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    Religion: the Crossroads of Myth and History?

    ...of Abraham's Harran and Urfa are noted for star watching Sabeans. And, as I have discussed on other threads, the very sophisticated Antikythera Mechanism allows its user(s) to visualize the unique [sic] 9 month dynamics of Revelation 12 on 9/23/2017, where the new savior is born from the...
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    The Day of the Lord, Revelation & Conjunction Patterns

    ...ancient star watchers, like the Sabians had to have possessed. And, it would be just such a people who would appreciate a device like the Antikythera Mechanism, which allows one to visualize the dynamics of the 2017 alignment, which included baby Jupiter moving around inside of Virgo's belly...
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    Inspiration is not cancelled out by inerrancy. A Case for Christianity as a universal Religion

    ...of the day. And so, one must ask themselves, did the Virgo birth in Revelation 12 come to pass by divine agency, or via that its author was privy to such as the so-called Antikythera Mechanism...
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    Alfie and Omega, What's It All About?

    In response to a couple of questions about the Antikythera Mechanism and its availability to assist in the making of the prophecy of Revelation 12, I am answering those here. The key issue revolves around what is at the core of religious apocalyptic, and likely the big mystery of the ancient...
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    Part 1, the Futurist Apocalypse is Now
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    The Revelation of The Antikythera Mechanism?

    The following is a recent Cambridge University lecture by Dr. Jo Marchant on the Antikythera Mechanism. It starts slow with the background details, and finishes with a big bang, the animation of the mechanism in operation. This includes the revealing of the visible planets as they would appear...
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    Atwill, Carotta and other scholars

    ...Jerry's nonsense I ran across a physical explanation for sun cycle cycles [sic] via the impact of the planets, which of course, Plato would appreciate. And, the next cycle predict will end in .... 2070. No doubt a...nother coincidence. But, what a great application for the Antikythera...
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    Miracles and Biblical Infallability

    ...for the relationship of the 'Divine Twins' to Christ, but also for the relation to the Flavians. Indeed. Especially if you have an 'AntiKythera Mechanism' or similar. That is, if you want to make astronomy based prophecy, and not after the fact which is usually the case, as with the first...
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    Part 1, the Futurist Apocalypse is Now

    ...etc.) who created all this nonsense understood the celestial timing from way back then. I have already debunked the debunking of the alignment. This is a highly specific, and unique alignment to 2017. The Antikythera Mechanism proves that such people had the ability to make such predictions.
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    The Day of the Lord, Revelation & Conjunction Patterns

    ...then all this likely means that whoever wrote the book of Revelation, or passed the aspects on to the writer, had to understand the timing of the solar system. This was indeed possible, as witnessed by such as the Antikythera Mechanism recovered from the depths of the Mediterranean some years...
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    Was Akhenaten Moses ... and even more?

    ...or "in which the Lord resides"? How could one comfortably sit on the ark if there were two cherubim residing on the kapporet, or Mercy Seat? This and other incoherencies make me think the redactors were having some fun. Makes one wonder what they would have thought of the Antikythera Mechanism?