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    Podcasts: winding down

    Jerry, great show today 11-10-2017 at Revolution Radio. It was good to hear your vision of what the Postflaviana Forum might evolve toward. Under which forum category would a person post their ideas in support of your goal - or will there be a new separate category added? Looking forward to...
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    Podcasts: winding down

    I am very intrigued by Ralph Ellis' analysis.and look forward to your next interview with him. I hope Joe feels better soon. For other podcast topics I vote for coverage of the Sabbah's work. I see from Postflaviana Forum posts that there has been a lengthy exchange between Jerry and Rick...
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    Oct. 20: Historicity of The Exodus

    Thanks for referencing the video. I had not been familiar with Robert Feather previously. Here's a link to his interview for others: Robert Feather - Black Holes in the Dead Sea Scrolls - YouTube
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    Progress on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Thanks for recommending the YouTube interview with Dr. Gominak Vitamin D, Deep sleep & Gut Bacteria w/ Dr. Stasha Gominak She bases some of her results on The Vitamin D Solution (2011) by Michael F. Holick...
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    Progress on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Richard, Check out I have been helped by insights from this doctor's experience. She reduces causes of disease to; 1. dehydration - insufficient daily water intake. 2. constipation - insufficient daily waste elimination 3...
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    Sept. 22: Talk about Ralph Ellis

    Jerry, Thanks for archiving the show here. Other priorities prevented me from catching last Friday's episode at Revolution Radio. It will be very good if you continue to back up future shows here. BTW, good show! Interesting topic.
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    Google Data Set for Text Analysis

    Hey Jerry, what's the link to download the Google app you talked about in the podcast "Big Data, Document Retrieval & the Flavian Signature. Mon. Jan 18 2016"? Have you found it usefule?