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    I am barely at a preliminary level of my research, but here's what I've found out so far based on analysis of the clues planted by the elite within the media:
    *6/10/2021: there will be a "blackout" across the entire world (electricity cut off?), all personal data will be corrupted or entirely erased; trees, flowers and most other plants will stop growing; wooden artifacts and whisky will become prized commodities; books and paper will survive, as during 911; and the tides will begin to come in. The event will be blamed on a geographical pole shift coinciding with a solar eclipse, but is really being achieved using new free-energy technology, as per 9/11.
    *2021-2045: The forests will give way to baron fields where crops will be genetically modified and tightly controlled; Barrack Obama's FEMA concentration camps will be opened in 2023 to detain the US population for "prolonged detention" based on potential to commit crime; Money will cease to be of any value; All music and video will be controlled by the elite, including pornography; the tides will continue to come in; Los Angeles will be mostly under water, but California will survive as a narrow island, and the new world order will be built from such citadels with newly constructed sea walls (same with London, etc). China and the Philippines will completely disappear by 2045. You can check out the maps here:

    Joe Atwill has discussed before in a few podcasts (links anyone?) about jungle survivor programs being broadcast on TV to prepare us for such an event where we will probably be on the run from a lot of knife crime. And I think there will be some additional signs to this impending doom as early as 2019 (needs more research). The elite's message to us in the meantime is this: "enjoy what you see and enjoy what you hear!"

    Extensive evidence exists for the above - but the dots are quite difficult to join; for example, the fate of the trees depends on first understanding that the earth is flat! :) There is a strange video doing the rounds on Youtube that looks at old tree stumps and says "there are no trees or forests on the flat earth". Nobody could quite figure out what point the video was trying to make until relatively recently, as there are now scores of top Hollywood movies showing USA under water going back to Waterworld (1995) - the Simpsons did it first, of course! - including the death of trees.

    Remember: if we had bothered checking the 300+ movies explaining details of 9/11 then we would have known decades earlier; likewise, if people read the New York Times and the Sun newspapers leading up to World War II, they would have known decades earlier that 6 million Jews were destined for famine and extermination.

    If anyone has noticed any other evidence for 2019-2045 in particular, please share!
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  2. Jerry Russell

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    The maps at the Forbes article were drawn up by Gordon Michael Scallion. Unfortunately he made the mistake of predicting that all of the pole shifts and rising and falling of continents would take place by 2001. This illustrates the risk of making extreme and specific predictions when there's a good chance you will outlive the due date. See http://rense.com/general67/theabsurdityofGMS.htm.

    Coastal areas going under water is a general motif consistent with global warming. It does seem that the seas are rising, though very slowly, about an inch per decade according to my eyeball reading of a graph from CSIRO and NOAA (via Wikipedia).

    Based purely on economics & physics, Dr. Chris Martenson is always predicting that the next 20 years will be nothing like the last 20 years. He suggests that we should be prepared for anything. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/06/prweb11970982.htm
  3. gilius

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    9/11 is referenced in over 175+ movies during the 40+ years that the project took to hold (it seems that the World Trade Centre was built with the intention of being destroyed 40 years later). There is a reference as early as 1971 Duel (Stephen Spielburg).

    The final tally must be at least 200 movies. For example, see this, as there's always more to add to the list:

    Anyway, we need to apply what we learnt from 9/11 to predict the future, which is in the hands of the elite who "invent it" and use the same psychological techniques over and over - as what we saw in Shakespeare's Secret Messiah - even newspapers 30 years before the holocaust, etc.

    I now know for a fact that Washington, DC will be nuked 4th July 2023 at 5AM with about 10,000 killed and 15,000 injured, but before that happens a super flu-like virus that can kill in 5-12 minutes will sweep the USA - beginning at Texas - possibly reaching Sydney, Australia and the rest of the world. Martial Law will be declared on a quarantined USA (or at least NYC), and the FEMA camps opened for "prolonged detention" of people with potential to commit crime or refuse vaccines (will reduce fertility). The company producing the vaccine is named Baxters. The attack will be blamed on Arabs. It will come following oil tensions in Iran and a disputed USA election/tie-vote. EU peacekeepers will be brought in to offer aid. I don't yet know when all this is set to begin, but it could be as early as 2019.

    Here are just some of the movies that covers:
    1) Flu-like killer virus
    2) Martial Law + FEMA Camps
    3) Washington DC Nuclear attack

    1975 Jaws
    1994 The Stand
    1994 X-Files - Young Heart
    1996 The Juror
    1998 Enemy of the State
    1998 The Siege
    2000-2001 Stargate SG-1 - 2001
    2000-2001 Stargate SG-1 - 2010
    2005 War of the Worlds
    2006 Southland Tales
    2007 Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
    2007 I Am A Legend
    2007 Live Free or Die Hard
    2007 The Invasion
    2007 The Mist
    2007 The Simpons Movie
    2008 Cloverfield
    2008 Doomsday
    2009 2012
    2009 Day After Disaster
    2009 Lie to Me episode
    2009 S. Darko
    2009 Torchwood: Children of Earth
    2009 V: It's only the Beginning
    2010 MacGruber
    2010 Shutter Island
    2010 Unthinkable
    +Many games

    That is only a preliminary list - there must be at least 100 missing!

    Now the difficult part is how the blackout and floods fit into the above. The nuclear attack is said to create an EMP that causes a blackout, including cars to stop working. However, there's reason to believe that the blackout will occur before the nuclear attack, on 6/10/2021, as part of a geographical pole shift. Regardless, it will be contemporary with the FEMA Camps - and perhaps there are no virus or detainees at the time. I hope to resolve this conundrum very soon.

    Once Washington is destroyed, it will be replaced by a replica city centre and Whitehouse complex built to exactly the same grid as part of the NWO's new capital of the world, in Astana, Kazakhstan - being built now as I write this to Jesuit/Freemason design. Once the tides come in and the floods are complete, Astana will even form a new Constantinople to unite east and west - with water running through the middle.
  4. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    I'll happily take the other side of that bet.

    I say there won't be any nuke hitting Washington on 4th of July 2023. There's too much noise and variability in these media sources, to conclude that the elites have any such plan afoot. And even if they did, there's still hope that the efforts of well-meaning people at all levels, might combine to prevent such a scenario.

    And, I don't believe there's any such "super flu-like" virus on the horizon. Twelve minutes would be at least two orders of magnitude faster than any known human virus.
  5. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    I'm curious as to the basis of knowing generally that this attack will indeed occur, as well as the basis for the specificity of that date. I have made an apocalyptic identification of Agent Orange Leaks, but my dating of his end of tenure is equally speculative, depending on what the actual start date of which 'office' (say President or Dictator) he is occupying - that is actually being referred to. Of course, there is also the subsequent Beast of the Land to reckon with.

    Viruses? Jerry, are you prepared to discount the digitized Lone Gunmen and Dana Scully and Fox Mulder? Of course, even the X-Files virus took longer than 5-12 minutes to kill.

    Is there a link that provides a summary of these WTC - 9/11 movie references?
  6. gilius

    gilius Active Member

    Unfortunately, there's no shortcut to watching all 3 hours of 911 Hidden in Hollywood (see video forum for links), and I believe I'm the first person ever to attempt to transcribe that list of movies in full. Conspiracies are more about understanding psychopaths than they are about understanding evidence. The 2nd half of 911 Hidden in Hollywood is about trying to apply what we learnt about 911 to future events yet to happen based on the psychological techniques that were used to hint at 9/11 - and we may never get this opportunity again after "the depopulation storm to bring in the NWO". Also, China got mentioned in terms of a future war, and there's even an episode of the Simpsons with USA under sharia law. And you know how reliable the Simpsons happens to be:
  7. gilius

    gilius Active Member

    How to search IMDB for the most watched/voted for movies by year:

    1999 (9/11 references)
    Fight Club (1);
    The Matrix (2);
    The Bone Collector (33);
    End of Days (45);
    The Astronaut's Wife (75);
    The Thirteenth Floor (71);
    Pushing Tin (99);
    Just the Ticket (359)

    So it should be fairly easy to check the top 500 movies, going backwards from 2017, looking for any of the themes above!
  8. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    No, of course not. A world pandemic is certainly possible. Indeed, it could happen without any help from plutocrats, just as a simple biological phenomenon. It's happened before, as with the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.

    The rapid spread of the X-Files virus was obviously for dramatic effect, although the progress of the disease took at least a day or two per victim.

    I was objecting to Giles' forecast of a virus that would be fatal within 12 minutes after exposure. It's absurd, it serves only the purpose of making himself (and, by extension, us) look ridiculous. Just the same as his Flat Earth foolishness.
  9. gilius

    gilius Active Member

    Perhaps we need to take it with a pinch of salt - the 5-12 minutes could refer to days or weeks - you cannot take it too literally. I'm more interested in establishing a basic chronology. Remember: we are dealing with psychopaths as per 911, Caesar's Messiah, Shakespeare's Secret Messiah and many others - all using pathological and sinister techniques with hidden codes and symbols, etc. You need to keep the big picture and psychopaths in mind at all times when researching conspiracies. They should not be divided and conquered in the same way people and nations are! Conspiracies do not exist in isolation - but have the same perpetrators using the same psychological techniques. 9/11 Hidden in Hollywood is such a simple no-brainer exercise - easier to comprehend than even Caesar's Messiah. We all have a moral responsibility to face reality and not feign ignorance or try to evade it.
  10. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    OK, good. This seems much more plausible with that interpretation. I wouldn't want to bet against either nukes or pandemics in our future.

    I hope it's that simple. In that case, the world just has to wake up and throw off this layer of elite genetic psychopaths, and all our problems will be solved.

    If what we're seeing is more driven by memes, normal human nature, and capitalist/imperialist dynamics, the cure will be much more difficult.
  11. gilius

    gilius Active Member

    I think the masses are at different stages towards psychopathy depending on how much power they have. The powerful play the biggest games and the least-powerful play the smallest games. By pretending to not acknowledge that 200+ movies exist showing 9/11 before 2001 and to ignore it in the way most people do is the same evil at a microcosm. There's no way the masses can wake up because normal human nature is part of the problem. So there will not be a cure to this. It's simply about us, the minority, becoming more alert - as well as strategic relocation during the event of a nuclear war and/or blackout and/or flooding.
  12. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    As you remember, our late friend Loren relocated to Fiji. That seems to be the best hope for escaping nuclear war, although not a sure thing IMO. And it only works if there's such a thing as a "southern hemisphere", which I guess you're still questioning?

    Anyhow, I'm not operating this website on the assumption that all is lost. I agree the odds are stacked against us. I'm not hoping to get out of this alive...
  13. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    I have to say that the 'specifics' provided in some of the works are pretty impressive. For example, from MAD Magazine (1994):


    With this example, we should all remember that it was Robert Mueller III who, as then FBI Director, relayed in a public speech that the Mohammed Atta's magic passport had gone 'poof'.

    The MAD airship reminds me of what Dorothy and friends were taken home to Kansas in after meeting the Wizard of Oz (after supposedly stopping him from manipulating world events that is). Also, preceding the UFO phenomenon of the mid-20th century, similar reports of dirigible type airships were reported in the late 19th century, centered most commonly around central California, then a considerable backwater of the day (the Groom Lake of the time?).

    Some of the magazine's visual elements are whimsical, frequently appearing in the artwork without context or explanation. Among these are a potted avocado plant named Arthur (reportedly based on art director John Putnam's personal marijuana plant); a domed trashcan wearing an overcoat; a pointing six-fingered hand; the Mad Zeppelin (which more closely resembles an early experimental non-rigid airship); and an emaciated long-beaked creature who went unidentified for decades before being dubbed "Flip the Bird". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recurring_features_in_Mad_(magazine)

  14. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Hmmm, in this 1993 New Yorker cover, the artist has conspicuously detailed a blue attired cosmopolitan contingent at the beach, and the freckled boy wearing a blue bordered beach towel, as if it were an Arabic headdress, and about to bring down the twin towers has ... red hair. He's wearing red (or is it orange?) pants and has a red shovel. Not sure what the thermometer, at 101 degrees, is supposed to be symbolizing however.

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  15. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    It appears that Mad Magazine was riffing on a trope that had already been viral for a long time. 911 is another longstanding meme, as the phone number for emergency dialing. If the Twin Towers get hit by terrorists, a lot of people are going to be calling 911, so the connection seems very organic.

    The PNAC operatives planning "9/11" were obviously familiar with the meme, and created an event in fulfillment of it. Down to the funniest details, apparently.

    But does this mean that every persistent mass-media trope is eventually going to be fulfilled? How many tropes are there, anyhow? tvtropes.org has a giant treasure trove...
  16. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    From Supertramp's 1979 Breakfast in America album cover (shown in mirror image), the 'U' and 'P' in Supertramp's name directly above and behind the towers, transposed into 9 and 11. Rather evocative:

  17. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    Next we'll be playing all the Beatles albums backwards, listening for clues. And arguing about what is a clue, and what is a stack of take-out boxes.
  18. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    OK, the airplane window is creepy. The orange juice is the Statue of Liberty's torch, which is even creepier.

  19. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    So, are you saying that the two stacks of boxes don't represent the twin towers, when the entire breakfast tableau (sorry for my usage) is not symbolic of NYC?

    FWIW, This post was being typed when cheeky Jerry pre-empted it with the just prior.
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    Bottle of claret for you if I'd realised.
    Well, do next time.
    I'd forgotten all about it, George, so I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?
    Cheeky bitch.

    Number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9,
    number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9,
    number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number

    Good for you, Jerry, that there's more than eleven nines in this song.

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