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  1. Marcilla Smith

    "New Song for the New Age"

    First off: hello again :) Often I have found my mind wandering back to wondering about the nature of a "New Song for the New Age" - as our dearly departed phrased it - what it would be, obviously, and that seems to beg the question, "from where would it come?" To answer that question, I...
  2. Marcilla Smith

    Postflavians debate mainstream academic views of historical Jesus

    To try and streamline things and get back to the OP, let me return to Richard's original assertion which is that mainline protestant churches are some sort of ideal place to "get laid." To this point, I will simply say that however misguided I may find this notion personally and from my...
  3. Marcilla Smith

    Absurdity of fundamentalist views of Jesus

    Hi Jerry and other fellow forum members, I think I am getting ahead of myself. Please allow me to back up to the very basics... Beginning with the "traditional view" of the New Testament, this would be that the anthropomorphic creator of the universe is consubstantial with the abstract...
  4. Marcilla Smith

    When was the peak of Western Civilization?

    Alexander's campaign against Bessus
  5. Marcilla Smith

    Jesuits! Jesuits! We're covered in Jesuits!

    To get right down to brass tacks, if the presence of so many "Jesuits" in the hallowed halls of government is indicative of a Jesuit conspiracy, what then of the "Jesuits" who have such prominence in the "Roman Origins Theory of Christianity"? Also, is it possible to change this thread title...
  6. Marcilla Smith

    That moment when atheists take the Bible more literally than Christians

    I live in a pyramid made of chimpigs. Somewhere at or near the top or certainly much higher than I am, sit the ones who believe in... well, I don't know what they believe in, and it very well may be that they don't, either. Maybe the closest I can come is to say that they seem to believe in...
  7. Marcilla Smith

    Why 435 Representatives?

    On September 25, 1789, the 1st Congress of the US American government approved twelve articles which were then forwarded to the states for ratification. Ten were ratified in short order and became the first ten amendments to the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights. The second of the twelve...
  8. Marcilla Smith

    Testimonium Flavianum and the wives of Saturninus

    To me, this piece is key. In mainstream thought, it is already recognized as the pre-eminent, if not the only first century link between the secular world and the story of Jesus. If one subscribes to the "Josephus was in on it" theory, it looks to me like a gun case with a trail of smoke rising...
  9. Marcilla Smith

    My Calling, My Agenda, and Maybe My Contribution

    I've heard that the art should speak for itself, so I'll skip the introduction and do my best to answer any questions that remain after. Enjoy =]
  10. Marcilla Smith

    Redemption, Josephus and the Logos

    I am confused. By "object of focus," do you mean Jesus? First of all, there is something I find very amusing about the wording of the last sentence, lol. For the sake of historical accuracy, may I add that I believe the Roman church began with married priests, but banned the practice in order...