazakhstan, but we know it will be North Korea detonating the bomb on Washington, DC:

Astana (Satana!), Kazakhstan will be the new capital of the new world order:


A group require transit papers to get through Whitechapel checkpoint so they can head towards Brighton. However, they go via Canterbury for some reason and stop at a farm with a cattle house that resembles a camp where biological experiments are taking place. A pregnant woman - miracle that she's pregnant - begs to tag along. The drug/vaccine that everyone is taking is called Quietus = "Quiet Us". They have a choice of 2 places on the coast, where they can take a ship, including at Bexhill which is said to house a concentration camp. If true then this is probably the best place for a designated camp:

The ship would take them to safety to join "the human project" described as a "sanctuary". To quote Wiki:
"The group makes plans to board the Human Project ship, the Tomorrow, which will arrive offshore from a refugee camp at Bexhill-on-Sea"

Again, the year is 2027 and the ships are meant to leave at "Sunset" following their "transit" there (could be the answer to the riddle in I Am Legend).

There is mention of babies dying during a "flu epidemic" and that patients booked into hospitals started to miscarriage earlier and earlier - and that 7 months later the pages (of booked patients) was blank. The same situation was said to be happening in Sydney (not the first time Sydney has been flagged up!). Then there is mention of "you can relax", as " the sound of plague rounds (playgrounds) has faded". In Doomsday (2008) they had mentioned some kind of 3 year threshold before they could move in to the areas hit by the plague.

6-12-27 seems to be a date of note. I forgot to mention about one earlier scene in the movie:

This supports the scant information we have for 2021/Agenda 21 - a date referenced in Bladerunner 2049 - 6/10/2021 to be exact (date of an eclipse).

There is also some mention in the movie about making people deaf, so that they can no longer hear. Sounds sinister.

Also, this woman who dies has her corpse watched over by a black witch-doctor, hence "black death"; get it?
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Hi Giles,

Here it says that Russia has detonated a bomb on Kazakhstan, but we know it will be North Korea detonating the bomb on Washington, DC:
I think you're being ironic here, but could you clarify? Are you saying that everyone in the movie knows it will be North Korea? Or that all properly indoctrinated Americans believe North Korea will destroy Washington DC? Or are you using "we" in the royal sense, that you (Giles G) know it will be North Korea?

Russia is predominantly Orthodox Christian, while Kazakhstan is mostly Islamic, so a nuclear war between the two seems as plausible as anywhere else. NATO would need to supply Kazakhstan with the necessary nukes, if this is to happen anytime soon.

Astana (Satana!), Kazakhstan will be the new capital of the new world order:
Lauren made this prophecy. Who else? Is it in this film, Children of Men (2006)?

According to Wikipedia, "Astana" means "Capital City" in Kazakh. Any phonetic resemblance to "Satana" is plausibly deniable.

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Russia is predominantly Orthodox Christian, while Kazakhstan is mostly Islamic, so a nuclear war between the two seems as plausible as anywhere else. NATO would need to supply Kazakhstan with the necessary nukes, if this is to happen anytime soon.
Does a nuclear war necessarily mean both sides have nukes, or can just one side have them? If the former, was WWII not a nuclear war?

'Loren', RIP, only told us about this prophecy, I don't think he was a prophet.

Be careful in playing spelling games with 'those' names. Satan was after all the half-brother of Jesus, and he offered Jesus temporal control over all the world's 'stans', aka 'lands'.

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Does a nuclear war necessarily mean both sides have nukes, or can just one side have them? If the former, was WWII not a nuclear war?
Russia has clear conventional superiority over Kazakhstan, as well as nuclear superiority. So if there's a war and K'stan has no Western allies, I expect it would be more like a turkey shoot than a war, as with USA's initial invasion of Iraq. I don't know whether there would be any followup guerrilla warfare, or who would win, but that's beside the point. I don't see any reason why a war between Russia and Kazakhstan would go nuclear, unless both sides have nukes.

Yes, WWII was a nuclear war, though a very contained and primitive one compared to modern possibilities. And in a sense, all America's wars are nuclear wars, in that the threat of nuclear deployment can never be ignored.


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I think you're being ironic here, but could you clarify? Are you saying that everyone in the movie knows it will be North Korea? Or that all properly indoctrinated Americans believe North Korea will destroy Washington DC? Or are you using "we" in the royal sense, that you (Giles G) know it will be North Korea?
It's a puzzle like the The Testimonium Flavianum and the Decius Mundus puzzle in Caesar's Messiah (or the John the Baptist soft-clothing vs. decked in armour). You have to swap around the names to get the right answer. I'll reiterate how I reached this understanding:
911 Hidden in Hollywood covers the lion's share of movies I've listed in this topic (many still waiting to be watched and fully analysed), and they show quite clearly that a nuclear attack on Washington DC is due to happen on 4th July - based on what we learnt about the same psychological techniques used for leaking plans of 911 in the movies prior to the actual crime taking place. We can also say that the nuclear attack will be either 23,25 or 27; I'm not quite sure yet, but I think the answer will come soon enough. The most recent movie I saw was 2012, which has this event described almost verbatim - not to mention all the other themes covered throughout the entire corpus, i.e. plague and martial law, etc. The North Korean evidence has been quite slim, but we have some of it in Bladerunner 2049 and 10 Cloverfield Lane. The reason we know it's a puzzle is because Kazakhstan is said to be the new world order capital - many YouTube videos and articles make a case for this based on the architecture, symbolism, military presence, and all round extravagance. What's more: the Astana city grid is a copy of the Washington DC grid/plan, i.e. after Washington is destroyed the elite will be moving to the "new Washington". Therefore, Astana/Kaz is the opposite to being destroyed - it will be the new sanctuary; and it's not Russia who will be the instigator, but North Korea.


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Live Free or Die Hard (2007): movie begins with power surges, explosions and gridlocked cars based on anthrax and a threat to national security. There are lot's of "23"s displayed on various computer screens in different scenes, and there are mentions of FEMA and some guys with gas masks in random contexts. A teen hacker whom accompanies Bruce Willis throughout the movie is hungry, but not allowed to stop for pizza (they don't eat anything throughout the whole movie). They discuss fake news. Some hackers gain control of the media network and broadcast an unauthorised speech about instilling fear into the citizenry and something about their technology, communications, internet and power/electricity being in the government's hands. A similar story happens in Independence Day, which also mentions bringing down satellite links. All flights are grounded and there's a military presence. It's 4th of July Independence day, and there's a fake nuclear attack on Washington DC - broadcast by the hackers on TV. A reporter points to this car number plate:

June-23 - July 4th (2)5. We've seen these dates before! 6/23 = beginning of the plague/martial law; 745 = nuclear attack on Washington DC.

Later there is a blackout across the eastern half of USA.

The 2nd half of the movie discusses 9/11, a whistle-blower who disappeared, has some kind of industrial estate representing WTC 5,6,7. They discuss Norad and fighter jets being recalled. The ending is then a symbolic reenactment of the attack on the Pentagon by an F-45 encircling a circular multi-level fly-over and shooting missiles. This obviously represents the real attack on Washington DC. We have 2 helicopters on the scene. One says "DC" with some numbers I don't recognise; the other says N547, i.e. the date of the nuke! (can also be read as 47S like the car number plate - with an A at the end for Atom bomb?)

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Unthinkable (2010): great movie - involved nuclear bombs - but I couldn't spot any evidence for themes discussed in this topic. Not sure why it was flagged up, but am planning to return to 911 Hidden in Hollywood sometime to see if there's anything I missed in this, Shutter Island and/or Enemy of the State.


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These keywords are going to help us find more movies once I've exhausted the 911/Hollywood list:

Waterworld (1995)

food shortage https://www.imdb.com/keyword/food-shortage?ref_=ttkw_kw_47
post apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/post-apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_53
underwater city https://www.imdb.com/keyword/underwater-city?ref_=ttkw_kw_62

Geostorm (2017)

power outage https://www.imdb.com/keyword/power-outage?ref_=ttkw_kw_304
tsunami https://www.imdb.com/keyword/tsunami?ref_=ttkw_kw_7
tidal wave https://www.imdb.com/keyword/tidal-wave?ref_=ttkw_kw_178
hurricane https://www.imdb.com/keyword/hurricane?ref_=ttkw_kw_30
tornado https://www.imdb.com/keyword/tornado?ref_=ttkw_kw_52
extreme weather https://www.imdb.com/keyword/extreme-weather?ref_=ttkw_kw_50
freak weather https://www.imdb.com/keyword/freak-weather?ref_=ttkw_kw_322
weather control https://www.imdb.com/keyword/weather-control?ref_=ttkw_kw_324
global disaster https://www.imdb.com/keyword/global-disaster?ref_=ttkw_kw_17
government conspiracy https://www.imdb.com/keyword/government-conspiracy?ref_=ttkw_kw_101
apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_113
disaster movie https://www.imdb.com/keyword/disaster-movie?ref_=ttkw_kw_123
disaster film https://www.imdb.com/keyword/disaster-film?ref_=ttkw_kw_10
mass destruction https://www.imdb.com/keyword/mass-destruction?ref_=ttkw_kw_32
environmental catastrophe https://www.imdb.com/keyword/environmental-catastrophe?ref_=ttkw_kw_28
end of the world https://www.imdb.com/keyword/end-of-the-world?ref_=ttkw_kw_129
conspiracy https://www.imdb.com/keyword/conspiracy?ref_=ttkw_kw_229
political conspiracy https://www.imdb.com/keyword/political-conspiracy?ref_=ttkw_kw_228

The Mist (2007)

apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_113
black out https://www.imdb.com/keyword/black-out?ref_=ttkw_kw_99
earthquake https://www.imdb.com/keyword/earthquake?ref_=ttkw_kw_143
power failure https://www.imdb.com/keyword/power-failure?ref_=ttkw_kw_155
mist https://www.imdb.com/keyword/mist?ref_=ttkw_kw_40
storm damage https://www.imdb.com/keyword/storm-damage?ref_=ttkw_kw_128

The Siege (1998)

martial law https://www.imdb.com/keyword/martial-law?ref_=ttkw_kw_1
detention center https://www.imdb.com/keyword/detention-center?ref_=ttkw_kw_63

Alien Covenant (2017)

genocide https://www.imdb.com/keyword/genocide?ref_=ttkw_kw_181
biological weapon https://www.imdb.com/keyword/biological-weapon?ref_=ttkw_kw_28
pathogen https://www.imdb.com/keyword/pathogen?ref_=ttkw_kw_38
parasite https://www.imdb.com/keyword/parasite?ref_=ttkw_kw_40
biohazard https://www.imdb.com/keyword/biohazard?ref_=ttkw_kw_98
quarantine https://www.imdb.com/keyword/quarantine?ref_=ttkw_kw_106
infection https://www.imdb.com/keyword/infection?ref_=ttkw_kw_124
virus https://www.imdb.com/keyword/virus?ref_=ttkw_kw_252

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

radiation https://www.imdb.com/keyword/radiation?ref_=ttkw_kw_89
radioactivity https://www.imdb.com/keyword/radioactivity?ref_=ttkw_kw_207
conspiracy https://www.imdb.com/keyword/conspiracy?ref_=ttkw_kw_229
blackout https://www.imdb.com/keyword/blackout?ref_=ttkw_kw_554
year 2021 https://www.imdb.com/keyword/year-2021?ref_=ttkw_kw_566
underwater scene https://www.imdb.com/keyword/underwater-scene?ref_=ttkw_kw_177

Doomsday (2008)

virus https://www.imdb.com/keyword/virus?ref_=ttkw_kw_252
quarantine https://www.imdb.com/keyword/quarantine?ref_=ttkw_kw_106
contagion https://www.imdb.com/keyword/contagion?ref_=ttkw_kw_5
chaos https://www.imdb.com/keyword/chaos?ref_=ttkw_kw_19
gas mask https://www.imdb.com/keyword/gas-mask?ref_=ttkw_kw_157
survival https://www.imdb.com/keyword/survival?ref_=ttkw_kw_195
epidemic https://www.imdb.com/keyword/epidemic?ref_=ttkw_kw_217
contamination suit https://www.imdb.com/keyword/contamination-suit?ref_=ttkw_kw_221
cannibalism https://www.imdb.com/keyword/cannibalism?ref_=ttkw_kw_227
outbreak https://www.imdb.com/keyword/outbreak?ref_=ttkw_kw_6
post apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/post-apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_53
cure https://www.imdb.com/keyword/cure?ref_=ttkw_kw_14
plague https://www.imdb.com/keyword/plague?ref_=ttkw_kw_20
starvation https://www.imdb.com/keyword/starvation?ref_=ttkw_kw_74

Independence Day (1996)

mass destruction https://www.imdb.com/keyword/mass-destruction?ref_=ttkw_kw_15
nuclear weapons https://www.imdb.com/keyword/nuclear-weapons?ref_=ttkw_kw_31
electromagnetic pulse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/electromagnetic-pulse?ref_=ttkw_kw_119
disaster https://www.imdb.com/keyword/disaster?ref_=ttkw_kw_253
fourth of july https://www.imdb.com/keyword/fourth-of-july?ref_=ttkw_kw_271
independence day https://www.imdb.com/keyword/independence-day?ref_=ttkw_kw_279
genocide https://www.imdb.com/keyword/genocide?ref_=ttkw_kw_287
disaster film https://www.imdb.com/keyword/disaster-film?ref_=ttkw_kw_20
mushroom cloud https://www.imdb.com/keyword/mushroom-cloud?ref_=ttkw_kw_32
mass death https://www.imdb.com/keyword/mass-death?ref_=ttkw_kw_124
survival https://www.imdb.com/keyword/survival?ref_=ttkw_kw_195
apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_113
nuclear explosion https://www.imdb.com/keyword/nuclear-explosion?ref_=ttkw_kw_272
washington d.c. https://www.imdb.com/keyword/washington-d.c.?ref_=ttkw_kw_335

Independence Day 2 (2016)

chaos https://www.imdb.com/keyword/chaos?ref_=ttkw_kw_19
apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_113
flood https://www.imdb.com/keyword/flood?ref_=ttkw_kw_247
military base https://www.imdb.com/keyword/military-base?ref_=ttkw_kw_297
washington d.c. https://www.imdb.com/keyword/washington-d.c.?ref_=ttkw_kw_335
bunker https://www.imdb.com/keyword/bunker?ref_=ttkw_kw_377
devastation https://www.imdb.com/keyword/devastation?ref_=ttkw_kw_54
nuclear weapons https://www.imdb.com/keyword/nuclear-weapons?ref_=ttkw_kw_76
disaster film https://www.imdb.com/keyword/disaster-film?ref_=ttkw_kw_20
underwater scene https://www.imdb.com/keyword/underwater-scene?ref_=ttkw_kw_148
end of the world https://www.imdb.com/keyword/end-of-the-world?ref_=ttkw_kw_198
fourth of july https://www.imdb.com/keyword/fourth-of-july?ref_=ttkw_kw_271
disaster https://www.imdb.com/keyword/disaster?ref_=ttkw_kw_246
nuclear bomb https://www.imdb.com/keyword/nuclear-bomb?ref_=ttkw_kw_360


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Cloverfield (2008)

destroyed city https://www.imdb.com/keyword/destroyed-city?ref_=ttkw_kw_17
cloud of dust https://www.imdb.com/keyword/cloud-of-dust?ref_=ttkw_kw_145
bleeding from eyes https://www.imdb.com/keyword/bleeding-from-eyes?ref_=ttkw_kw_173
quarantine https://www.imdb.com/keyword/quarantine?ref_=ttkw_kw_207
parasite https://www.imdb.com/keyword/parasite?ref_=ttkw_kw_235
chaos https://www.imdb.com/keyword/chaos?ref_=ttkw_kw_19
infection https://www.imdb.com/keyword/infection?ref_=ttkw_kw_72
mass destruction https://www.imdb.com/keyword/mass-destruction?ref_=ttkw_kw_160
biohazard sign https://www.imdb.com/keyword/biohazard-sign?ref_=ttkw_kw_196
power failure https://www.imdb.com/keyword/power-failure?ref_=ttkw_kw_208

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

bunker https://www.imdb.com/keyword/bunker?ref_=ttkw_kw_377
hazmat suit https://www.imdb.com/keyword/hazmat-suit?ref_=ttkw_kw_13
containment https://www.imdb.com/keyword/containment?ref_=ttkw_kw_19
chemical weapon https://www.imdb.com/keyword/chemical-weapon?ref_=ttkw_kw_79
poisonous gas https://www.imdb.com/keyword/poisonous-gas?ref_=ttkw_kw_91
underground bunker https://www.imdb.com/keyword/underground-bunker?ref_=ttkw_kw_147
biohazard https://www.imdb.com/keyword/biohazard?ref_=ttkw_kw_173
doomsday https://www.imdb.com/keyword/doomsday?ref_=ttkw_kw_277
apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_279
post apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/post-apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_289
blackout https://www.imdb.com/keyword/blackout?ref_=ttkw_kw_291
conspiracy theorist https://www.imdb.com/keyword/conspiracy-theorist?ref_=ttkw_kw_52
conspiracy https://www.imdb.com/keyword/conspiracy?ref_=ttkw_kw_178
self sufficiency https://www.imdb.com/keyword/self-sufficiency?ref_=ttkw_kw_190
contamination https://www.imdb.com/keyword/contamination?ref_=ttkw_kw_220
survival https://www.imdb.com/keyword/survival?ref_=ttkw_kw_195
end of the world https://www.imdb.com/keyword/end-of-the-world?ref_=ttkw_kw_278

Stephen King's The Stand (1994)

nuclear explosion https://www.imdb.com/keyword/nuclear-explosion?ref_=ttkw_kw_41
biohazard https://www.imdb.com/keyword/biohazard?ref_=ttkw_kw_189
outbreak https://www.imdb.com/keyword/outbreak?ref_=ttkw_kw_191
survival https://www.imdb.com/keyword/survival?ref_=ttkw_kw_321
end of civilization https://www.imdb.com/keyword/end-of-civilization?ref_=ttkw_kw_475
influenza https://www.imdb.com/keyword/influenza?ref_=ttkw_kw_481
post apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/post-apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_289
epidemic https://www.imdb.com/keyword/epidemic?ref_=ttkw_kw_489
apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_491
atom bomb https://www.imdb.com/keyword/atom-bomb?ref_=ttkw_kw_40
atomic explosion https://www.imdb.com/keyword/atomic-explosion?ref_=ttkw_kw_42
biological warfare https://www.imdb.com/keyword/biological-warfare?ref_=ttkw_kw_188
biological weapon https://www.imdb.com/keyword/biological-weapon?ref_=ttkw_kw_190
martial law https://www.imdb.com/keyword/martial-law?ref_=ttkw_kw_256
power outage https://www.imdb.com/keyword/power-outage?ref_=ttkw_kw_302
quarantine https://www.imdb.com/keyword/quarantine?ref_=ttkw_kw_318
fourth of july https://www.imdb.com/keyword/fourth-of-july?ref_=ttkw_kw_402
nuclear weapon https://www.imdb.com/keyword/nuclear-weapon?ref_=ttkw_kw_424
virus https://www.imdb.com/keyword/virus?ref_=ttkw_kw_470
pandemic https://www.imdb.com/keyword/pandemic?ref_=ttkw_kw_484
nuclear bomb https://www.imdb.com/keyword/nuclear-bomb?ref_=ttkw_kw_502
end of the world https://www.imdb.com/keyword/end-of-the-world?ref_=ttkw_kw_506

2012 (2009)

apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_1
end of the world https://www.imdb.com/keyword/end-of-the-world?ref_=ttkw_kw_3
reversal of magnetic poles https://www.imdb.com/keyword/reversal-of-magnetic-poles?ref_=ttkw_kw_45
mass death https://www.imdb.com/keyword/mass-death?ref_=ttkw_kw_95
mass destruction https://www.imdb.com/keyword/mass-destruction?ref_=ttkw_kw_155
himalayan mountains https://www.imdb.com/keyword/himalayan-mountains?ref_=ttkw_kw_165
conspiracy theory https://www.imdb.com/keyword/conspiracy-theory?ref_=ttkw_kw_171
tidal wave https://www.imdb.com/keyword/tidal-wave?ref_=ttkw_kw_197
tsunami https://www.imdb.com/keyword/tsunami?ref_=ttkw_kw_281
survival https://www.imdb.com/keyword/survival?ref_=ttkw_kw_303
earthquake https://www.imdb.com/keyword/earthquake?ref_=ttkw_kw_2
catastrophe https://www.imdb.com/keyword/catastrophe?ref_=ttkw_kw_16
disaster https://www.imdb.com/keyword/disaster?ref_=ttkw_kw_22
conspiracy theorist https://www.imdb.com/keyword/conspiracy-theorist?ref_=ttkw_kw_172
flood https://www.imdb.com/keyword/flood?ref_=ttkw_kw_226
chaos https://www.imdb.com/keyword/chaos?ref_=ttkw_kw_238

I am Legend (2007)

post apocalypse https://www.imdb.com/keyword/post-apocalypse?ref_=ttkw_kw_1
virus https://www.imdb.com/keyword/virus?ref_=ttkw_kw_3
plague https://www.imdb.com/keyword/plague?ref_=ttkw_kw_9
survival https://www.imdb.com/keyword/survival?ref_=ttkw_kw_43
cornfield https://www.imdb.com/keyword/cornfield?ref_=ttkw_kw_69
vaccine https://www.imdb.com/keyword/vaccine?ref_=ttkw_kw_111
back to nature https://www.imdb.com/keyword/back-to-nature?ref_=ttkw_kw_129
epidemic https://www.imdb.com/keyword/epidemic?ref_=ttkw_kw_141
dystopia https://www.imdb.com/keyword/dystopia?ref_=ttkw_kw_163
pandemic https://www.imdb.com/keyword/pandemic?ref_=ttkw_kw_6
quarantine https://www.imdb.com/keyword/quarantine?ref_=ttkw_kw_26
immunity https://www.imdb.com/keyword/immunity?ref_=ttkw_kw_76
mutant virus https://www.imdb.com/keyword/mutant-virus?ref_=ttkw_kw_158

Children of Men (2006)

fertility https://www.imdb.com/keyword/fertility?ref_=ttkw_kw_3
chaos https://www.imdb.com/keyword/chaos?ref_=ttkw_kw_13
infertility https://www.imdb.com/keyword/infertility?ref_=ttkw_kw_27
refugee camp https://www.imdb.com/keyword/refugee-camp?ref_=ttkw_kw_47
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epidemic https://www.imdb.com/keyword/epidemic?ref_=ttkw_kw_282
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Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

independence day https://www.imdb.com/keyword/independence-day?ref_=ttkw_kw_25
fourth of july https://www.imdb.com/keyword/fourth-of-july?ref_=ttkw_kw_171
chaos https://www.imdb.com/keyword/chaos?ref_=ttkw_kw_28

Surprised that the last film is missing quite a few keywords, including anthrax.


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They Live (1988): This film is more about highlighting how the masses are asleep and blind to reality than it is an instrument to leak the elite's plans for world domination re: this topic; nevertheless, there is a single piece of evidence: in a speech given to the elite members of society they claim the entire world will be under their dominion by 2025, i.e. the mid-point between June 23 and 27 - two dates flagged up in previous movies. There is also the theme of computer hackers that keeps appearing in practically every movie in this topic - but not one I've taken much notice of. This is the earliest movie so far to provide an early sketch of the projected crime. They Live (1988) also demonstrates in a very surreal way how evil sheeple appear to those who have been set free by the truth. Even I am starting to be convinced that sheeple might have been put here like aliens almost, since they are the enemies of reason. And it's like the waking up process is never-ending and continues to progress to potential deeper understandings of reality than what was initially fathomed.

Divergent (2014): This film helps keep me sane - since for every 500 sheep who are asleep there's a film director who seems to totally understand the slave/mind control system we live in - so even if I cannot find 1 person in 1000 who understands, at least I know there's a movie director who does understand all too well. By rights, Divergent (2014) should be the PERFECT movie for making the masses aware that they live in an oligarchy disguised as a democracy with a small group of people pulling the strings. The technique used in this movie is to take us to the future where a whole new form of society has replaced the former capitalist one - yet the human nature element binds the two worlds together providing a new perspective to understand the current times.

"Brave New World (1980) (TV Movie)
Future where society is divided into five factions that were bred for different roles in society."

Citizens simply have to play a different game this time around, yet are still faced with the same false dialectics and brainwashed to conformism as before, albeit with different slave-like rituals to perform instead. Wow, how people are still asleep after watching this movie is beyond me. Anyway, onto the evidence:
*Takes place in an abandoned city whose population has been replaced following a war (details never given) - mostly living in modern prefabs with modern vehicles a good few decades newer - having shown signs of prior flooding with marshy suburbs.
*The opening scene features a cornfield, an abandoned cruise ship in the middle of nowhere, and fields for miles without any trees in sight.
*There is a perimeter wall around the city - but it looks to represent an electrical barrier as opposed to a physical wall.
*Nobody knows anything about what's beyond the city wall, and the history of the city is never discussed or how their form of society came about.
Depending on how thought-out the elite's plans are this film could represent accurate ideas on how they intend to control future generations post-2045, i.e. beyond the scope of this topic. Therefore, this would have to be the most extreme post-apocalyptic movie, furthest into the future, that I've watched thus far.

dystopia https://www.imdb.com/keyword/dystopia?ref_=ttkw_kw_1
walled city https://www.imdb.com/keyword/walled-city?ref_=ttkw_kw_84
underwater scene https://www.imdb.com/keyword/underwater-scene?ref_=ttkw_kw_138
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Some new movies to add to the list:
It (2011)
Prometheus (2012)
Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Prometheus has connections to Watchmen (2009) - no doubt another movie to investigate. Another one to watch is the Resident Evil series (same director as AvP). I will go over some details at some point when I get time. The sequel to AvP and It both featured sewers for some reason as part of the plague, change of weather and possible early appearance of flooding. AvP and Prometheus feature human sacrifice as part of their themes - not to mention the Mayan calendar and artefacts. One of the AvPs featured a blackout. There was also a nuclear attack with an obelisk seen in the foreground - obviously representing Washington DC! Prometheus featured a clear "623" just prior to victims suffering deaths reminiscent of the plague. AvP's underground chambers are described as a prison - unsure if the analogy represents bunkers or camps. Again, will go over these in more detail. It looks like it has a cornfield as well as a paper boat floating through flooded streets down into the sewers. A few other films had sewers too, such as Cloverfield (2008).

Here's my new Youtube channel for my new website http://surviving2023.com:
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Prometheus (2012) begins with a "human" sacrifice by a muscular proto-Human group known as the Engineers who occupy a foreign planet and are said to have created humans. The victim drinks a black gooey substance then his skin becomes darker, his veins protrude and he begins bleeding. His DNA starts to break down before, eventually, new cells begin to form - symbolically representing the start of a new breed perhaps.

The crew of the Prometheus space-ship are visiting the planet occupied by the Engineers, hoping to meet their makers. Prior to the mission the head of the project, Peter Weyland is giving a speech in 2023 - only in the extended version of the movie - discussing various reforms for the planet, the history of the human race, and that he does not represent the Gods - only that he has not been "struck down". During his speech, the moon is described as giving out cold light - opposite to the heat of the sun.

When the crew are preparing for the mission an image of the earth can be seen projected onto the wall beneath the numbers "223". The image of the earth then falls and disappears, i.e. 2023 = the fall of the world.

A female crew member who appears second-in-command to Peter (actually his daughter) and mother the of his cyborg creation, David, discusses an "agenda" describing the Engineers as nothing more than savages living in caves - with a background screen showing trees in the winter snow giving way to cornfields.

Three doors leading from one room in the space-ship have "Emergency Exit 22", "Emergency Exit 23" and "Emergency Exit 24".

On arrival at the planet there is evidently a mist present, and the air is said to be toxic and unbreathable except at the bottom of a hollow mountain/cave, where previous occupants are suggested as having "terraformed" there (a word used in the earlier speech by Peter Weyland). The crew are wearing protective suits and masks, so as not to breathe the air.

Some specimens recovered from the cave are described as being contagious and are contained. A DNA test on the head of diseased engineer matches human DNA, which prompts a crew member to stress in so many words that they (humans) were simply part of an experiment beginning 2,000 years ago - not by Gods - but by other humans.

The caves houses canisters with the black gooey stuff, which is also smeared on a door. Attention is drawn to the dust particles in the air in various contexts, and the crew narrowly escape a storm on the way back to the space-ship.

Some crew members that remain in the cave are being "tracked" by a green computer system on-board the ship that shows 3 red numbers moving around the screen: "2","3", and "6" in the context of "holocaust planning". One anomaly is detected as being alive, but soon disappears off the radar. The crew members discuss going "East" instead of "West" - fading to a scene with Dr. Shaw (the main star) eating Japanese noodles.

Soon the crew members are attacked by two evil looking snakes that come out of the black goo that has oozed out of the canisters, disfiguring them and penetrating their bodies, leading to eventual death. One of their faces is later shown to resemble a holocaust victim with his mouth wide open, and a blackened and wrinkled face. The scene then switches to a crew member on-board who had had his drink poisoned with the black goo by David, and is now presented with blood around his eyes when looking in the mirror and little black worms coming out. His condition gets worse and worse as time goes on with actual blood dripping from the eyes, and then black wounds develop on his face with protruding veins reminiscent of the plague. Eventually he is burnt to death by a flame-thrower. The same fiery fate awaits another plague-stricken crew member.

Returning to the mountain/cave, some proper high mountains are shown in the background as well as a wall in the foreground with an opening to the main entrance. It later turns out to be the inside of an foreign alien ship. David is able to summon the Engineers in spirit by playing a flute and begin a hologram-light show with the earth on top of a pyramid followed by a sudden blackout - but the symbols resemble more nuclear energy. Later, the crew are considered possibly contaminated for having "set foot inside the the pyramid" - makes no sense since they were in a cave/alien ship? Though there are some sleep chambers in the ship that resemble Egyptian sarcophagi.

Dr. Shaw - lover of the diseased plague-like victim - turns out to be pregnant with a diseased alien-looking fetus. Her father is then revealed to have died from Ebola in Africa.

In the next scene another crew member says he was in the military and describes a concentration camp as well as a nuclear bomb. Later he says he suspects the engineers' cave/ship could be a military installation because "they are not so stupid as to make weapons of mass destruction on their own doorstep" as contained in the canisters. And it appears that there were two different types of canisters/vases featured in the movie in different locations of the confusing cave-ship complex - resembling one or the other at different times in the subterranean passages - containing something else other than the black goo.

Returning to the ship, David is sure that the air is suddenly safe to breathe and describes the engineers planning a getaway to earth, stating "Sometimes to create - one must first destroy". An engineer rises from the Egyptian-looking sarcophagus in the flesh and is questioned by Shaw as to why they hate typical humans so to speak, but the questions are met only with violence.

Note: there are triangles shown in various scenes as we have come to expect from this type of movie, including one with a circle/eye in the middle.
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Giles, this is impressive the number of instances of '23' you're finding. The image of earth disappearing along with the number '223' is very creepy. I couldn't understand the connection between this imagery and the discussion transpiring in the foreground.

To evaluate the statistics properly here, we'd need an indication of the frequency of appearance of any two, three or four digit numbers in these films. Can you say that every single time a number flashes on the screen, it's a 23 or some related number? Or, is there a random or non-random distribution of other numbers? (The same question would pertain to all those pre-911 films. Out of all three-digit numbers presented in those films, how many instances are 9-1-1 vs. any other number?)