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    The 5G Problem(s)

    Another interesting presentation by The Corbett Report on the issues surrounding the upcoming conversion to 5G wireless technology. Why does everything need to be connected to the Internet. It doesn't, unless it is really you and everybody else that is meant to be monitored, if not directly...
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    Corbett on the 9/11 War Games

    This video was released on 9/11/2018. It is the best presentation of the war games that occurred during the actual event, or more rather they were part of the real event. Footage of the infamous Lone Gunmen episode bookends the discussion.
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    What if THEY Gave a War ...

    ... and Nobody Came? Obviously, in order for something like this to work, the concept would have to go viral, as unilateral or partial disarmament of aggressive states would be dangerous. Corbett discusses the White Feather campaign during WWI to shame men into enlisting, and that it was...