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    Planet of the Humans Cum Zionazis

    This new film, produced by Michael Moore, brings up some very disturbing questions about the entire green movement. In the two weeks since it premiered it has sparked some severe backlash by some in the movement. No wonder, because most of these are forced to confront that 'they are all Al Gore...
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    Religion: the Crossroads of Myth and History?

    I've only watched the first half, so far, of this 2.5 hour interview with Dr. John Knight Lundwall regarding the interplay of myth and history in forming what we understand today by our religions. Very fascinating and seems to fit well into the Postflavian worldview. Interesting comments on...
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    Which Came First, the Helen or the Egg?

    My title playing off that Helen and her divine brothers were born from eggs, an interesting academic project, using a giant database of world history, asserts that the formation of big civilizations led to the big gods (not the other way around). Shocking!!! :rolleyes: However, it could seem...
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    Game Changer at Abu Hureyra?

    A new paper in Nature, arguing for a cometary impact at Abu Hureyra in today's Syria, has apparently changed at least legendary overskeptic Michael Shermer's mind: Even the skeptic Michael Shermer, who famously debated Graham Hancock on the Joe Rogan podcast has tweeted Graham saying: “Ok...
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    Back to Bacon?

    After such a great case being made for DeVere, the Earl of Oxford, now we're brought back to Bacon ... and Neville. Part 1 of Cracking the Shakespeare Code has just posted on YouTube. Wow, this is pretty amazing material.
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    The China Factor

    YouTube recommended his interview to me, and at first I was primed to disregard it. The general, Robert Spalding, has some more mainstream, traditional views of America, which I once held. That said, his analysis of the China situation is very interesting, especially as this interview was posted...
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    Regenerative Farming, a Savory Science that Saves our Whoppers?

    We've discussed Allan Savory's grazing methods on the Globalist Warming thread before. Here is a CNN article about using such moo-vable grazing combined with a new form of farming, together called "regenerative farming". The impediment for most countries to implement is the inertia of the...
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    Are Fairytales Respun Cosmic Mythology?

    Ralph Ellis takes on beloved fairytales:
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    Ralph Ellis YouTube and Patreon Channels

    I guess this is slightly stale news, and I am reminded that we need to rig up a links page.
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    Ellis on the Ark of the Covenant

    Ralph goes into a considerable discussion of the ark, and more importantly what was inside of it. That latter of which leads to a discussion of the widespread sacred stone(s), likely of meteoritic origin ... and cryptically referred to in such as the Grail legends. In any case, the most...
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    The Revelation of The Antikythera Mechanism?

    The following is a recent Cambridge University lecture by Dr. Jo Marchant on the Antikythera Mechanism. It starts slow with the background details, and finishes with a big bang, the animation of the mechanism in operation. This includes the revealing of the visible planets as they would appear...
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    Alfie and Omega, What's It All About?

    Part 1: What's it all about, Alfie? Is it just for the moment we live? What's it all about when you sort it out, Alfie? Are we meant to take more than we give Or are we meant to be kind? And if only fools are kind, Alfie Then I guess it is wise to be cruel And if life belongs only to the strong...
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    China vs. Taiwan

    I placed this video in the generic Video category because it crosses into several other categories. The main thin that struck me was the discussion of how the capitalist Taiwanese provide great health and social systems for their people, in contrast to what the 'communist' Chinese do. Of...
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    What Does the Quran Really Say About the Hijab?

    The following video discusses what the Quran really says about the wearing of the hijab, and what 'hijab' really is. Samina Ali asserts that Islamic clerics have confused the letter of the word with the spirit of the word, and thus women have been suffering from what they were supposed to have...
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    Placing Iran in Context

    The following is an Abby Martin interview with Dan Kovalik, human rights attorney and author of the book "The Plot to Attack Iran". It starts back with the CIA (Kermit Roosevelt) overthrow of democratically elected Mossadegh. Mossadegh came to power after the British were expelled, eliminating...
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    Giants, Who Really Rules the World?

    The following is an Abby Martin interview with Professor Peter Phillips about his book Giants, The Global Power Elite, which discusses the cabal of global corporate and individual financial giants, not literal 'giants'. However, it is interesting to note that the Hebrew word nefilim really...
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    Septuagint Problems for the NT

    Derek discusses problems with the Septuagint with Rabbi Tovia Singer. Singer knows the NT better than most Christians, even pastors. This is because he intimately knows the Hebrew of the OT, while the NT is generally claimed to be based upon the Greek Septuagint translation(s) from the original...
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    The Importance of Egypt to Imperial Rome

    The following video discusses why the Roman takeover of Egypt was much more important than simply becoming a granary for Rome. The ambitious globalizing Romans used Egypt's geographical position to establish far-flung lucrative trade that financed the administration of the empire. Also...
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    From White Helmets to Black Hats

    The following video discusses the Middle East phenomenon of the White Helmets as as a group which is following a long tradition of operating under the false guise of humanitarianism, but in reality being something far different and darker. This is what happened during the Crusades with the...
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    Joe Atwill with Jeffrey Daugherty

    This is the first I've seen of Daugherty, a minister than Joe has converted. At the end, Daugherty says he is going to try to get Joe on the Joe Rogan show.