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    A Refresher Course on Contemporary Fascism

    On Wednesday Breitbart published an interview with Trump where he made the below statement. This is 'merely' a reiteration of what he has been saying all along, as witnessed by the compilation and a discussion of such here. While we might be hopeful that the Republicans have started to...
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    ISIS and the Abrahamic Ties that Bind

    The following compilation video on the background foundations and motivations of the group variously known as ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh is pretty good in my opinion. Of course, one cannot easily get definitive evidence that ISIS is indeed a covert Western military intelligence creation, so one is...
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    The Unfolding Apocalytic Road to Zion

    Jimmy Dore, below, demonstrates the reality that Trump's Zionist blitzkrieg decision to relocate the US embassy, and quickly followed now in his recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, as having been preceded and supported by Bill Clinton, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer, the...
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    In Your Russian Face ... book

    In the past decade or so much has been speculated on Facebook being a spook front for USA Deep State data mining of USA and global citizens. (Now, it appears to also be a platform for precisely targeted, yellow faux news - aka propaganda). The below excerpted article discusses the heavy...
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    Christian Shades of Gray and The Coming Civil War

    The following excerpted article ponders whether we'll have a real civil war in the near future, by talking to five historians about the topic. I say that we will indeed have a civil war, as this seems to be Trump's hidden agenda, consistent with the historical and religious typology I have...
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    What Makes a Non-Exceptional Trump Chump?

    The following excerpted Atlantic article is a review of a book, Fraud: An American History From Barnum to Madoff, by the Duke University historian Edward Balleisen. The review furthers the book's focus by placing Trump within this framework of understanding. Let's remember episodes like Trump...
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    The Evangelical Profit Inversion Trumps All

    The following excerpt is from an article discussing the radical post-WWII cultural inversion of American evangelical Christians. From the time of the formation of the evangelical 'Low Church' movement, the so-called Awakening, till then, Evangelicals were told to remain separate from the...