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    9/11, The Demolition of Truth

    A relatively new video discusses 9/11 from a psychological perspective, albeit it rehashes some of the more salient points of the WTC building collapses. It does the latter using a fair amount of clips recycled from other videos. It also has a fair amount of structural engineers going on record...
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    Once Ann Coulter Goes Black She'll Never Go Back

    I could have posted this in the History category, but this is really about the current Trumpian war on the Deep State. A war which is making more strange bedfellows, simply due to the fact that Trump is conducting a war on the establishment Republicans, and then presumably(?) the establishment...
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    The Deep State

    The following 3 year-old YouTube video is a Bill Moyers interview with Mike Lofgren, the author of a book, titled The Deep State, the unholy alliance of corporations and government that circumvents constitutional government. There are number of interviews out there with Lofgren, and, of course...