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    The Last Testament of Richard Stanley?

    On Tues., Sept. 22, 2020, the Autumnal Equinox, and Wed., Sept 23, 2020 (the mysterious number 23), only a couple of days before his untimely passing on his 65th birthday (he "retired"), Richard Stanley did something highly unusual. In fact, I have never seen anyone on Postflaviana do this...
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    Domain of Man site by Charles N. Pope

    This thread is concerned with exploring the Domain of Man site by Charles N. Pope, who posits that humans have been ruled by what I call an Uber-Elite family, who used an incredible amount of aliases, locations, and faked deaths for their family members to control the rest of us, more far...
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    Alternative Genealogy

    Hello, I have had some experience with family genealogy, and would like to start a thread about the alternative genealogies that have been proposed for the figure known as Jesus Christ, and perhaps correlating them with the possible origins of the religion that bears his name, without cluttering...
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    Peoples of the Flavian Book discussion

    I have never created a thread here before, but this introductory Postflaviana topic has none, and I wish to ask questions about it. So, here goes! Richard states that because Yahweh at the last minute allowed Abram to sacrifice an animal rather than his son Isaac to him, "then we can infer that...