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    Elon Musk, Space Fraud?

    Since I'm a big supporter of Electric Universe and since space travel/frauds is a related matter, I have to ask if anyone here has exposed the Musk Space Fraud. Here's my latest proof. Would love to see an attempt at debunking it. If not, shouldn't we all be spreading the word that Musk is a...
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    Ken Kesey on trial: Allan Weisbecker's debate challenge

    Jerry, I'm not going to debate technical issues about 9/11 here except to say that anyone can do some googling about frame rate and shutter speed in off-the-shelf video cameras and then do the math to calculate how much motion blur there should be. I am not going to take the bait and waste...
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    New Article

    Great points about Holden/Phoebe relationship and pedophilia. As mentioned in my other post today, I think the Fuck You business was likewise related to this issue. What I'm not so sure about is how directly the pedophilia relates to Freemasonry.... Got some thinking to do... I had to shorten...
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    The RedIce Interview on Catcher

    (I had to shorten this for space reasons) First, I should say that to an extent I know whereof I speak. I’ll try to keep this short: In 1985 Random House published a novel of mine called Cosmic Banditos. The book got ‘orphaned’ – my editor (who was/is well known as the editor of authors of the...
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    'A Perfect Day for Bananafish'

    I haven't done forums before; I posted this as a new thread when really it should have been here. Sorry for the redundancy! I'm on the road with bad net connect and limited bandwidth. Anyway, here it is: For me, the most frightening aspect of your work is that it took this long for someone to...
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    JD Salinger piece plus 'A Perfect Day For Bananafish'

    Joe, I don't do forums so forgive me if any of this has already been said. I'm on the road with limited bandwidth and haven't gone through the other threads re your piece. This is my post: For me, the most frightening aspect of your work is that it took this long for someone to come out with...