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  1. Jerry Russell

    Billy Joe Russell, RIP

    My father, Billy Joe Russell, died on the evening of Dec. 31 after a two-week battle with Covid-19, and 6 weeks after his 90th birthday. He always said that he had been blessed with an exceptionally happy life. He grew up in Texas during the Great Depression, but his family did OK. He was in...
  2. Jerry Russell

    Rudy Giuliani in 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm'

    I watched this hilarious film on Amazon Prime. I am (mostly) convinced that Rudy Giuliani was fully aware that he was in a Borat movie. There is no other possible way to explain the chipmunk-like bad acting, not to mention the idiotic failure to recognize the set-up. So why would Giuliani do...
  3. Jerry Russell

    Richard Stanley, RIP

    Rick's brother-in-law called me to say that Rick was found dead this morning. The police say that he took his own life. Long time readers of the site will know that Rick has been battling with severe health problems for at least ten years now, which often left him feeling debilitated and in...
  4. Jerry Russell

    The concept of 'gnosticism' must be phased out?

    Richard Carrier has posted an article entitled "Gnosticism didn't exist (say what now??)". It continues, "It wasn't a thing. It was largely invented entirely out of modern scholars' imaginations." Carrier says that this is not only his idea, but that the entire Westar 'Christianity Seminar'...
  5. Jerry Russell

    Update: Rick is feeling better!

    Regular visitors have probably noticed that Richard hasn't been posting much. He hasn't been feeling well for at least a week, and he decided to go to the ER today. They have admitted him to the hospital. Rick believes that the problem is probably a virus he caught from feral cats in the...
  6. Jerry Russell

    "Our Revolution Los Angeles" Berners declare DemExit, joining People's Party

    By a vote of 72%, Bernie Sanders campaign organizers in Los Angeles have decided to bolt the Democratic Party and join the Movement for a Peoples' Party. Press release: Los Angeles, CA -- Our Revolution Los Angeles announced today that an overwhelming majority of its members have voted to form...
  7. Jerry Russell

    Heart disease, diet and drugs

    Conversation starter: this post about climate change by Andrew Winston, that made an analogy between global warming and heart disease... Denying Climate Denial Imagine your doctor tells you that you have dangerously high cholesterol and blocked arteries. She says you may drop dead soon. [Note...
  8. Jerry Russell

    Coronavirus epidemic news

    Long time site visitors will remember that Joe and I were very concerned about the Ebola epidemic several years ago. Of course, as it turned out, the disease was contained mostly in Africa. Now there's a new pandemic developing in China. It's so new that the basic transmission parameters are a...
  9. Jerry Russell

    Server transfer / upgrade

    Our ISP moved us to a new server. In case anyone addresses the site by IP, The new IP address is: So far, I'm impressed with the new server. Seems to be faster & smoother. If anyone notices any problems, please post to this thread.
  10. Jerry Russell

    Introduction to author Gregory Blount

    I received this very nice & informative email from author Gregory Blount. He's written a couple of books which are available on, and in spoken form through Audible. Thanks for your work, Greg! We're glad to support it any way we can here. From Greg: I want to introduce myself as a...
  11. Jerry Russell

    Why the masses are not flocking to Postflaviana?

    Claude Badley asked: Which seems like a very good question to me. And, important enough to put in its own thread. Why aren't we attracting more traffic? What could we do to become more influential? It seems to me that there are several obvious things we could do to improve the website...
  12. Jerry Russell

    Sustainability and the Integrity of our Intentions

    Chris Martenson posted the link to this 6-minute time lapse video showing the construction of a giant (354' diameter) wind turbine. Unfortunately, Martenson's post is hidden behind a paywall. Although similar remarks appear here. This is a huge wind turbine, similar to the biggest one shown in...
  13. Jerry Russell

    Typology and Jesus historicity

    I'd like to resume the discussion of typology here. Biblical typology is a very common mode of biblical analysis & exegesis. According to Theopedia: Typology is a method of biblical interpretation whereby an element found in the Old Testament is seen...
  14. Jerry Russell

    Nuclear blasts, preserved on film + eyewitnesses

    Miles Mathis has been saying that nuclear weapons are fake, based on his analysis of some old film clips and photographs from the 1940's and '50's. The arguments are based on lighting oddities, strange cloud movements, and general incredulity. I don't find any of Mathis's arguments fully...
  15. Jerry Russell

    'Human Races' are socially defined constructs

    Miss Kitty suggested that we discuss this video, in which Noel Ignatiev is addressing the problem of white privilege.
  16. Jerry Russell

    Free Chelsea Manning!! (Again...)

    Whistleblower Chelsea Manning served 7 years of a 35 year sentence, for the so-called "crime" of giving military and State Department documents to Wikileaks. Her sentence was commuted by Obama in 2017. Whether (as Obama said) it was because he felt the 35-year sentence was disproportionate, or...
  17. Jerry Russell

    Massive release of Georgian royal documents Launched by Her Majesty The Queen in 2015, the Georgian Papers Programme (GPP) is an interdisciplinary partnership to conserve, digitise and catalogue 425,000 pages of material held by the Royal Archives and Royal Library relating to the Georgian period...
  18. Jerry Russell

    War, conspiracy and cosmology (forked from Trumping der Fuhrer)

    Suchender, FYI, this goes to the crux of a long-standing debate between Richard and myself. Richard is postulating the existence of a very old, very powerful conspiracy of Royal and Noble bloodlines, possibly going back all the way to the Egyptian pharaohs. The conspirators understand the...
  19. Jerry Russell

    Software upgrades complete.

    I've been notified that Wordpress at this site is going to be auto-upgraded to version 5.0.1 in the next few days. This is a major upgrade, with a new editor (Gutenberg) replacing the old Classic editor. This will make it easier to produce interesting graphic designs for posts at the Wordpress...
  20. Jerry Russell

    Carrier's mysterious patron

    This is a fascinating proposal. Let's begin with the undeniable facts. Since Oct. 2016, I have been sending Carrier the sum of $10 per month through his Patreon account. At that time, Carrier was facing multiple sexual harassment accusations, and had been banned from Skepticon and had his...