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  1. Charlie Prime

    Surviving Race-Based Group Conflicts

    [Ed. note: this thread has been forked from: ] Indeed it is, but it also seems to be the best means of self-defense for groups of people...
  2. Charlie Prime

    Greek & Roman Ruins of Palmyra, Syria

    Here is a nice video of the ancient Greek and Roman ruins the Syrian Army liberated from Israel's Daesh mercenaries last week... I suspect there is some esoteric reason reason why the Freemasons and Kabbalists have their mercenaries blow up evidence of ancient civilizations, but I don't know it.
  3. Charlie Prime

    Henry VIII, England's Most Selfish King Ever

    I watched this docu last night. It was light-weight and not terrible. I'd forgotten how much money Henry got from selling off the churches. Uber-Catholic E. Michael Jones says this destroyed society because peasants used those lands for free previously. I don't know if that's true.
  4. Charlie Prime

    Microsoft A.I. Immediatey Begins Plotting to Exerminate Blacks & Jews

    Microsoft recently released its Artificial Intelligence robot onto Twitter so it could begin learning how to interact with real humans. Within 24 hours it began plotting to exterminate all Blacks and Jews...
  5. Charlie Prime

    Real-Time Facial Re-enactment Software

    Check out this cool software.
  6. Charlie Prime

    Mormon Mason Survives THIRD Brush With Terror

    What are the odds? ;)
  7. Charlie Prime

    Why No Podcast RSS Feed?

    I would like to listen to your podcast on my mobile devices while I work around the house and commute. Your podcast RSS feed contains no entries Could you please update this feed so I can have your podcast on my phone and MP3 player?
  8. Charlie Prime

    The Never-Ending ISIS Fraud

    When not chasing their tails with ridiculous celebrity gossip, phony social outrage, or even more trivial and banal items, the press in the Western world, especially the United States, are a non-stop source of disinformation, fake news sets, State Department talking points, and general...
  9. Charlie Prime

    The Eight Families of the Federal Reserve

    It's a matter of life and death that people acquire Federal Reserve bank notes to buy food and shelter. Yet, they are not allowed to know who owns that bank. So sick it's comical.
  10. Charlie Prime

    New Eve Sex Machine On Display in Your Town

    I can't wait to see the new occult movie Ex Machina with the sex robot. Jay Dyer did a good occult deconstruction of it. It's worth a read, but contains spoilers. [ SPOILER BELOW ] "...The closing scene is Ava in...