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    Chabad Lubavitch

    Greetings Richard, Thanks for your thoughtful post. I do believe not much has changed in terms of the tactics and systems of control however I continue to believe there has been a changing of the guard. It is interesting that you also mentioned John F Kennedy's assassination as yet another blow...
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    Kinsey, sexual ethics, and evolution

    A terrifying look at the work of Alfred Kinsey, whose supposed scholarly efforts brought about the sexual revolution in America. I knew some of Kinsey's corrupting influence but the material in this documentary truly floored me. As the fallout of the Orlando false flag shooting begins to...
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    Collectivist's neo-reactionary anti-democracy thread

    Jerry, Do not confuse tactics with outcome. I have family in Greece that have a better sense of what is happening on the ground than you do. Believe what you want. The various marxists governments of Europe, the US and other nations have been carefully planted to foster revolution as a means of...
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    Group Think

    Hi Richard, My pursuit of the truth has and always will be a very personal one and so I don't care very much if my ideas and thoughts are in disagreement with seemingly like minded folk. I do enjoy fresh perspectives and always open to challenging my own beliefs as necessary however I have not...
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    Greek banking crisis, precious metals

    The recent win by the Syriza government in Greece was to be expected. The plan has always been to bring about world communism and totalitarianism as a carefully managed counter-balance to "supposed" free market capitalism run amok. This narrative is disingenuous due to the simple fact that...