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    Dec. 9: Special guest, Sean Stone

    Jerry, Please review the December 9th podcast. It sounds like chipmunks. Recording is bad. Thanks
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    Lucifer and the Devil Comcast is good

    never mind it was my computer acting up... all is good
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    Lucifer and the Devil Comcast is good

    It only runs for a little over 5 minutes then stops.. Thanks
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    Trump says he owns Hillary (and Pelosi, and the entire political system)

    That's what I am wondering too... Seems he has his new PR team helping him after that debate..But I am wondering why he broke out the gate so early to enter the race.. and not just cut loose with a full load of shock and awe with less time for his opponents to get a word in edgewise on his "lets...
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    Old Testament- False Dialectic-- Oh my

    I enjoyed your post...its like I am reading what I I have been thinking for a very long time.. The reverences to OZ.. and others... are so on spot with what has been rattling in my head. The connection to Egypt and other myths.. too. Thank you for pulling my thoughts.. into a wonderful and...