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  1. Craig_Bickford

    Racism, Cultural Degradation, and Misplaced Paranoia Article Thread

    I know people hate these comments but they need to be stated. I'm already a few paragraphs into the piece and I'm seeing errors in definitions. White Men, does not mean of the white race, or in the sense that I think it is being portray here, of Caucasian descent exclusively. If I am wrong...
  2. Craig_Bickford

    Postmodernism! The comic book

    This is pretty cool, I'll have to buy a hard copy at some point to support this fellows work. We need more of this kind of exposure of the evils going on in today's world!
  3. Craig_Bickford

    'Deadly Deception the Proof That Sex And HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS'.

    You are aware HIV testing in Africa is almost non-existant for an AIDS diagnosis? To my knowledge it is based all on symptomology, and subsequent diagnosis of the collection of associated deseases. That's part of the rediculous of that "viral epidemic", no one is getting tested for the actual...
  4. Craig_Bickford

    'Deadly Deception the Proof That Sex And HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS'.

    I've think you have some good points there but I just didn't see the context issue. I get accused sometimes of doing this, often it's called a bias in my case. I don't represent the other side. I fail to see the point though mostly because everyone knows the commonly held main stream views...
  5. Craig_Bickford

    You must take the vaccines?

    Have you seen or heard Clint Richardson's and Patrick Jordan's research into this subject Loren?
  6. Craig_Bickford

    New post 'Isaac and the Fortunate Scions' on the Postflaviana front page

    What form of transliterational analytical texts or guides do you use Richard when you research for these articles? Strongs, Websters 1828, others? I'm assuming you are using KJV 1611 for foundation start point, if not which bible version are you using?
  7. Craig_Bickford

    Collectivist's neo-reactionary anti-democracy thread

    Have either of you fellows followed the work of Clint Richardson, over at the Corporation Nation radio show on RBN or his blog Realityblogger? You might want to take a look at his work, if you know the definitions of some of these words, you might not want to be throwing them around so easily...
  8. Craig_Bickford

    Has there been a Coup D'etat in America?

    My vote is 1863 with the General Orders 100 and the Leiber Code.
  9. Craig_Bickford


    Another side issue here might be; how are we defining satanism? I know my definition of it has narr I wed and expanded depending on what is being talked about, and this has caused others a lot if confusion sometimes. I don't have time right now to get reply about definitions at length but...
  10. Craig_Bickford


    Also the red devil horns in the Disinformation logo just add to the duping delight that that outfit must get when they deny this stuff, while surrounding themselves with the trappings and symbols of it, and publishing it all over the place while denying they themselves have any connection to it.
  11. Craig_Bickford


    I've been reading Disinformation and Metzger's work for a while, especially his connections to Boyd Ride and many chaos magicians. If he is not a satanism or into dark occultism of a sort, he is definitely sympathetic to their cause and their position. We can also see by the Ted Gunderson...
  12. Craig_Bickford


    Of course I can't find the youtube links at the moment (the usual for me, either they are buried behind search results or possibly they were taken down by some notices that Infowars sent out, I don't know),but I have seen videos of Jones Co-opting protests.
  13. Craig_Bickford

    Satan’s Sabbatean Jews

    Damn this is depressing, I hope she can win this fight. She is pretty amazing I think. I hope she is getting some good nutrition and not having to rely on hospital food.
  14. Craig_Bickford

    TV and Film Typology Database

    That is a very good point. Thanks for that, I had not quite thought about this in such terms.
  15. Craig_Bickford

    TV and Film Typology Database

    Well sure, but it went for three seasons and I wouldn't say that it didn't generate some very powerful influence in it's time on the psyches of those who may have viewed it. I can see your point if we are more concerned with productions at work in real time, as there is more danger in the...
  16. Craig_Bickford

    Who was William Shakespeare Secret Mysteries Of America's Beginnings - Vol 1 - The New Atlantis

    Wow. I literally don't know what you are talking about now, so I'm going to back away from this conversation. I guess I was right, this is over my head, or you are not making any sense at this point, or maybe a little of both. I truly don't know. I guess I'm pleading ignorance, or we are not...
  17. Craig_Bickford

    Who was William Shakespeare Secret Mysteries Of America's Beginnings - Vol 1 - The New Atlantis

    I'd like to retract my use of the word disingenuous which in hindsight seems a little harsh and out of place. How about 'confusing' instead. Here is a fun little rebuttal SM published to deal with some particularly misguided and common attacks on libertarianism. Maybe this can sum up some of...
  18. Craig_Bickford

    Who was William Shakespeare Secret Mysteries Of America's Beginnings - Vol 1 - The New Atlantis

    That was my understanding that I didn't have any citations on hand as ", thanks . I did not realize the source this is John Todd, that's interesting. I should dig out the old tapes that my grandparents made of talks John Todd gave at Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Northeast way back...