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    A Refresher Course on Contemporary Fascism

    On Wednesday Breitbart published an interview with Trump where he made the below statement. This is 'merely' a reiteration of what he has been saying all along, as witnessed by the compilation and a discussion of such here. While we might be hopeful that the Republicans have started to...
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    When Siberia Becomes Chinese ... again

    The following is the first few minutes of an hour long documentary discussing why the Chinese are effectively taking over the Russian Far-East, a region they once controlled. The documentary argues that shortsighted and corrupt Russian policies, increasingly so since the collapse of the Soviet...
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    ISIS and the Abrahamic Ties that Bind

    The following compilation video on the background foundations and motivations of the group variously known as ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh is pretty good in my opinion. Of course, one cannot easily get definitive evidence that ISIS is indeed a covert Western military intelligence creation, so one is...
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    Putin's Kleptocracy

    Many Americans today, especially within the religious right, have become enamored with Russia and thus Putin. For the religious right, Putin has advanced the power and status of the church, the Russian Orthodox Church, and therefore this becomes their filtering lens. A lens which precludes them...