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    Flavious, Jesus and Arthurian history.

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    Government mind control agent talks
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    MKUltra in Canada
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    Epic of Gilgamesh
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    Who is Paul Macartney?

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    His Dark Materials

    The first book was made into a very good movie, The Golden Compass. No others were made, I think because of religious considerations. Now the BBC are doing a drama;
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    Curt Doolittle on The Church

    AS FAR AS I KNOW THIS IS THE DEFINITIVE ANALYSIS OF THE CHURCH 1) The church served as a wealthy but weak professional administrative branch of government. 2) The church could grant moral authority to nobility and monarchy, or revoke it. Meaning that if revoked, your lands were marked for...
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    Where is the podcast download page?

    How can I download a podcast?
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    FLASH GORDON's flash frame subliminals

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    Christ and the Caesars (1955), and other stuff.
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    Peter of England on money etc.

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    Holy See citizenship

    "RobbRyder here: This video focuses on certain “Church Law” canons and how they affect your “status” within the Catholic Church. I say - just as someone can claim Israeli “Citizenship” because of his or her Jewish beliefs, I can claim “Citizenship” in the Holy See because I am a catholic as the...
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    Freemasons the Trans National power Elite and Forensic Analyses of Shell Companies

    This audio contains information about international financial fraud, based mainly in London and amounting to hundreds of Billions. Gorden Bowden does forensic analyses of shell companies. He names names and doesn't hold back with accusations. A four part radio show, parts two and three are worth...
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    Technocracy, the Trilateral commision and the usual suspects.

    This conversation sheds some light on what's been happening the last few decades:
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    Estonian Juri Lina talks about the Freemasons:
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    Mirage Men

    Hello, any comments on this documentatry, here is a link to an interview with the producer: The documentary is available here: