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    From Apollonius to Arthur?

    I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I've decided to create a new thread that spans from Apollonius of Tyana to (fictional) King Arthur via Saul/Paul/Josephus Flavius aka Joseph(us) of Arimathea and numerous related characters. As such, the first video below has Jacob Berman...
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    The Case of the Fresh Fillet and Crispy Sprats

    Part 1 For some time I have mentioned Juvenal's Satire IV as Domitian's Big Fish Story. It's possible that I may have been too hasty in making this about Domitian, yet an important meeting was held at his summer villa, which now belongs to the papacy. I should have done this some time ago, but...
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    From Cleopatra to Christ

    Part 1: This thread can be seen as a complementary branch to my earlier From Chrest to Christ thread which further develops the notion that the word and appellation of 'chrest' is linked to the more famous title of 'Christ', as advanced by John Bartram. In that thread I discuss the relationship...