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    From Apollonius to Arthur?

    Maybe, I don't remember though. He does talk about the raising of Lazarus as being right out of the Masonic manual and I believe other similar aspects.
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    Are secret society members also religious extremists?

    Maybe money is like a baby, lounging in some bad bath water? If money's primary purpose was to facilitate trade of various sundry goods beyond the limitations of barter, then we have had little means to mitigate hoarding of the bath water. The very first kings and their priestly kin discovered...
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    Are secret society members also religious extremists?

    Hi windhorse, welcome to the forum. How does money act as a 'mother substitute'? In any case, we Americans like to put "In God We Trust" on it. Maybe that's why it's only worth about 1% of what it was originally valued at? :( And that's without considering the Socialist concept that wages are...
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    From Apollonius to Arthur?

    I believe that Apollonius was known at several Roman imperial courts and that he even met with Vespasian in Alexandria. More generally I've been thinking that one of the tests that should be applied to all this is whether the creation of normative Christianity was by expedient happenstance or...
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    From Apollonius to Arthur?

    I may post some material that mentions Paul as being the model for Jesus, so Apollonius could be Jesus via Paul in this case (not to mention Josephus).
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    Postlavians Beating a Dead Fuhrerprinzep

    The Alpha and Omega of the End and Beginning of Time? Escape to Planet Pella? As for such as the reason for Cultural Degradation and the End of Time: As such, this is what I wrote in an email to a...
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    Part 1, the Futurist Apocalypse is Now

    For followers of this thread and the associated blog post you had better check this out: It all seems to fit together hand and glove.
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    The Planned Demolition of America?

    Bojo? See here:
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    The Dark Knight of the Soul

    This video (audio actually) blends most all of the Postflaviana categories together. Also see: Culture creation, Donald Trump and the Celebrity Apprentice, Piers Morgan, William...
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    Jesus Goes to Hollywood

    As I'm going to mention on the Apollonius thread, there is also a theory that Jesus was Paul, so then Apollonius could be both Jesus, Paul and Josephus.
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    Science of the Bard

    Perhaps a handful of the trillions that watched Bardcast #3 continued to the end (starting at ~2:57:00) to see the discussion of Green's further work on the SATOR Square decoding. In the discussion he shows the usual stopping place for most at the PATERNOSTER which we observed on this thread...
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    Is Xianity co-opted Buddhism?

    Member Erc has graced us with an interesting link where it is posited that Christianity and many or most of the competing sects were born of the input of Buddhism into the area in the first century BCE...
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    From Cleopatra to Christ

    In the following 2 hour discussion between Jacob Berman, Ellis, and Valliant they discuss the issues around all the Jesi of Josephus and seem to come together after Berman had diverged from Ellis previously. So it seems that Atwill, Ellis, Valliant and Berman are mostly on the same page now. At...
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    Alternative Genealogy

    Thx Erc, looks like great material to look into. Can I get you to copy the first link to my Buddhist to Xianity thread here: And the second link to maybe a new thread under Religion Category (which...
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    Science of the Bard

    The following is Alan Green's Bardcast #3 podcast, where he provides the foundational overview needed in his estimation before moving on to more advanced aspects. As such, I guess #3 is a good choice to post first here on this new thread, and rather than continuing on from The Case for De Vere...
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    From Apollonius to Arthur?

    I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I've decided to create a new thread that spans from Apollonius of Tyana to (fictional) King Arthur via Saul/Paul/Josephus Flavius aka Joseph(us) of Arimathea and numerous related characters. As such, the first video below has Jacob Berman...
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    Jesuits! Jesuits! We're covered in Jesuits!

    Can you imagine her face as the one on the bust of Nefertiti?
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    OT series takeaways - so far

    For some reason I missed the first Mythvision interviews with Jacob Berman, only first seeing him there in conjunction with Ralph Ellis. In any case this first one focuses on various OT stories and the derivation of YHWH's name. Generally, I think it goes a long way to sew these threads tighter...
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    Racism, Cultural Degradation, and Misplaced Paranoia Article Thread

    Much has been made about the 'happy' state of affairs in the Nordic countries, that is until Hillary and Obama screwed the Arab Spring pooch that is. Ignoring the indirect provocation of the American Globalist Deep State, just how did the Nordic countries manage to turn things around from having...
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    Coronavirus epidemic news

    The following is a discussion with Sweden's chief epidemiologist where he says that they, generally, are happy with their stance on dealing with Covid-19. Ironically, their mostly voluntary stance resulted in better aspects of behavior than many countries dictates resulted in. And, apparently...