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  1. Mark Gordon Brown

    Country Music in need of vetting

    Someone really needs to vet country music. The people I know who listen to that absolute crap are some of the worst mind slaves to the system I know. I would attempt to vet it but it would require listening to more of it than I am already forced to do at times. But from what I hear in it is a...
  2. Mark Gordon Brown

    Revenge Cannibalism in Gotham Season Two Episode 17

    In this episode of Gotham, a TV series that is sort of a prequel to the whole Batman Saga, The Penguin in order to exact revenge on his step mother, for killing his father, kills his step brother and step sister and feeds them to her in lieu of a roast she requested, as after his father's demise...
  3. Mark Gordon Brown

    Catcher in The Rye for a 12 Year Old Girl

    I was asked by my wife to get a novel for our 12 year old niece today. At a small bookstore in our area I asked the worker there if there was a good novel for an advanced reading 12 year old girl. The books suggested to me by this worker were Catcher in The Rye, Brave New World, and Animal Farm...
  4. Mark Gordon Brown

    More on The 2016 Academy Awards

    I listened to Joe speak of the Oscars. I would like to add a few things to it all. Biggest was the whole diversity dialog leading up to and during the Oscars. I believe that “actors of color” were “shunned” in the nominations on purpose to create the agitprop Theater that was the 2016...
  5. Mark Gordon Brown

    Vaxxer Propaganda in upcoming Chicago Med Episode

    Vaxxer propaganda in new Chicago Med episode
  6. Mark Gordon Brown

    HBO Canada (accidentally?) airs No Plane 911 explosion footage

    Last night/this morning I watched HBO Canada's new documentary Satan Lives. Then in the final segment the producers (accidentally ?) included a 10 second No Plane shot second of Twin Towers explosions. I have seen this particular shot many times, but I have never seen it aired on a major network...
  7. Mark Gordon Brown

    Titus Illustrated Screenplay

    Recently I decided to re-arrange my office/studio and change the position of some of the bookcases. When moving books from one bookcase to another I came across my First Edition (I collect First Editions) copy of The Illustrated Screenplay for Titus. It's a very good reference tool for anyone...
  8. Mark Gordon Brown

    I am about to go down Anatoly Fomenko's rabbit hole anyone else wanna take the trip?

    I purchased the first in the series of Anatoly Fomenko's books "The Issue With Chronology". It seems Mr. Fomenko takes another view of history that things are not as old as we have been led to believe and that some historical events are the same as others just different names are given to the...
  9. Mark Gordon Brown

    Joe's request for name of Lord Byron Poem

    Hi Joe, I wanted to get this to you earlier but the holidays engulfed me. I believe the Byron poem you are referring to is Childe Harold's Prilgrimage, and this is the verse you are referring to. Also below is a link to the complete poem "Whose arch or pillar meets me in the face, Titus or...
  10. Mark Gordon Brown

    Miley Cyrus' Grandfather

    Miley Cyrus' Grandfather Ron Cyrus served as executive secretary and treasurer of the Kentucky AFL-CIO from 1984 to 1986 and was employed as a rigger with Armco Steel Ashland Works. He was a Kentucky colonel, served as a regional representative with Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve Board...
  11. Mark Gordon Brown

    Outlines of Jewish History Lady Magnus 1890

    Today while on a break looking at classic cars of all things I happened to find a copy of Outlines of Jewish History by Lady Magnus. 1890 for 5CAD at an Antique dealers tent that was present. I snapped it up. When I got home I looked up on the net to find anything I could about the book. It has...
  12. Mark Gordon Brown

    Z Nation Nation starts on, drum roll please, ta da!

    The news season of Z Nation starts on September 11th on Canada's Space Channel. Can this be just a bizarre oversight? Or some campy tacky joke?
  13. Mark Gordon Brown

    Old Masonic Books on PDF for free download

    I came across this a few months ago and downloaded everything on the page even if I already had it just in case there was a difference in the version I already had. Some unique stuff in this mix. Don't really think these guys at this particular lodge understand the nature of the internet too...
  14. Mark Gordon Brown

    Vatican Library Online Just Released A Bunch of New Stuff

    The Vatican Library Online just released a bunch of new stuff that might help with research for all of us. Here is that link.
  15. Mark Gordon Brown

    Tattvas/Tattwas Another Hidden Method of Control like NLP

    Hi Misters Atwill and Russell, I would like to introduce another method of control into the mix. That being Tattvas or Tattwas. Traditionally these are colored shapes used in meditation. Coming originally from a Hindu/Hindoo source these were and are also used by The Order of The Golden Dawn...
  16. Mark Gordon Brown

    Saturn Theory

    There is an aspect in the world that very few people are covering that being Saturn Theory. Books like Saturn Death Cult go into this a bit and also it seems that Stanly Kubrick was trying to tell people about these folks who have this sort of Saturn cult in movies like Eyes Wide Shut which is...
  17. Mark Gordon Brown

    Irwin Allen's Lost in Space and Land of The Giants weird Adult Child Relationships

    One thing that struck me as odd even as a child were the relationships between Children and what were basically Criminal Adults in Irwin Allen's Lost in Space and Land of The Giants television series. In Lost in Space the young Will Robinson hung out with The Robot and Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith was...