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    Richard Carrier’s Insane Responses

    Richard Carrier’s Insane Responses By Joseph Atwill Even though my troll, Richard Carrier, once made the claim that my theory was the result of mental illness, I took no pleasure in the irony of his responses to my recent article ‘Richard Carrier, A Troll Supreme’. It made me sad to see...
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    Richard Carrier, A Troll Supreme

    Richard Carrier, A Troll Supreme My troll, Richard Carrier, recently claimed: "Atwill also lies a lot. Recently, for example, he attempted to spread the lie that I once refused to debate him.” In fact, Alex Tsakiris made the following offer to Carrier to host a debate between him and me on...
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    Ken Kesey debate -- message from Joe Atwill

    I wanted to post my email response to a comment made about my discussion with Allan as I covered an important point. "Thanks for the comments. I wish Allan had attempted this tact during our discussion, as it would have led to a clarification of one of the most important dialogues in the...