1177 BC, The Year Civilization Collapsed

Richard Stanley

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I have referenced Eric Cline's book on several threads, and below is one of his lectures on the book. It is very interesting, and he presents some interesting parallels between the collapse of Late Bronze Age globalism and today's globalism.

On that note, he introduced the various natural and human stressors that caused the collapse, with one graphic highlighted with the word "CHAOS", being the sum of all the stressors. He also compared such as ISIS and the migrations out of Syria into Europe to being the Sea Peoples of our day. Also, that the 'climate change' of the day was responsible for a long drought and famine across Europe and into the Middle East, triggering these displacements.

Seemingly(?) at odds with my (Egyptian influenced) version of the collapse of the Late Bronze Age is the following, based upon a recent decipherment of a 95 foot long hieroglyphic (in Luwian - not Egyptian) panel first found in 1878.

Interestingly, it involves the peoples of Troy, and a military settlement in Canaan/Palestine. The more eastern Hittites also spoke Luwian, BTW.

“The inscription was commissioned by Kupanta-Kurunta, the Great King of Mira, a Late Bronze Age state in western Asia Minor,” Dr. Zangger said.

“When Kupanta-Kurunta had reinforced his realm, just before 1190 BC, he ordered his armies to storm toward the east against the vassal states of the Hittites.”

“After successful conquests on land, the united forces of western Asia Minor also formed a fleet and invaded a number of coastal cities in the south and southeast of Asia Minor, as well as in Syria and Palestine.”

“Four great princes commanded the naval forces, among them Muksus from the Troad, the region of ancient Troy.”

“The Luwians from western Asia Minor advanced all the way to the borders of Egypt, and even built a fortress at Ashkelon in southern Palestine.”

“According to the inscription, the Luwians from western Asia Minor contributed decisively to the so-called Sea Peoples’ invasions — and thus to the end of the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean,” he said.

The academic publication of the inscription will appear in the December 2017 issue of TALANTA, the Proceedings of the Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society.

The inscription and a summary of its contents also appear in a book titled Die Luwier und der Trojanische Krieg — Eine Forschungsgeschichte by Dr. Zangger.

The following suggests that 19th Dynasty Ramesses III used all of the so-called Sea People tribes as mercenary forces contrary to proclamations to the contrary. Imagine that.