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    Science of the Bard

    The following is Alan Green's Bardcast #3 podcast, where he provides the foundational overview needed in his estimation before moving on to more advanced aspects. As such, I guess #3 is a good choice to post first here on this new thread, and rather than continuing on from The Case for De Vere...
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    The Case for De Vere

    This documentary, Nothing is Truer Than Truth, makes what appears to be the definitive case for Edward De Vere as the real author of Shakespeare. It follows De Vere around Europe in his 26th year, his grand tour, and we meet the many specific people, events, and others' works that became inputs...
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    Shakespeare's Close Call with Tyranny

    The following excerpt is the opening from an interesting article by scholar Stephen Greenblatt regarding the the manner in which William Shakespeare, and his contemporaries, had to navigate the political environment of the day, heavily influenced by the torrid schism between the Church of Rome...
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    Britain's Real Monarch?

    I watched the following 2004 documentary, Britain's Real Monarch, which asserts that the contemporaneous rumors that Edward IV was an illegitimate son of Richard Duke of York were true. If so, then the entire subsequent lineage of British monarchs are illegitimate as well. And if this is true...