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    Kesey article referenced in Wikipedia

    Joe's article and related podcasts prompted me to do some research on "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Yesterday, I discovered a reference in this article:'s_Nest_%28novel%29 to Joe's article under "Further Reading". Woo hoo! I looked...
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    Terence McKenna

    not "Terrence McKinnon". I'll delete this comment once you fix the spelling. :) Once again, a great article from Joe on Postflaviana! (Oops, can't delete... I'll just leave it.)
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    Thank you, Jerry

    I don't have any meaningful comment except to say thanks to Jerry for this most interesting and thought provoking article. We don't know as much as we would like about blood relationships among oligarchs, but secret societies certainly seem to share a lot of DNA. From my recent reading of Ed...
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    Cold Fusion, Thermite, 911 and Steven Jones

    I have followed the career of Prof. Steven E. Jones, formerly of BYU Physics Dept since the time he came out for 9/11 truth, including his acrimonious relationship with Jim Fetzer. The wikipedia article I linked does an OK job of outlining Jones' affiliation with 911 Truth, though of course from...