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    Longinus --- Mr. Longspear Writes the Jesus Story

    Caesar's Messiah points out the name game played by the Xian creators, perhaps, the name Longinus is another clue. I'm not saying the same author who wrote "On the Sublime" wrote the gospel probably more of a tip of the hat to "On the Sublime". Could the Jesus story, as told in the Gospels ...
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    "The Life of Brian" Is that Titus in the opening credits?

    This is driving me crazy. I've seen Monty Python's "Life of Brian" three times now, and notice a head bust of a Roman, is it Titus? After seeing it the second time I was inspired to dig a little deeper and eventually I read "Caesar's Messiah" Glad I did. I would be surprised if any...
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    Don't horse around with Al Pike

    I just want to connect a few more dots related to Joe Atwill's analysis of CiTR. Here, I'm connecting the words, bull, horse, and kid. For sake of brevity I'm going to write this out assuming you the reader has read CiTR. Salinger uses a very limited word selection comprised mostly of homonyms...
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    Holden = music industry Phoebe = audience

    This is not to take away from what Joe or Jerry have written, just wanted to add a differently revealed layer. We've got the clue that D.B. is Samuel Goldwyn, a man iconic of the Hollywood movie industry. Then what is Holden and Phoebe? At the time of publication the music industry was...
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    That was swell, now I have to beat it

    When I read this in high school, I didn't like it, but irrationally assumed that I just didn't get it. After reading both of these articles my instincts were affirmed. The book is creepy. Mr. Atwill I'm a fan of yours and was intrigued to read your take on this particular government ordered...