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  1. Sgt Pepper

    The Origins of Sufism

    Hey Postflavians check this page: […] "There is another view, however, that traces the pre-Islamic roots of Sufism back through the early Christian mystics of Syria and Egypt, to the Essenes, the ancient Pythagorean orders, and the mystery...
  2. Sgt Pepper

    Phoenicia and Ancient Spooks

    @Jerry Russell and @Richard Stanley , this four part series kinda touches upon your theory of the structure of Western Civilization. The author says: […] I will attempt to show that the ancestors of today’s spooks were not the nomadic Ancient Hebrews, but another people, well known in fact, whom...
  3. Sgt Pepper

    Day of the Dead

    In George A Romero's Day of the Dead, zombies are studied in a lab. The lab features 3 crosses; zombies are leashed onto the middle cross:
  4. Sgt Pepper

    Christianity among the Mongols

    Interesting subject. Some excerpts from […] and another attraction was that the name Jesus sounded like Yesu, the Mongol number "9". It was a sacred number to the Mongols, and was also the name of Genghis Khan's father, Yesugei. […] […] In the...
  5. Sgt Pepper

    Something or Nothing

    This may be something or it may be nothing: Pope St. Clement I is the patron for stone-cutters. There may have been an edit on Wikipedia in this section: "While in the mid-19th century it was customary to identify him as a freedman of Titus Flavius Clemens, who was consul with his cousin, the...
  6. Sgt Pepper

    Vatican and Rome Jewish community to host landmark menorah exhibition

    Philip Pullella for Reuters The Vatican and Rome's Jewish museum will jointly host an unprecedented exhibition on the menorah, the ancient symbol of...
  7. Sgt Pepper

    Pharaoh DNA research

    The purpose of this thread is to see if there is any DNA evidence to support the red haired nordic Pharaoh theory. I thought it'd be a good idea! Will collect some searches and return with a basket of links.
  8. Sgt Pepper

    Julian the Apostate & Creation/compilation

    Any thoughts on Julian the Apostate? Also any thought on how the gospels were completed (with the Flavian Signature theory in mind) despite the ending of family bloodlines, plagues, reforms, etc. until the fall of the western empire? I don't understand by what means it was carried through...
  9. Sgt Pepper

    New movie imagery

    Straight out of Hollywood! You'll get a kick out of this: