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    Science of the Bard

    ...of the trillions that watched Bardcast #3 continued to the end (starting at ~2:57:00) to see the discussion of Green's further work on the SATOR Square decoding. In the discussion he shows the usual stopping place for most at the PATERNOSTER which we observed on this thread, but we(I)...
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    From Chrest to Christ

    Thank You, Richard, Charles N. Pope has informed me that he is busy right now, trying to finish up his new Persia book by the end of September, and will not be active again until October.
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    From Chrest to Christ

    This Sunday Alan Green will be discussing, among other things, some revelations prompted by the SATOR Square which I have discussed several times before. For more:
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    From Cleopatra to Christ

    ...this area was where the Legio X Fretensis was encamped. Note the discussion of how such symbology is embedded into the Roman army, such as the SATOR Square being found widespread. What did not register with my in the first viewing was the possibility that the PATERNOSTER derivation delivers...
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    From Chrest to Christ

    ...Francicans and the Sistine Chapel. See He brings up the SATOR/ROTAS Square and relates it to early 'Christianity', while I would assert that it is more properly consistent with esoteric 'Chrestianity'. Same...
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    Richard Carrier replies!

    ...outpost of Dura Europos, where the Jewish community appears to have been the logistics provider for the Romans. Found at Dura Europos was a SATOR Square, found in numerous other places in the empire. The central palindromes of TENET form an equi-armed cross, and the word means the same as it...
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    How to be an Antichrist (Free eBook)

    ...the study of which seems to be pointing to an active and early community, that made for a convenient shoehorning effort by the sappy Pythagorean 'Chrestians'. These are also the type of people who would be attracted to such as the Magic Square of the Sun (666 - 888), the SATOR Square, etc..
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    Rome's Secret Christians

    ...RE-P has various applications connoting such as cyclic iteration. Another thing that I forgot to point out, was that in the pic of the Sator Square I provided, is that fact that the circular 'O's have an inscribed dot in the middle. This is a common symbol for the Sun. The manner in which...
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    Rome's Secret Christians

    ...across the empire, and in a place like Pompeii can be linked to a Christian couple living there. The inscription is something called the Sator Square which is a Latin word square of 5 letter palindromes. A computer expert was consulted who determined that over 50,000 such Latin 5 letter words...