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  1. MKsurvivin

    Who is this GOD NEWTON that we worship and his mathematical forces???

    I wanted to begin this thread, as this is something of interest to me...How much of our modern world view is defined from the works of Issac Newton, and the concept of mathematical forces acting between the defining feature of existence, especially if you are a body being acted upon...
  2. MKsurvivin

    economics of wealth amplification/preservation??

    Again, I am happy they introduced this topic, as it was not something I studied extensively when young...nor am I an expert on this particular subtopic...yet recently as I age, it is a topic which has become of more and more "hypothetical" interest to me, especially since my 401k is in the stock...
  3. MKsurvivin

    "Magic bullets" curing disease?

    I am glad that they began this forum topic, as it is something that I have been fascinated with. I studied synthetic chemistry long long ago, thinking that somehow the synthesis of new magic bullets (to cure cancer) was somehow rate limiting. That was very popular historically..long long...
  4. MKsurvivin

    the science-philosophy of Modeling (the universe) to find "Truth"???

    I am interested in this general topic, in that in general, in science, the experimentalist spends his life making reproducible "measurements" of some sort, and then shaping them in some way, like pieces in a jigsaw puzle, into a pre-known but developing model of scientific truth. 400+ years of...