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    Russian interference

    More on Russian cyber interference in US and allies. See my other posts spread on various other threads. Russians behind Texas furor over Jade Helm exercise AUSTIN — Russians were behind the Texas furor over the Jade Helm 15 federal...
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    Are The Ice Caps Melting?

    Global Warming Theory ‘Completely Disconnected From the Observations’ I acknowledge KNMI Climate Explorer and GHCN for access to daily and monthly Tmax/Tmin data, to the National Snow and Ice Data Centre, at Boulder, CO, USA for use of their ice cover graph and to Dr Simon Lister for his help...
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    What's The Truth About Oil?

    I am creating this new thread as part of the wider thread where I introduce my thesis that the end times scenario is being set up as a way to counteract the...
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    The Atomic Bomb Hoax(?)

    by Anders Björkman, M.Sc. "This is just my opinion, based on personal research, critical thinking and common sense since 1994. Welcome to my long and popular web page about the scandals of fake atomic bombs, fake nuclear, deadly radiation, bad sciences and similar bullshit. I assume you are...
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    How is our world going to be re-shaped and why? The industrial revolution

    As I announced in my first post: I have some important insights to share (or at least they so appear to me at the moment), that basically I haven't found mentioned by anybody. To understand...